Another video tour of Mango: Bing Audio, Xbox Multiplayer confirmed? [Updated 2]

Another day, another video of Mango in action!

This one shows all sorts of things including how Bing Audio works, YouTube video support (looks to work better within IE9), multi-tasking, messaging/history and some Xbox LIVE info (we like the part where the avatar punches and cracks the screen).

September/October can't come soon enough, that's for sure.

Update: Just got a nice tip from Antonio on this one.  Check out the video around the 4:38 mark.  In the XBox Live hub you see the option to "Pick a multi-player game and invite someone to play".  Could this be the multi-player (phone vs. phone) feature?  Any other new features hidden within the video?

Update 2: Oh look at that, we've always had that "notifications" page in our Xbox folder, but this does say "multiplayer" for the first time.

Source: Nokia with Windows Phone (blog); Thanks, Morten N., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Interesting video, but had to mute it. Dreadful racket spoiled viewing.Loved the Avatar interaction, made me smile.
  • You weren't kidding about the music. I just stabbed my eardrums out with toothpicks and you wouldn't believe how much that helped!
  • You would like it if you had robot ears.
  • @3:55: The funny part.I think the funniest part is right after, when the avatar finally had enough and "drags" the panorama view away from you, and later hides behind the news feed.Priceless. :D
  • Hahha, ya, that was great. He's like, this is boring, i'm outta here. Of course punching the screen should've been a clue to stop messing with him. lolz
  • Avatar FTW!
  • Avatar is good!
  • I am glad to see messaging finally has 2 different colors. Should make reviewing old messages a little easier to read.
  • Add that to the feature list! **** I bet MS counts it as one.
  • at exactly 4:38 it says "pick a multiplayer game and invite someone to play" multiplayer coming soon in mango hopefully?
  • I think it was a given, with socket access there's nothing stopping you from real-time MP now.
  • That's the kind of news that they would save for E3. Can you wait a week a to find out? ;)