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Anything is possible

More tomorrow.

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • They released the API???
  • or someone found a way around it?
  • I think they did release the API.
  • I think those API's are only to get data, not to publish.
  • I think the new API allows upload now.
  • The API, at least as it appears under the API console, does not enable any mechanism for submitting media (images):
    That means that they are not supporting WP yet, or any third party app for uploading.
  • Clearly yet revealed. How would you know if they gave them their blessing? Best to reserve judgement until we hear more word. 
  • At this time, uploading via the API is not possible. We made a conscious choice not to add this for the following reasons: Instagram is about your life on the go – we hope to encourage photos from within the app. However, in the future we may give whitelist access to individual apps on a case by case basis. We want to fight spam & low quality photos. Once we allow uploading from other sources, it's harder to control what comes into the Instagram ecosystem. All this being said, we're working on ways to ensure users have a consistent and high-quality experience on our platform.
    Let me guess. Microsoft got whitelist access.
  • Always thought the reason they give about fighting spam and low quality photos are bullshit, considering Instagram supports low end Android devices with crappy cameras.
  • Thanks!
  • :)
  • Hopefully, and by tomorrow he means today Tuesday or tomorrow Wednesday?
  • According to (WPCentral wouldn't allow me to post the link, complaining it is spam), this app will appear in the App Store in a couple of days. And it won't be a Nokia exclusive.
  • And here is the youtube walkthrough.... :)
  • You tricky bastard.
  • And stop teasing Dani...
  • Really do we finally get to shut up the whiners?
  • Sadly no. It says Instagraph.
  • Instagram won't let you use their name on a third party app. They did just open up the api's though
  • Your move Liquid Daffodil. =)
  • That API doesn't allow you to post pictures. Only view pictures and like. That's how instacam works
  • Well he sure is insinuating that Instagraph can post pictures by the photo above so I guess we'll see what's up tomorrow when he elaborates.
  • The new API allows you to post as well as view and like. That's what this article is about.
  • Unfortunately not.
    The new API allows adding relationships, comments, likes, and subscriptions. It does not enable adding media, tags, or locations.
  • "At this time, uploading via the API is not possible. We made a conscious choice not to add this..."
  • At this time... I think that was written before yesterday. We'll see
  • +1
  • all right, for the record, April Fools Day is freaking over
  • Sixty comment is mine!
  • hahahhaha. I have to do this!! The Instagram on Windows Phone´s Saga continues tomorrow...
    I cant handle this anymore!
  • Not an official app tho?
  • ...and there it is. Even if they get to play they won't be happy
  • Haters will always need something to hate on
  • +1
  • Why would it matter if it is an official app or not? I could care less, as long as we can view and post pictures to instagram that is all that matters.
  • Just think Rowi, mehdoh, Gleek/Cowlick, etc. for Twitter. If quality devs can make a great Instagram experience with all the same functionality as the 1st party, who cares?
  • The difference is this looks fugly compared to official Instagram clients.
  • From this one pic? The app is fugly? The upload screen? Really?
  • If the developer(s) cared about aesthetics, they wouldn't have such an upload screen.
  • ^Troll
  • If you've ever seen an official instagram app, you'd know they look like hot shit on a sidewalk. They are aesthetically fugly with such a plain, generic look that they look like an idiot designed them. From just this one pic instagraph already looks much nicer.
  • +1
  • Open API? :o
  • Screw up WP7 owners?
  • They better not
  • No Dan. YOU TELL US NOW.
  • People are going to go nuts
  • I love Aviary. What does it have to do with instagram though? :o
  • Appears this app would just be using that for photo effects..
  • And maybe uploading to insta? :o
  • Would appear so from the screenshots. Guess we will find out soon enough
  • Hopefully. :)
  • This same day  (tomorrow) last year, the Android version was released
  • Ohh man , has it been that long ?
    Android's version is pathetic though , it's a sad dumbed port of iOS's app !
    I had it in my Atrix (before I sold it for an 8X) & I have it my Xoom .
  • Oh no he didn't.
  • Loooool !!!!
  • Seriously?
  • Dan... Don't be that guy ... No one likes that guy...
  • ^ this
  • +1
  • +1
  • Hey Dani you don't mind me comming over tonight?
  • Haha im eagerly awaiting Instagram as well but have absolutely no issue with this ridiculous teaser, this is hilarious we need more of this hahah
  • There's only one app that I want for wp8. That is amazons cloud player
  • I agree!
  • Thurrot? Is that you?
  • Lmao if it is
  • Amen to that!
  • Would love this app as well.
  • It's a fake/april fool. The image on his lumia and the one on instagram aren't the same. He probably posted the image from an android or iPhone device.
  • Because it would be impossible to zoom in on a pic on a mobile phone, giving the look that it had been cropped?
  • The Instagram API has been released to developers, though:
  • This is getting intense!
  • Oh man here we go again !
  • Oh snap! He Went there.
  • Its about to go down ! (say it with your chest lol)
  • Omg. I wanna know now!!!!
  • That "share on instagram" logo looks very interesting...
  • Yeah mess up people's sleep..
  • It better not have a boring UI that resembles a port.
  • Clearly a third party app.
  • Ugly.
  • Seriously man..shut up...
  • Watch out your BALL, dude. People gonna mad if you were lying.
  • I feel like Nokia is behind this.
  • Cinemagraph.....instagraph
  • I really want instagram on my phone! And after the App I want it integrated with my phone please.
  • Because it would be impossible to zoom in on a pic on a mobile phone, giving the look that it had been cropped? Also, settle down, your yelling is hurting my eyes
  • You can play internet detective all you want, but in the end, I won't be the one looks silly ;)
  • Daniel, why tomorrow?!?
  • Probably an news embargo that gets lifted tomorrow.
  • are they cropped too ;) ?
  • Seems like you might know what's going on. Waiting until today to find out more.
  • oh shit, he just went there.
  • What's instagraph? Maybe they released their API? This has me intrigued, I'm following him now. Lets see where this goes..
  • This is gonna be one long night...
  • LOL!
  • At this point, I won't believe anything until I can download an app that can post pictures on instagram. Still intrigued though...
  • Greatest April fools joke ever. Dan posted the story about the imposter instagram app at midnight (about 22.5 hours ago). So who would have believed it was real? Now we see this. Ha.Ha.Ha.
  • Instagram for BlackBerry (anything is possible)
  • Great news, this is a game changer for Nokia and Windows Phone even though I won't use it.
  • If it is not a April fools joke it better be for all phones not just Nokia.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if it is a Nokia timed exclusive.  No proof, but he's showing it on his 920, and lately he's been showing more stuff on the Ativ S.  Also the name, Instagraph, sounds a lot like Cinemagraph, a Nokia photo editing app.  And #2Instawithlove, the Nokia campaign that could very well have been an intentional marketing game leading up to the release of this app.  We'll see tomorrow...
  • Hello, 928. Brought Instagram with you? How thoughtful of you.
  • API probably gonna be released
  • It is released:
  • That API is for viewing only. Not posting. Businesswise, there is absolutely zero reason for instagram to release their full API.
  • I better wake up tomorrow with a instagram app! But honestly I don't really care anymore....
  • I'm assuming that Instagram released APIs and Instagraph is the first third party app to take advantage of them. We will see, either way I'm excited to see what this is about
  • Is Instagram really important or just the app fad of the day that will be abandoned by the time WP gets it? I still remember how people wouldn't shut up about how important Draw Something was. I can't see myself ever looking at Instagram photos. Filters are not that interesting to look at and they ruin good photos. I really don't get this one.
  • Yes its important because instagram is essentially a social network. Some people use instagram instead of fb to view their friends pics.
  • I don't currently use it, but I probably would a bit to better stay in touch with some people I know. It's more about the social part of the service, not the filters. And a game has MUCH less longevity than a huge social network like FB, Twitter, or Instagram so yes this is great for the platform assuming this is what people hope it is.
  • Are you really comparing instagram to Facebook and twitter? Fb has a billion users and twitter has 200 million. Insta has 30 million users. I get what you are saying but they are by no means the must have social network
  • That's the beauty in choice. You won't ever have to use Instagram if you don't want to. People who want to can (hopefully soon so we can move on to other topics)
  • It is important because it's popular. Once you have the apps and services people want then people can just make a buying decision based on the UI/OS they prefer. The services & apps that are popular change over time, WP has to keep up to succeed.
  • Its a third party app with instragam release of API......hope it works like the real app....otherwise we will hear and see the complains everywhere...what happened to Microsoft's big surprise
  • I read the topic title...  and can only think of Kevin Garnett screaming it outloud on National TV back in '08.
    If this is a prelude to an Instagram announcement (or the API being released...) ...hallelujah. 
  • Haha agreed on KG
  • Even if they get to upload, they won't care because it isn't the "official" one. Hopefully WPGram will update their app with uploading.
  • I disagree some 3rd party apps are better than official apps. We don't have official Starbucks app but why would we need it when we have SBUX Card. Compared to iOS or Android official app its way better.
  • +1 for WPGram
  • Just a late April Fools joke...
    At this time, uploading via the API is not possible. We made a conscious choice not to add this for the following reasons:
    Instagram is about your life on the go – we hope to encourage photos from within the app. However, in the future we may give whitelist access to individual apps on a case by case basis. We want to fight spam & low quality photos. Once we allow uploading from other sources, it's harder to control what comes into the Instagram ecosystem. All this being said, we're working on ways to ensure users have a consistent and high-quality experience on our platform.  
  • Never really understood this seeing as people post some stuff bordering on spam and low quality anyways (that includes people I know).
  • LOL everyone thinks they are a professional photographer on Instagram
  • I probably wouldn't generalize that far. I think most know what the deal is. However, there are in fact some professionals, and beyond average enthusiasts who post their work on Instagram
  • Are you serious? 90% of insta photos come from teenager who snaps themselves in front of a mirror. C'mon iphone users arent able to use even their aged phone, insta users arent so "super photographers", believe me :D
  • In front of a mirror * lol
  • Da Faq is this?
  • The only thing I can deduce from the picture is that this app, Instagraph, uses Aviary photo filters and let's you post them on Instagram. Now, we need to know who's behind it, when it's gonna be released, etc. Dan, I hope you're hating to be that guy... Making us wait and stuff.
  • Left my account after switching to WP for way too long to start again.
  • Woo I don't care if its not the official app as long as I can post insta pics from my windows phone ill be stoked ^.^
  • That many people already posted to this huh?? Can't wait for tomorrow.
  • Instagram....guaranteed to get your comments section over 100 post, lol.
  • +1 That's a true fact...
  • True dat !!!!
  • *200
  • Hope for the best. still ready to be gonged on the spot. 
  • If "anything is possible" then I want to be able to fly like Superman. Instagram? Pffffft....
  • Agreed ! To hell with Instagram, i wanna floor it in a Veyron or a P1 in the Autobahn !
  • +2
  • And let's all start following each other :)
  • Oh come on Sam. Quit making it worse. :P haha
  • Follow me :-)
  • Sam this post is almost as bad as paying for twitter followers ;)
  • holiiiiiiiii moliiiiiii
  • ok that is just cruel. i've never used instagram but thought i'd click on the instagram link to see what the photo was and ewww the instagram site has a iOS app gui feel to it.... i soooooooo wanna vomit. 
  • Wait....wait many questions lol
  • Just to ruin the surprise, it does appear that Instagram is experimenting with opening up an upload API.
    * I just noticed the date of this post. Sorry guys.
  • Interesting....
  • May be so, but that link is over 1 year old.
  • All that does on iOS is launch the instagram app to do the uploading. The uploading isn't done via the third party app.
  • it sure made a buzz :D
  • I guess someone finally reversed engineered the android version of the app and made the upload possible
  • i dont think thats possible without the api
  • that why I said there is a case of reverse engineering here. Because the api still does not allow for uploads or will ever allow for uploads
  • They've already allowed an app on IOS to share/upload photos to Instagram and said they'll be releasing it to all. So you're wrong, fortunately for us!
  • If they release the api for more apps then that's good. I hope this to be the case
  • It should be illegal, Instagram will ask Ms to delete the App from Store after 5 minutes. Instagraph is 100% legal.
  • Yet they don't use the API :)). Hmmm I don't think you can prove in court that the method is ilegal. Sure it can still go down
  • Weiner twitched slightly
  • Hard-on tomorrow?
  • +1²
  • This post is giving me diarrhea..
  • Instagram onslaught continues. Good if they opened the APIs, but I would love to see them being implemented ASAP.
    Uh! Can't wait for tomorrow.
    Sure, you guys know how to tease!
  • Late April fools joke?
  • Past somebody's bedtime I see....
  • What the hells going on here?
  • I'm Hawaii its still April first so do u guys mean tomorrow as in April 2nd or the mainlands tomorrow as in April 3rd?
  • I think he means the 2nd... it's really considered late night at least that is what i'm hoping he meant =)
  • Um Hawaii isn't that far behind. He means the 2nd.
  • I know couple friends who want to switch from Android to WP8. But not going to until WP8 gets instagram.
  • This better be good news...aviary is sometimes way to slow for me. And I want a lens integration please.
  • I don't care about Instagram whatsoever. However, I just woke up in the middle of the night and saw this. I started chuckling out loud and saying "their heads are going to explode." After the whole joke from the Windows Phone site from Sunday/Monday, I expect that there are at least 25 people who have seen this and peed themselves.
  • What a tease you are, shame on you. I'm not going to sleep all night. . .
  • When I wake up I will see what this is all about, im ready for anything.
  • Oh my
  • Could this be real? I hope so!
  • Damnit tomorrow is my first day of school after break! Thanks for letting me sleep (not.)
  • An Instalense!
  • As I learnt very young that tomorrow never comes. :D
  • That sounds like a James bond trailer lol.
  • If it doesnt come with a lense - it sucks
  • I think he just used Instagraph to read (readonly api right?) his post on Instagram so he would not show the real application. What you say?
  • As long as the app is good and its for 7.8 to then were good but other then that id rather have an official one!
  • Lol
  • If you look at the api it does support upload if you have instagram app installed. So ios only:(
  • Maybe he use Reverse Engineering ;)
  • I wish Instagram would just release their freakin' app and get it over with!
    That's all I ever read about on WPcentral anymore..
  • Who really cares? Love my 920 and I have few android tabs with instagram and have never used it. I really don't care if it comes or not
  • But you should care - because it is the one thing which keeps many people from switching to Windows phone, and that I quess you would like (more people on wp).
  • Again, I don't think loads of iPhone and android users are waiting for this to jump ship
  • Every head counts I say. We have small user base.
  • You obviously cared enough to comment in a post about Instagram.
  • BOOM.
  • April fools
  • I hope Nokia will inherit this to their SophieLens and Creative Studio. God! I love those apps! 
  • This story broke my WPCentral live tile! All I see is a black tile with the text "Anything" laid out vertically.
  • Lol
  • And I think Aviary got first hands-on with the open API. 
  • This better not be a joke, Daniel.
  • You did not just do that.
  • Nup cool, still waiting for FRIKIN VIBERRR!!!!!! ARGH ITS BEEN A WEEK (almost) since it was submitted to the store, where the fuck is it viber!!! Patience is wearing veeerrry thin!!
  • Whats dat?? Empty post??
  • Dan don't do this man. You know we will loose our cool.
  • I'm into Photoplay now. Instagram is so 2012.
  • I too like photoplay
  • Photoplay is nice only problem is no one I know uses it or has even heard of it for that matter, so there really no point for me using it becuz I mostly use it for social reasons :/
  • I like photoplay if only there are less bikini clad women and more ryan gosling look alikes posting their pictures.
  • Photoplay is lame. Never gets my location right, not even within 1,500 miles. EXTREMELY slow and even lamer filters than instagram. I prefer fhotoroom & do use instagram, but had to uninstall photoplay.
  • the instagram dev page says: "However, in the future we may give whitelist access to individual apps on a case by case basis". I hope that it means they can give an access for uploading to some apps that they would be interested
  • April fools!
  • I hope it's an official instagram app :-)
  • *Adjust the computer time to add one more day*
    It is now tomorrow. Out with it now!
  • More Instagram teasing.... Love it!!! :D
  • I looked up what Aviary is and it's a photo-editing SDK. The Aviary service allows you to plug the SDK into HTML5 and cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. There is a section on the homepage listing companies partnered with Aviary but Instagram isn't in the huuuuge list U_U I guess we'll hear more about it soon.
  • Dan , You are worse than Rockstar Games when it comes to teasing ! Anyone following Rockstar Games' reveal of GTA V box art know what i mean ! Lol
  • Its InstagrPH by the way.
  • No, it's Instagraph
  • HOLY CRAP! that guy on twitter who everyone said was a fake that said the ly would release instagram, real racing 3 and temple run 2 maybe wasn't lying
  • It would probably take Instagram devs a few weeks at most to develop an official app, yet they refuse to do so. Bunch of pricks.
  • This.  Instagram is already starting to get Facebook-ized.  People are already looking for the next thing.. And no it's not "Photoplay"
  • Interesting. Let's hear it then Danny bhoy!
  • The question is if Dani created his account and posted that pic using a windows phone device.
    That is the question! And if you look at his profile on instagram, it sure does look like it.
    This aticle shows the picture BEFORE he posted it. At the bottom, you can see the "send/post" button. If you look at the picture on his profile, it's the same, with the same caption. (i.e after he uploaded it)
    la la la la
  • Good morning Daniel. Time for that news. :)
  • Maybe we are getting an app that can let us post. I'm following Daniel on instagram now through instacam
  • Picture is not Samsung ATIV as usual /s, it is Nokia Lumia exclusive?
  • Anything other then the official Instagram app is just sad. So im not gonna celebrate. :-/
  • Some 3rd party apps are better then official apps so this shouldn't matter. Look at SBUX Card. That's better than iOS & Android Official app.
  • Agreed, its an official Instagram app or I couldn't care less.
  • So if it does the exact same thing and supports uploading, you won't use it because it's not "official"? Right. If you're Instacrying about it, I'm calling BS. You'll be posting square, filtered pics of you cat and begging everyone to follow you the first day you are able.
  • LMAO
  • King Daniel Rubio teasing us!
    I am not worthy!
    Im waiting for this announcements.
  • In a couple years instagram will be a thing of the past. People will move on to something else
  • Yeah, we heard
  • lol
  • Good, glad you heard TonyDick you virginal secretion. Look it up in the dictionary you virgin.
  • Someone forgot their meds today, lol.
  • Yeah and that's millions of people (i'm afraid) who'll get cheap Android's for the next 2 years. Doesn't matter how much of a fad Instagram is, it's things like that that sell phones these days.
  • Great, without Instagram maybe Windows Phone will be thing of the past too. =) Too bad, WP was great was it lasted.
  • Oh god, ya'll are gonna shit a brick. I'm not onto the instagram craze, but it would be a big win for WP, unfortunately its an essential for most. Got my fingers and toes crossed.
  • so is it wp8 only or a lumia exclusive?has be one of the two right :/
  • I think that's an article that their writing for the new Instagram app that we don't have access to yet, only them and other people testing the app.
  • Go see better. App called instagraph and not instagram!
  • So..what's going on here
  • Like today tomorrow or tomorrow tomorrow? Inquiring minds need to know...
  • Metrogram is a great 3rd party Instagram especially since they're only allowed so much code access
  • Another interesting point, (or maybe I'm just trying to find a new line of argument) is that it says Share on Instagram (TM). This probably means that Instagram is only opening up the share option to a few 3rd party developers????
  • Yea i think thats it
  • <p>yes, adsolutely right! My app &quot;InstaLove&quot;&nbsp;that will be coming soon also enable users to upload photos on to instagram, browse, comment and like. Just like an Instagram app</p>
  • Jason, are you saying you are also creating an app called InstaLove, a 3rd party app for Instagram? If so, that’s amazing. Can you share more details like timing of release etc.
  • Its just stupid to not make an app for ALL platforms instead of just 2
  • You tease!
  • April Fools?
  • Damn it. I will not sleep......
  • There is a text "Share on Instagram" helll
  • I wil be like zombie all over the day waiting
  • Okay, speaking for Liquid Daffodil, if they get enough users to tweet it, they will create a beautiful Instagram client for free...start tweeting!
  • Good God man do it, do it now!, don't wait for tweets, i don't even have twitter!
  • Does tomorrow mean Wednesday, or Tuesday? Since it was posted 1am EST. I'm so confused.
  • im trying to figure that out too.
  • You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
  • Unless I'm reading wrong the app says "Instagraph, powered by Aviary, share on Instagram". This would lead us to believe that the API for sharing is coming. I guess we'll know soon.
  • It is now tomorrow in Australia, so where is the bloody app!
  • More instagram hype, whining, moaning, and complaining. Yawn... Let's get this app out of the way so WPCentral can move on to other things already.
  • +1
  • Looks like they opened the API, venatasoft has tons of windowsphone pics from the stock gallery on his instagram
  • Look at the pic. Now look at the link Daniel has given. It shows the same pic on instagram. Which by simple reasoning means that Daniel has used this app Instagraph to post an image to instagram. Simple as that. Likes and comments and other stuff I have no clue, but I'd be much pleased if the whiners stop their incessant rants.
  • So instead of an official app we'll now see tons of half-assed 3rd party apps? Sorry, I paid for my phone so I'd prefer an official, well made app.
  • You do realize that you should place the blame on Instagram for not allowing for disallowing 3rd party uploads because of its API and not Nokia or the Windows Phone team, right? I mean, surely you should at least know to point the finger at the right people.
  • Some 3rd party apps are really good.
    Instagram isn't really a productivity app, it is a social networking app, and I am sure the 3rd party apps will deliver something like Instagram.
    I bet if Nokia releases an App in the future, they'll probably go to Instagram (Facebook) and get permission to develop an "official" 3rd party app for Nokia Lumia customers and that will be what sets Nokia apart from other manufacturers that rely on the unofficial 3rd party apps that will be released.
  • Stfu
  • You clearly must be an idiot. Some of the best apps I downloaded have been 3rd party apps. Until the official app is released it may be the best we have till then...
  • Let's not resort to name calling and abusing; that's not a game you'd wanna go up against me in.
    And if you're even remotely familiar with how apps work, you'd know despite whatever APIs are available, a 3rd party app will always be limited in functionality. Some examples of these are 4th and Mayor, MetroTube, all 3rd party Twitter clients, Facebook. I'm not going to go into details of how these are limited. Do your own research.
  • You loser...all you are capable of is whining...why the hell do you use WP then if all you can find in it are complaints?? If you want everything similar to android and iOS, then switch to one of them damnit .. Just Get lost and dont return.
  • "I paid for my phone"? Wow, I guess in a tantrum, all sense is lost. I researched my phone purchase and never saw Instagram mentioned or promised as a feature. I also don't get this 3rd party-phobic attitude going around. Its as if people WANT to have some reason to fall to the floor gyrating and spewing tears and snot, as if the world will end if they don't get their "official" Instagrime app. If it has the same functionality and you still need help.
  • A +million for that dalydose...
  • Don't mind this guy since all he ever does is troll this site with his anti-Windows Phone nonsense. Not surprised he found something to bitch about again - this time third party apps.
    0/10 Troll harder
  • It makes sense for Instagram to release the API, they're now owned by Facebook and Facebook is pretty open. It would also be cheaper for them to allow 3rd parties to develop apps for Windows Phone / Blackberry than to do it themselves. It wont be long until Instagram is fully integrated into Facebook anyway.
    Instagram (just like Facebook, its owner) will rely on the collection of data from users as a way to generate income, and they can get that information just as efficiently from the official and unofficial apps.
  • This is going to be huge for the platform, if and when it happens.  I hope they link up with Notification.
  • You people need a hobby its just a photo app
  • Instagram is our hobby. This 'photo app' will indeed be a game changer for the windows phone platform.
  • I'm not so sure a whole mass of iPhone and Android users are going to suddenly flock to WP b/c of an app. I'd love to be proven wrong, but I don't see it.
  • Woah! I like how he didn't even write much for the article lol. Hoping for the best today. :)
  • WHAT?! Please tell me its Instagram!
  • Wow they released the API
  • OMG ... I can't wait !!!
  • They have released the upload API I guess !!!
  • second page of comments, omg...
  • By the time I get up...surely there will be more than 300 comments ...instagram 
  • Facts: Daniel uses what it looks like Win7. Using IE, but also Chrome. He's been that guy. Nearly a Fact Tomorrow is today, tomorrow, anyday...just to tease :)
  • Clearly Daniel uploaded a picture and added a caption. Why is everyone confused or doubtful?
  • I'm going in on this Instagram once it becomes available to WP. I still have my iPhone 5. Can't wait till the 15th to get my 920!! Ughh
  • The picture shows us a title : "new instagram"
  • Yawn. 
  • He posted this at 1:00 am on April 2.  Tomorrow is obviously April 3.   Check back on Wednesday.
  • spoiler :)
  • This app doesn't seem to be able to view photos on instagram which really sucks...
  • +1 ^ I dont even publish photos (because i dont have on my WP :( ), only to see them which is better.
  • Instagraph walkthrough video posted on YouTube
    And according to this, IT DOES support posting on Instagram.
    Now since Instagram API does not officially support posting for third party apps, they either got a special agreement with Instagram OR they have found a way around it, if that’s the case it will only be a matter of time until they get blocked.
  • "Hello World" has 2 meanings. Developers first lesson is "Hello world" the clue is in the pic. It means someone has the official upload API and has built us something to use it. We'll have it tomorrow, or soon.
  • I think Dani is talking about this.  :)

  • 300 comments and still going strong
  • This showed up on "Weave" app, it's a link to redit that shows how instagraph works. Be warned the video will not work on phones, unless you have your phone browser PC;
  • Just seen the walkthrough video mentioned above and there is another app supporting third party upload - Hipstamatic.
    Instagram had a partnership to allow Hipstamatic users to upload straight to instagram so the upload APIs are definitely available, it seems - if on a case-by-case basis.
    The question is, if this unknown developer of Instagraph can create an Instagram client app, why can't instagram themselves do it? a partnership with Apple or Google (perhaps both) stopping them from creating an app for the competing platform? This would mean a third party app is the only option they could provide to windows user currently, anyway.
  • Everyone Viber is now available! Go download it, I just did..
  • OMG...instagram this instagram that...I starting to hate it without even using it yet.
  • Daniel, this was the laugh that I needed. Not your actual post, but the sh*t show it started. Thanks for making my Tuesday a little less stressful.
  • Lets hope it is instagram