Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2014 starts soon, make sure you have the official apps!

We don’t delve too often into the Microsoft’s business community, mostly because of all the TPS reports we have to file, but it’s worth mentioning from time to time. Case in point, next week in Atlanta is the Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2014 conference.

Kirill Tatarinov, Microsoft Business Solutions Division executive vice president, will be the opening keynote speaker March 4. The focus will be on, well, business solutions using Microsoft Dynamics and future roadmaps. Various big name companies will be featured including Delta Air Lines, Lotus F1 Team, New Belgium Brewing Co., City Harvest Inc., Weight Watchers International Inc. and Chobani Inc, according to a blog post by Microsoft.

If you do happen to be attending the event, then make sure you grab the official Windows Phone app, which works on both 7.x and 8 devices. From the app description:

“The Convergence mobile app puts the event at your fingertips. Use your registration username and password to sign in and get Schedule Builder along with the ability to add and delete sessions on the fly, find like-minded folks in the Attendee Directory, sign in to your social accounts, scan attendee badges to exchange contact information, complete you evals before you even leave your seat, navigate the venue and more - all on the go!”

It has a few high ratings so far, making it an ideal companion if you’re headed down to the Convergence conference. You can find it here in the Store.

Likewise, there's also the same app for Windows 8 tablets and PCs, based off of similar code. You can find that here in the Windows Store.

We won’t be attending Convergence next week, though we imagine a few interesting bits of news may come out.

Thanks, José K, for the tip!

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