App Update Roundup: Pepper, WeChat and even eBay make today's rounds

It's a busy Friday in the world of Microsoft. We've just covered the finalization of Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia, but developers have also been busy pushing out updates to the Windows Phone Store. Today we'll be checking out what's new in Pepper, WeChat, among other apps.



Pepper is a sweet app for music fans, available on both Windows Phone and Windows 8. The app for the mobile platform has just been bumped to version 1.7.8, introducing some new features to take advantage of Windows Phone 8.1, as well as some other bits and pieces.

Here's the full change log:

  • Support for transparent tile in wp8.1 - Settings -> Device -> Tile
  • Support for the UK app challenge.
  • Support for links to instagram, pinterest, tumblr and bandcamp have been added to artist, venue and promoter profiles.

As well as the above list, there are also a handful of bug fixes included, mainly covering database synchronization and optimizing some features. Currently, Pepper supports the UK and the US.

QR: Pepper



WeChat is a popular communication and social networking app available for both Windows Phone 7 and 8. The service is generally seen to be more popular in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and India, though boasts over 300 million users spread around the globe. Today, the Windows Phone app has been updated with some changes.

Here's what is new in version 5.1.3:

  • Specify your exact location while sharing location data
  • Be notified when you're mentioned in a group chat
  • Save video message to your device

We recommend you check out WeChat if you're looking for a new messaging service to use.

QR: WeChat



Wait, eBay has been updated again? That's right, folks. We covered a rather large bump to the official Windows Phone app only yesterday, but already we've seen a minor release be published to the store just hours later.

Here's what is new in version

  • Improved notifications
  • Fixed a problem with special characters in passwords
  • Other bug fixes

We'd strongly urge everyone to update if you haven't set everything up to auto-download.

Odds and ends

It's not just the major updates we cover in these roundups. Be sure to check out the following minor releases:

Head on over to our forum to share what updates you've discovered.

Rich Edmonds
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