App update roundup: Vine, Angry Birds Go! And ProShot all get a morning polish

Although Facebook Beta received yet-another-update this morning, here are a few others that have just come in as well. These are some of the bigger titles that many of you are using, so they should pique some interest.

So far at 11 AM ET, we have new updates for the official Vine app, Angry Birds Go! and the popular photography app Pro Shot. Read on to see what’s new!

Vine 1.1

Vine came out just over one month ago to Windows Phone. Up until that point, many were (and still are) using the excellent third party app 6sec. Soon after the update, a version 1.01 hit the Store, bringing some minor quick fixes to the app for login issues.

This morning, Viners get a bigger update with 1.1 now live on the Store. That update, as far as we can tell, adds the following:

  • Drafts mode
  • Filter sensitive content in settings
  • App localized in 17 languages
  • Vine tutorial
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

The Twitter company was a little vague on those changes in the app description, but as far as we can tell those are new.  Regardless, version 1.1 is a significant bump, to you’ll want to grab it now. Follow this link or scan the QR code below.

Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds Go! is probably one of the best racing cart games we’ve ever played on Windows Phone. It’s also jaw-dropping how much Rovio wants to nickel-and-dime you for every micro-transaction. Seriously, if you paid $49 for a high end cart racer, you evidently have way more money than we do.

Still, we can’t help to fire up this game and race around the track on occasion, so it’s good to see version hit the Store. According to the company here’s what is new:

  • “We've fixed a few small issues in the game to make everything even faster, smoother and better!”

That means there is still no 512 MB RAM support, at least not yet.

Pick up Angry Birds Go! here in the Store.

QR: go

ProShot 3.1

If you don’t have a high end Lumia with the Nokia Camera app, you may prefer to use ProShot. The popular app has been one of our favorites to give finer control over camera settings, and version 3.1 just landed on the Store with some significant improvements, including:

  • New UI
  • Huge performance improvement for low memory devices (almost 2X speedup on image processing)
  • Performance improvements across all devices, including smoother scrolling, reduced video memory usage, and faster image processing.
  • Integrated shutter selection into the right panel
  • Lumia 1020: 5MP option now saves the 41MP image to local storage (8 and 12MP settings already did this).
  • bug fixes

Those are some tasty improvements and it makes ProShot the go-to photography app on Windows Phone. ProShot will cost you $1.99 (plus optional in-app purchases for filters), though there is a free trial. You can pick up ProShot here in the Store or scan the QR code below.

QR: proshot

We’re sure there will be more app updates coming in later today, but for now, you can grab those above!

Thanks, guyjkh, s_madhekar and Mafiatounes, for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

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