Save the Queen Bee (and the day) with Apple Bob for Windows PC and Phone

Apple Bob is a platformer game that is available for both Windows PC and Phone that challenges you to rescue the local Queen Bee, who has been captured by the Evil Corporation. The game has a casual pace, with 100 levels of gameplay across which you have to guide the game's hero, Dash.

Graphics are colorful and have a slight anime feel. Gameplay is mildly challenging, testing your patience and timing. There are plenty of dangers to avoid as you collect fruit and free friendly bees as you work your way towards the Queen.

The only major downside to Apple Bob is the lack of a trial version, but after taking the Windows Phone version out for a test drive, it comes across as a fun installment to the platforming game genre.

The primary menu for Apple Bob is somewhat sparse with options to jump into gameplay, access the game's options, and buy Dash new hats. Gaming options include the basic settings for music and sound levels, along with the option to view the gaming credits.

The 100 levels of gameplay are spread out across four worlds. Levels are progressively unlocked and become replayable.

The goal of each level is simple: guide Dash across the various platform levels, collecting all the fruit and avoiding the dangers. Gaming controls, for the Windows Phone version, are on-screen at the bottom of the display. Left and right directional controls are in the lower left corner, and a jump button sits in the right corner. You will use the jump button to not only jump across gaps on the platforms but also to climb ladders.

Apple Bob

Keyboard controls are available for the PC version, or you can use the on-screen controls if you are playing on a tablet convertible. Directional arrows on your keyboard control left/right movement and the space bar controls Dash's jump. One downside to the Windows PC version is the game lacks a back button to shift back from menus, but you can use Backspace from the keyboard instead.

Dangers include Gloopers that will slow you down by sliming you, storm clouds that will slow you down by electrocuting you, and walkways that crumble as you cross them. You will also find flowers that, when collected, make you invincible. Should you fall off a platform, you will safely fall to the ground level and have to work your way back up the platforms.

Apple Bob

Gaming levels with Apple Bob are timed and if you get slimed, electrocuted or fall victim of anything else that will slow you down, it will cost you precious seconds. You do earn bonus points for any time left on the clock and if you have not collected all the fruit when the clock strikes zero you fail the level.

Apple Bob is not a terribly difficult platformer, but some gaming levels will require you to reach the top platform and then jump down to lower levels to reach all the fruit. I did like how some levels had a slight puzzle feel where collecting the fruit was not always straightforward. It adds to the challenge of the game and keeps you on your toes.

Apple Bob

I did find that the left directional arrow sits close enough to the edge of the display that it would pull down the Windows Phone Notifications menu at times. I would not mind seeing these controls shift to the right just a tad to avoid these interruptions.

The only other nit I have with Apple Bob is that the game lacks a trial version. The full version is currently priced at $1.49, and while it is not the priciest of games, I'm sure a trial version giving gamers access to the first two levels would boost its appeal.

All in all, I found Apple Bob to be an entertaining gaming title that is available for both Windows PC and Phones. It does have a casual pace with just enough challenges to keep the game from growing stale too quick.

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