Apple issues voluntary recall on the Beats Pill XL speaker

Apple has issued a voluntary recall of the Beats Pill XL speaker. The Bluetooth speaker has been found, in what Apple says are rare cases, to pose a fire safety risk. Apple is offering either an electronic payment or Apple Store credit to customers who return their speakers.

From Apple (opens in new tab):

Because customer safety is the company's top priority, Apple is asking customers to stop using their Beats Pill XL speakers. Customers who purchased a Beats Pill XL speaker should visit for details about how to return their product to Apple, and how to receive an Apple Store® credit or electronic payment of $325.

Apple goes on to say that this recall does not impact any other Beats products, which includes the standard Beats Pill speaker. For more on how to return your speaker to Apple, be sure to check out the company's recall website (opens in new tab).

Source: Apple (opens in new tab)

Joseph Keller
  • maybe they would like to recall all their beats products. So bad it's better to rate all of them as defective.
  • *Shots Fired* BAM
  • What does this have to do with Windows or Microsoft?
  • PSA? Competitor bashing? I dunno it doesn't affect the industry as a whole like the takata airbag recall. It is interesting. I mean it isn't even competitor news, it's bad accessory news. Maybe Mobile Nations needs to have a general site. Maybe a better WP app so I can tab through all sites...
  • It was filed under general news.... It's a recal. Pretty smart to let everyone know about it...
    Do you think it's possible that someone who reads WC might buy, or have bought, this BT speaker❓ That's why we get general news articles... SMDH.
  • Then have a better app, website that sorts this. Not just a long list. I like the content here but it is not the best organization. I'm looking for local news, but am getting another city's. It might affect me, but it wasn't what I was looking for... Like ign has different pages for consoles and then a general page. It is also the same on android central... So it's redundant... Just saying how it would be nice to have a better app and layout. If I didn't want to improve I wouldn't comment and if I didn't like the content I would leave. Just an opinionated comment in which this comments section is for... Shit people get bent out of shape when people post in the wrong spot in the forum and in the comments, similar idea.
  • It literally took you longer to type both your comments than it would for you to just skim past it and decide you had no desire to read it. I don't get why people get their panties in a twist over news they don't care about. I see a ton on here that I don't care about, what do I do? scroll past it.
  • Because I want this place to improve. It's called feedback. This is a comments section for feedback.
    I can scroll too, but if I read both wc and ac I see it twice and that is odd.
  • You think it's odd to see relevant news in 2 spots? I saw the fallout 4 announcement on like 3 sites today, I didn't find it odd at all.
  • 3 independent sites? Because when you go to ign at least it links to the other sections so everyone in the community can share the same discussion instead of on this site it's segregated... But I guess that's what body of you want. So it's the readers' will.
  • Actually feed a should be posted in the forums under the website feedback section.
  • No...this comment section is for comments about this specific article. If you want to give general site/app feedback, you go to the forums
  • Lol. Ok. A redundant article isn't taking about the article? Alright.
    Apple was genius to buy this brand. Apple is good when it comes to brand management.
    Apple is winning the profit game... I wonder what would happen if they allowed other companies to sell OSX pcs.
  • Actually the 3 sites are considered separate entities under one company. It's like joystick and Engadget used to be. The sites are even referenced to as sister sites in some articles.
  • You don't find that annoying? I have seen it on gawker sites too... But they link over so you can have one discussion, like a race car game will be posted on jalopnik, and take you to kotaku. But now there are multiple discussions in one segmented community... But oh well... Sounds like you guys like that... So go forth, pander to each other and don't see others' views (like how this affects the IOS or Android communities). Leave you fine folks with the last word.
  • No,I don't find that annoying. When I want to read windows news I come here and comment, if I wanted to read android news, I'd go there and comment, if there's an article that is the same on both, I read the one I see first and leave it at that. I don't let trivial things ruin my day like seeing the same article more than once.
  • You may read both WC and AC, but I don't. I have no inteest in that much Apple news. So if I had bought one of these speakers to use with a Windows device, I never would have found out about the recall.
  • How it affect IOS and android communities is what doesn't concern us, but you're saying you want all of that mixed in with Windows Phone users comments and that would be an improvement? Keeping them separate categorizes them by OS and if there are issues they can more easily be discerned. I'm not sure how one comments hodge-podge for IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and whoever else would make this any better. Multiple discussions in one segmented community is what I described. What you described is one discussion in one community and another discussion in a separate community that both happen to be part of Mobile Nations.
  • I see a whiner. Wahhh
  • Well, there would be nothing wrong with filters for those who would like so... Can't argue with that... Options are good.
  • LOL thanks rodneyej.
  • Just trying to keep minds open, which is becoming more a struggle everyday as I realize that just as many Windows fans are as closed minded as iDroid sheep... They're all the same.
  • It has nothing to do with Windows, although if I owned a Beats Pill I would've found this extremely useful
  • That's exactly the point.... Sometimes filtering might bite you in the ass..
    I'd personally rather get the full story, that way my mind doesn't get closed....
    Honestly, I wish there was a general MN app that propagated ALL the different sites articles into one continuous feed.... This would be like Phone Arena but without the suck... As long as MN kept trolling under control it would be nice.. I'm sure others would also like this idea..
    It's just interesting to see what's going on with competing platforms.. It gives us ideas for new features, and lets us know where ours stands... Of course, only a non sheep Windows fan would understand what I'm talking about. SMDH.. Lol.
  • I would love the ability to switch between sites in this one app. It's annoying that even Mobile Nations isn't bothered to make an Android Central app for Windows Phone or even just one Mobile Nations app to rule them all.
  • Yes. Exactly. I just want all the separate sites articles aggregated into one news feed.. One app..
  • That's lame. Guess I send mine in and use the money to buy a different wireless speaker.
  • Yep.. Or not worry about it because it's kinda a isolated issue.. This is just taking extra precautions.
  • I would totaly return it and get one of these instead: Maybe not as flashy, but twice the sound (at least!). Or JBL something, I like them too.
  • I'm not going to lie... I'd rather have that one too... Beats are over rated.
  • I didn't know Beats is from Apple
  • They brought them last year I think.
  • Not originally, but now it is.
  • kirf
  • i suppose the decision to announce such a big recall was a hard pill to swallow
  • I still don't understand why Microsoft wont start selling the Purity HD headphones. They're much better than the beats.
  • Beats sucks arse. It's only gained momentum because it was successful in brainwashing consumers (teens & kids mainly) to buy them. Why you may ask? Because their favourite artist uses them (in commercials). Happened to me when I was 8.
  • This isn't Apple's fault, the fire is just from my mixtape ;-)
  • Maybe they will recall the iPad Air 2 as well hopefully. Mine is riddled with problems. Location services don't work properly, cannot connect to AC WiFi and more. The supposedly amazing support doesn't want to know and are as dense as every other support line. Serves me right for buying their overpriced crap I suppose.
  • I can hardly believe my ears. A defective Apple product?!?!?! lolololol
  • The worst sound reproduction I've EVER heard. Panasonic's SN series is nothing short of salvation after the torment that this speaker generates...for fraction of the price