Macbook Windows 10

Apple has published a new page on the company's support website, which details Boot Camp support for Windows 10. Listed as Boot Camp 6, this update will soon be available for all OS X users to download and install, enabling them to deploy Microsoft's latest operating system on their Mac.

While supporting the new OS, the new support page also details new features like USB 3, USB-C (on the new MacBook), Thunderbolt, SD and SDXC slots, as well as keyboard, mouse and trackpad. As always, to use Windows 10 in Boot Camp, you'll need a valid license for Microsoft's OS and a copy of on removable storage.

If you're unfamiliar with the aforementioned process, we've got you covered with a neat guide to get you started. See what Apple PCs are supported and can run Windows 10, as well as read up more details on dual booting Windows with Boot Camp by heading to Apple's website.

Source: Apple, via: MacRumors

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