AppRaisin active development to end; AdDuplex will still offer support

AdDuplex CEO Alex Mendelevich has announced that the company will end active development of its AppRaisin app for Windows 10 on PC and Mobile. The app will continue to be available and supported in the Windows Store.

AppRaisin was first developed to help promote apps and news in the Windows community. Development began in September 2015 and the first version was released in November of that year. In a rather lengthy blog post, Mendelevich stated:

12 months and 12 feature updates later we had to make a difficult decision to shift active development efforts to other projects. AppRaisin is not going anywhere. We will run and support it for as long as it provides value to the community and doesn't cost us an arm and a leg. However, we decided not to treat it as a potential money-maker for us anymore and rather focus on providing a great resource to Windows enthusiast community at a reasonably minimal cost to us.

Mendelevich stated that AdDuplex had set a goal of having 100,000 monthly active users for AppRaisin by the end of 2016, but at the moment it has less than 25,000 monthly users, with a growth rate of between 1,000 and 2,000 new users a month. He put part of the blame on Microsoft itself. Four out of five AppRaisin users are on Windows 10 Mobile but the OS itself is only installed on a small percent of all Windows 10 devices:

Meaning that in the alternative universe where Microsoft kept its promise to upgrade all Windows Phone 8.1 devices to Windows 10, we could have had close to 150,000 MAU with the same effort.

Mendelevich also claims that Microsoft has policies about not placing apps that promote other apps in the Windows Store "top list", where it would have gotten more promotion. He does say that he is looking for AppRaisin fans to help pledge financial support via an Appstretch campaign. The company says if they can raise $10,000, they will add Russian language and community features to the app.

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  • Microsoft what have you done once again hmm
  • It's very easy to blame MS for another company not meeting his goals, hmmm...
  • Microsoft gave promises, some developers invested in and lost years of their life and probably most of their money. So what's your point? You shouldn't trust Microsoft by default and you won't have the problems in your life? Those that trusted are fools?
  • What promisses are you talking about? Because if the app goals were 25.000 everything would be fine, you know?
  • Sure, if all developers would compete who would earn the less the Windows Store would be the most favorite, if that is your point. If you can't earn enough money by being a top destination to support 3 workers in mid-level income country (which is probably equal to 1 US worker) then it is not your problem, it is the problem of the Store.
  • Didn't understood you point, sorry.
  • I haven't understood your point either, sorry.
  • They had a goal of 100.000 active monthly users and missed that but IF their goal were 25.000 everything would be fine.
  • I am unsure if you understand anything business related, but in a few words - to make the app you need to pay developers (at least at some point maybe they gather to work for free for a year but it can't last forever) and other costs like equipment, accountant, etc. So you must earn more than that to keep the app going. If you earn less you turn the app off. They can't set target to some number from which they can't pay the work they need to do to keep up the app working.
  • Yeah, I'm also a WP dev you know? but i'm not putting all my chips on all users moving from 8 to 10. Thats why all my apps run on 8 AND 10. Ms is not doing everything they can to increase the user base, but users aren't also, you know? With the amount of trolls here you'll find people too scared to buy or upgrade to WM.
  • What apps have you developed?
  • Lockscreen Wallpapers,  #TileArt Companion, GFit Pro, Weather Guru Pro...
  • How exactly is Microsoft not delivering on promises when Anniversary 10 Mobile is better than ever, they're following through on long-term support of 10 Mobile (and not just feature freeze support; they're adding as much as practically possible and preparing to focus on mobile even more with Redstone 2 next year), they've been updating the Store, and they're continually updating development tools, as if the full force of Microsoft is going into support? As far as foolish, I think all the naysayers insulting Xbox the past few years are looking foolish now that Xbox has delivered superbly on every level (other than being slightly slower than PS4), including the excellent new UWP and Play Anywhere support... and they're doing all of it in ways that actually fit with their initial vision of Xbox One, that negative Nancys complained about, yet here we are with DRM digital gaming and always online more popular than ever and necessary for Play Anywhere, UWP, their new cloud tech such as Crackdown 3 uses, and even Xbox streaming really needs disc-less DRM to avoid having to go where the Xbox is to insert a disk, and some people definitely require it when using workarounds to get it working over the Internet, that I think may actually be a supported feature after while. The point is, people were saying the same negative ideas towards MS about Xbox for the past few years, and yet now that we've had to time to see "the future", I think Microsoft has shown their vision and platform is better in practically every way, proving most of their original ideas were actually best.  I think the same sort of thing could happen for 10 Mobile as well.
  • How many devices have updated to 10m? Can't you read? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Devices that upgraded from 8 to 10 run like crap anyways. Poorly optimized OS Windows 10 mobile is.
  • Fair enough (I guess... the article isn't really very clear about that point) .  I'm an Android user that only just starting to use 10 Mobile on a $30 640 to checkout 10 Mobile builds.  I'm still using Android as my primary phone, though I think Windows phones are only just now getting worthy enough for me to switch.  I'm not overly familiar with this issue.  What 8.1 devices, that were released as actual 8.1 devices, do not upgrade to 10 Mobile?  Are there any that were not released as 8 to begin with?
  • Developers could make money from Xbox ever since, and I don't think that all game developers said bad things about Xbox. So those bad things came from people that hated Microsoft. If people like me and the author of AppRaising that invested years of their life into Windows apps say that there is a problem, it is better for everyone to accept it. Just for your information, not more than 50 developers can sell more than 100 unites of their app on the Windows Store. Should it be enough to raise alarm in the office of Nadella or should we just go ahead and say everything is fine, those are just stupid developers?
  • Firstly you just made up those numbers, secondly android/ios devs are at the same situation, only accordingly to the market share the OS has.
  • I haven't made up those numbers, I am in the top 100 paid apps and I know how many you need to sell to be there. And no it is in no way comparable to iOS and Android. Top 100 paid apps earn more for a day than what I earn for a year. Actually There hundreds of thousands of developers that earn more than top 100 Windows developers. And no I haven't made that up there is statistics for that. But more and more I believe that you've made up that you're developer as you don't have a basic clue about data from Windows Store.
  • You can believe whatever you want, but, to me, any number must be proved or is made up. Now you are talking about another completely different thing.
  • Fact1: Xbox sells 1/4 compared to ps4, Sony just won and Ms lose.
    Fact2: no one buy apps from win10, MS asks devs 30% for every app sold (apple/Google ask 18%), all devs have switched, wp now has 1% market share.
    Just shut up.
  • On Fact 1, Xbox sells between 1/2-1/3 of PS4, But your point is valid
  • Every fact shoud have a link or else it's all just made up.
  • For those that disagree, how about posting what "Made for Windows Phone 8.1" devices actually aren't upgradable to 10 Mobile, as proof Microsoft really did break their promise.  I don't think Microsoft intended that to mean devices "Made for Windows Phone 8", even if those 8 devices could be upgraded to 8.1.
  • I hate you Ron Burgundy i hate you!
  • Microsoft should buy this app
  • Microsoft just buys iOS and Android apps for 100 millions of dollars. Most Windows developers would sell their apps for just 100k$, but Microsoft doesn't even care. Well as long as they don't cover Android and iOS.
  • They would just muck it up and eventually close it down...
  • Just business... It sucks for us users of W10M. You really can't blame these app developers though, Microsoft has made too many missteps' on the mobile front. I honestly think if they don't find a way to reverse their current state on this front it is going to come back and bite them hard in the ass down the road.
  • Looks like Windows central app also has bring active development to end
  • actually the WC app is feature complete and there aren't any apparent bugs so that's why you don't see any major releases. There continues to be some minor updates through which you can find out through the Windows Store.
  • Well, in that case they should have released the apps for other mobile nations sites using this app as base.
  • let's start spamming Daniel Rubino and convince him to get Android Central and Crackberry apps on to W10
  • They are actually looking into a response from phil and dan on twitter when i asked abt this...they are looking to use the current WC app as a base for the others...
  • No bugs? I am unable to post in forums with the app or which rituals do I have to perform?
    Or is this app also a US-focused service like Windows?
  • did you logout of the app and sign back in? Usually that solves many of those problems
  • Crashes when scrolling comments.
    Have to slide keyboard away in order to type in comment box.
  • Go into SETTINGS, then SYSTEM, and then APP & FEATURES. Find the Windows Central app and click on "Advanced Options".
    From there you can reset it and the app should be working again
  • Sorry my app crashed twice trying to read your comment. The path you have me isn't working. Can't find App&Features.
  • If you're in SYSTEM section it should be the 2nd one from the top.
  • Settings>Storage>ThisDevice>Apps&Games
  • **** this to uninstall. No clear cache or clear memory option...
  • That's notifications. How the hell do I clear cache on this OS...
  • I was replying you on my phone and it crashed! 4 times!! Now I forgot what reply that I was going to type!!!
  • Do you have it installed on an SD card? I used to have it constantly crash, but since moving it to phone storage, it rarely crashes.
  • Dam, that's disappointing. I use apprasin quote alot and I find it a very useful resource for updates and new app releases.
  • Me too. Best app ever
  • Yeah bro me too. I just discovered and downloaded this app about a week ago :'(
    It's really a Great app
  • The app is not going to disappear. It will continue to be maintained. Just no new features, for the near future at least.
  • Ahh, not this app too..damn
  • Cue the music - Annnnnnnnd another one bites the dust!!!!!
  • To be fair, they are only ending active development of it. As long as we can still use the app it shouldn't matter.
  • It is not exactly the same, e.g. probably they won't curate the spam in the app at all.
  • They will continue to moderate the app. Just no new features.
  • As frustrating as it is to see another app lose momentum, I'm not really disappointed. AppRaisin is a great idea, but execution is sorely lacking. I rarely use it anymore.
  • People rarely use wp too
  • What do you use instead?
  • Android, iOS. Like 97% of the world's smartphone-using population.
  • Wow, that is sad indeed. Considering how well this app is doing and I use it daily, I'm surprised they pulled support for it
  • Yeah, I'd love to have active support continue and sad to see this happen. But they delivered an awful lot already.
  • They continue support, just no new features
  • Be sure to read on Thurrott for a more in depth article on why another active Windows developer stops supporting the platform. Eye opening.
  • Good read indeed.
  • That's not the only thing the CEO said in his post. Please make a post about it. Though it will depress everyone on this site
  • We will see what the future brings. When Microsoft manages to scare off enough developers then maybe we can use other systems in the future.
  • Microsoft just runs developers off
  • Yeah, why not? blame MS! On the other hand, if the goal was 25.000 everything would be fine...
  • Re: LSDigital,
    Please read the whole original post. See Then you will have a better understanding.
  • I did. He Shouldn't have expected that that many wp8/w7 users would upgrade at all. I've expected more myself BUT people just don't care to update and that's the truth. I myself have tried to convince 7 wp8 users and only succeded once. About not letting his app reach the top spots on the store, while I understand MS position, I think what they did was wrong. It should've been a matter of numbers only. But even that isn't much of an excuse. Thurrott, WC and others have promoted Adduplex work A LOT every month and still... well...maybe not that much people wants to keep installing new apps, which is the real shame here.
  • It's all their fault. Microsoft has made a terrific job during last year. How can anyone blame them for anything when mobile is their priority. As if they could fail to deliver. Don't worry those are just funny guys pretending. De know everything is perfect right now. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ms is not doing everything they can to increase the user base, but users aren't also, you know? With the amount of trolls here you'll find people too scared to buy or upgrade to WM.
  • I will get my second one shortly, and don't care about the trolls :D And that's what everybody should do. (My corporate phone will be a 950 or an XL, and I'll keep my personal 535 as well).
  • Oh no! Not this one!!
  • I have the app and am not even sure of its purpose, feels like it is built for his company not normal users
  • Guys AppRaisin users plz hit the adds on the app.
  • I believe AppRaising charges per slot per day, and though devs might get more interested in if more people click (but not just click but also download and pay something inside the app) at least in the first turn AppRaisin won't earn anything more.
  • "so sad......"
  • "so sad......"
  • 10.000$? I don't wanna be that guy, but ... never gonna happen. Wrong operating system with too few users for a that crazy amount of money. 1000$? Would be hard, but possible ... 10.000? Out of our reach.
    Oh man ... I'm gonna get so many downvotes for that.
  • Never say never.
  • Not everyone live in India. 10000K are just nothing on sw development dude.
  • So they're blaming MS, because the app wasn't as successful as they expected... Yeah, seems totally legit... Next time, I will blame MS, if I'm ill, lose my job, or anything else... Because why not. :D Btw, the development of the app was also slow before this as well I have to admit, even though I like the app.
  • If no developer (OK there can be like 20 exceptions) can earn enough money on Windows Store to just basically support its work, then why not blame MS?
  • Because there are exceptions. And every company can be an exception :D
  • @labsii Why not blame yourself? How many android/ios users did you sucessfully brought to this platform? Because android/ios users bring others to their platform too, you know? Some go because of commercial ads, others go by their friend's word.
  • And how many app developers on iOS or Android don't earn enough money to support themselves from it? Over 90%.  So do you blame Apple or Google for that?
  • Though figure is higher at least for iOS, let's suppose you're right. I don't mind that for earning for life I have to compete to be among 100000 best devs. I do mind competing to be among the best 100 devs for that. Hope you can spot the difference. 
  • Because it is easier to port the app to iOS and live normal developer's life than to answer nonsense questions.
  • Devs abandons wp and Satya The Genius adds "Bolliwood" icons to Skype and spends Billions on stupid websites.... Shame on Microsoft!
  • read the full storry on Thurott's  website. MS and their idiots f@#@d things up badly!
  • Here's the link (until removed by wc):
  • Another win for Nadella.