Appy Weather for Windows Phone gets updated, adds lockscreen support and more

Appy Weather is a unique Windows Phone weather app in that it presents the weather in a more personal manner. The app takes on the weather forecast with a minimal approach, delivers a healthy amount of information and presents the information not only in a "nuts and bolts" manner but also suggest what the temperature will feel like or how the forecasted conditions will compare to your current conditions.

The Windows Phone weather app was updated today to version 1.2, which adds lockscreen support with the ability to use Bing images or custom photos from your Pictures Hub. App Weather is a well-received weather app in the Windows Phone Store and on first impression, the updates only adds to the appeal of this weather app.

Appy Weather

The full change log for the version 1.2 update includes:

  • Added lock screen support with the options to choose between two different layouts: 1) "Now + Today" or 2) "Now + Today + Tomorrow".
  • Lockscreen support also includes the options of three different background images 1) "Bing Image of the Day", 2) "Custom Photo" and 3) (my personal favorite) "Metro" which adjusts throughout the day/night to be indicative of the time and weather and has a minimal memory footprint (especially important for low-memory devices).
  • All background images can have their opacity changed from 0-100% to ensure you've complete control over the lock screen's text legibility/readability.
  • Can toggle to show/hide the current hour's feels like temperature, text summary and wind speed/direction.
  • Snow data points now correctly show in inches when using the imperial measurement format.
  • Improvements made to general reliability of background agent to minimize probability of issues occurring, which may have previously prevented the live tile from updating either periodically or completely.

Additionally, everyone who installed the trial version that has previously expired will be able to install the trial version of version 1.2 of Appy Weather. As an added bonus, the trial period has been extended from three to seven days.

There is one minor issue with the Version 1.2 update that should be resolved soon. In the settings under the "Show on Lockscreen" options, the tick mark for the options will not show when registering taps. When tapped, the option is active but can be confusion because the box won't show marked. The fix should be pushed out soon.

Otherwise, the update helps extend Appy Weather's feature list and appeal.

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