Are you a "Sprint Premier" customer?

OK. We admit it. We've done our share of dog-cussing Sprint. Some of that abuse has been deserved. Some of it maybe has just been piling on. But you've gotta admit, Sprint's been trying real hard of late. The Centro was a bit hit. The "Simply Everything" plans, well, simpilified things, and they're not a terrible deal. The HTC Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, Treo 800w and (soon) the Treo Pro have made a mighty fine CDMA lineup. (And we won't forget about the Samsung Ace and Motorola Q9c.)

Now Sprint unleashes "Sprint Premier." As they say, "unique perks you won't find anywhere else." Here's what you need to be automatically enrolled:

  • For three consecutive months, consumer customers must be on an individual wireless plan of at least $69.99 per month or spend at least $99.99 per month on a plan that shares minutes.


  • Must have been a Sprint wireless customer for at least 10 years.

That's so easy, a caveman could do it. Here's what you get once you're in the club:

  • Early Upgrades: After only one year customers can receive our new customer price on a new handset. That's almost a year sooner than other customers. For accounts sharing minutes, the early upgrade applies to the primary line. A new two-year agreement is required.
  • “Just Because” Perks: Spontaneous special offers for trips, tickets to shows and sporting events -- just to say thanks.
  • Anniversary Rewards: Customers celebrate their annual Sprint anniversary with a special gift such as free ring tones or free minutes.
  • First to Know/First to Buy: Longstanding customers get an exclusive first peek at new products and services such as the upcoming Palm Pre™, and then are among the first with opportunities to purchase when they become available.
  • Accessory Discounts: A once-a-year discount on accessories at participating Sprint stores.
  • Courtesy Plan Check: For customers who haven’t changed their plan in six months, Sprint will notify them for a “Plan Check” to make sure they are getting the most value out of their device.

Find out more at Oh, and we couldn't help but notice the handy "If you don't qualify, you can start by changing (read: upgrading) your plan today (to something more expensive) button at the bottom. Sorry. Couldn't help ourselves.

Phil Nickinson

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