ARK: Survival Evolved has more daily Xbox One players than PC

Studio Wildcard, the developer of the popular PC game ARK: Survival Evolved, has already had a huge success with the Xbox One version. It was released just a couple of weeks ago for Microsoft's console. and a new report from the team says the Xbox One port already has more daily players than the PC version.

Jesse Rapczak, the co-founder of Studio Wildcard, stated:

"In under a week ARK was downloaded over 1,000,000 times and Survivors had lasted a combined 200,000 real-life days against the dinosaurs and perils of the island, including other players! There's no question that survival games have taken the PC world by storm lately, and as the only true large-scale multiplayer survival game available on console, perhaps it comes as no surprise that ARK's daily Xbox One player count is already bigger than on PC."

By comparison, the PC version of ARK: Survival Evolved, which was first release via Steam in June, has about 55,000 concurrent players during peak hours. The Xbox One version of ARK: Survival Evolved is part of the Xbox Game Preview Program, and the "final" version of the console game won't be released until June 2016. Rapczak wrote:

"During that time you can expect community feedback to be integrated into the Xbox One version of the game with regular updates about every two weeks. This will eventually include highly-demanded features like split screen support, gamepad customization, UI improvements, tweaks to current game modes, balancing improvements and all the new content that is going into the PC version. That's awesome considering there is already three times as much content in the game today compared to the PC launch 7 months ago."

Source: Xbox Wire

John Callaham