Arkane's Deathloop is a timed PS5 exclusive before coming to Xbox Series X

Deathloop Gameplay
Deathloop Gameplay (Image credit: Arkane via YouTube)

Deathloop Gameplay

Source: Arkane via YouTube (Image credit: Source: Arkane via YouTube)

What you need to know

  • Deathloop received a new trailer and gameplay on PS5.
  • It will be a timed console exclusive on PS5 before presumably coming to Xbox Series X at a later date.
  • It looks a lot like a reskinned Dishonored.
  • According to PlayStation, it is releasing this holiday.

After revealing Deathloop at E3 last year, Arkane has been pretty quiet about it. During PlayStation's PS5 event today, we finally got to see gameplay from it, and it looks a hell of a lot like Dishonored.

If it's anything like Arkane's previous title, we should be in for a great immersive sim experience.

The trailer did not reveal a release date, however a post on PlayStation's blog says it's coming out this holiday. What the trailer does indicate is that it is coming to next-gen systems as was assumed. Deathloop will be a timed console exclusive on PS5.

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  • I wont be purchading it at all. I do not purchase timed exclusive games. If you didnt give a f@xk about me then, i wont now.
  • I'm definitely getting this one, Arkane make exceptionally good games. In fact this is the most exciting game for me, across both reveals.