ARMED!, Farm Frenzy 2, Adobe Reader and USA Today all updated in the Windows Phone Store

There have been a number of updates being pushed through the Windows Phone Store today, including new versions for ARMED!, Farm Frenzy 2, Adobe Reader and USA Today. While we've only managed to obtain changes for ARMED!, we'll still fire up the alert that you can look forward to update notifications for both USA Today, Adobe Reader and Farm Frenzy 2.

The developers of ARMED! have released version 1.7 to the store, which introduces a number of features, improvements and bug fixes. We're huge fans of the title here at Windows Phone Central and the 

So what's new in version 1.7?

  • New animated skybox for Flotilla level.
  • Added small vibration when an opponent is found for a ranked game.
  • Added Portuguese translations.
  • New level select screen art.
  • New background art for splash and buy screens.

There are a number of improvements and fixes also bundled with the update, but were too numerous to include in this article. It's a sizeable update, that's for sure. Head on over to the ARMED! website for more information.

You can download ARMED! from the Store for $2.99 (£2.29).

USA Today also received an update (version 1.8), though we're not entirely sure what's included in the latest version. The app was recently updated not so long ago with a refreshed UI and a new, more simplistic logo. We can only assume this version contains more bug fixes that were not addressed in 1.7.

You can download USA Today from the Store for free.

Farm Frenzy 2

The highly popular Farm Frenzy 2 has been bumped to version 1.3, which follows 1.2 and the issue of saved games being erased after updating. But what's new in the latest version? Again we're not aware of any said changes that have been stated. If you are aware of any improvements or new features that we've most likely overlooked, then do sound off in the comments.

You can download Farm Frenzy from the Store for $2.99 (£2.29).

Adobe Reader

The same situation surrounds Adobe Reader. We're unfortunately not aware of changes included in the update, but we believe the bump to be minor. It was updated for the first time in existence earlier this month and we're back with yet another - someone at Adobe must be on the energy drinks.

The previous update was a heft one so again we'll assume that this latest version contains a number of hidden improvements and bug fixes that worked their way through checks.

You can download Adobe Reader from the Store for free.

Rich Edmonds
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