Xbox Live - Farm Frenzy 2 update Old Yellering players' save files

Saved games gone?

Title updates are usually something to look forward to: they fix bugs, add new features, or restore an Xbox Live Achievement to working order. Sometimes things go awry though. Remember the Shuffle Party update that broke many of the game’s textures? Now we have an even worse example, as the Farm Frenzy 2 version 1.2 update has actually erased multiple people’s saves!

The actual intended purpose of the patch is something of a mystery, as the previous version 1.1 update fixed Farm Frenzy 2’s broken Achievement. This one might’ve been a bug fix release… That inadvertently introduced a scary new bug. Other than that, Farm Frenzy 2 is a pretty good time management/strategy title – see our review.

If you still play Farm Frenzy 2, the best thing to do for now is not to install the update. Nobody’s forcing you! In all likelihood, the patch will quickly get pulled and rereleased down the line. We’ve reached out to developer Alawar Entertainment for comment and will let you know when they respond.

Thanks to slysy for the tip!

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  • Yup! I lost my save files on this update and now went back to level 1.
  • Lesson i learned: wait for app updates review before actually updating your files. :(:(
  • crap I updated, I wonder if I refrain from playing the game and wait for the next update I can save the data.
  • If you have recently updated your phone you could always try a restore in Zune? I did that when my Bejeweled game messed up when I was trying to get the Millionaire achievement.
    Basically for some reason I got really far and the game just stopped loading (ie crashed when I clicked the icon) it also stopped me from accessing the people hub (in the same way, I think XBL might have some connection to the people hub some how, as the OS is sandboxed it would only effect things connected) this was the main reason why I restored, did loose some SMS but it was only a months worth in my situation...might be something to consider though =)
    Edit: I do have that achievemnt now and I'll never want to play Bejeweled again it took me like 5 months and that set back was rather annoying but was better than starting again lol.