Arrive update may take a couple days to arrive

Eager of the news that Sprint would be rolling out Mango for the HTC Arrive today, the first thing I did was plug in my phone and bring up Zune.  Much to my dismay, both Zune and my Arrive reported that I was fully updated at version 7.0. 

I decided to ping Sprint on this by logging a chat session with them and was told that though the update starts getting pushed out today it may take 2-3 days before I actually get the notification.  The reason is that this is a system-generated update that gets pushed out in waves over a period of time.  So if you, like me, are feeling antsy because you can't update your Arrive, just be patient. 

I know, I know, I want it now too.

  • Great. Just what I was hoping to hear
  • Looks like I'm heading back to RTM....Been down this road before with Android...
  • you need to calm down. this is nothing like Android and u probably aren't getting the notification because ur on a leaked RTM build, u need to be on a dev build (7661 or 7712).
  • Like I said in the forums, abused spouse syndrome. I'd use the acronym for that, too, but I'm pretty sure I'd get censored.
  • Thanks for the update. I rolled my phone back from the RTM, and running my Phone without Mango is painful, but hopefully it wont take long.
  • Did you use the mangoforall to roll back?
  • Really annoys me that we can't update when we want and they stagger the updates out.
  • It's so if there are any problems, the entirety of their subscribers aren't effected.Be patient.
  • Arent people aware that updates normally appear after 9am Seattle time? Just because its AM/PM where you are doesnt mean the update will appear. The update hasnt gone out to anyone anywhere yet so lets wait a bit more and see what happens.
  • A few of us have been discussing in the Sprint Community and a Sprint employee came on and said 1PM CST today the rollout would be beginning. Granted, I don't put much stock in reported times like that until I see the update myself, but alas. :-)
  • Do y'all ever call Sprint support via their general 888 number? Where half the time you get connected to somebody halfway around the world, in like Bangladesh, or India, or the Philippines, etc. etc.... and more than likely they are probably answering your questions via very, very general answers that are probably popping up on their computer monitor in front of them, telling them what to read aloud for an answer to you, and really nothing more? For all I know, I could take what I see in this article the same way. This just might be an anybody representing Sprint customer service, who doesn't know anything at all, but needs to say something to satisfy our customer inquiries.Or, maybe I'm wrong....
  • this is the link at sprint.
  • 1pm central standard time. Plus WP central will start reporting when the first Mangos start arriving. in the words of Quentin T through Samuel L Jackson "be cool ****
  • Don't put too much faith in a chat representative. I chatted with one yesterday and they told me that they didn't even know about the update and couldn't tell me when it would be out.As luimende posted, Sprint has stated that the update will arrive today at 1pm EST
  • 1pm CST now.