Ask Microsoft anything about Feedback Hub today on Reddit

If you happen to have any burning questions about the Feedback Hub included with Windows 10, now's your chance to have them answered. Microsoft will be holding a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session later today, where software engineer Devin Sinha will be fielding questions.

According to Sinha's Reddit post, the AMA session will kick off at 1:30 p.m. PT / 4:30 p.m. ET (check here for your local time). As is usual for AMA sessions, there are likely to be a wide number of questions covering all aspects of the topic at hand, Feedback Hub.

Sinha didn't state how long he'll be sticking around, so you'll want to try to get your question in early for the best shot at getting it answered. Keep in mind that the AMA will take place in a new post on the Windows 10 Reddit that will be created once the AMA kicks off.

In the meantime, chime in and let us know what you're planning to ask in the comments.

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  • Why is the Bug Bash for Mobile so much boring now?
  • Cshell update date.
  • what has that to do with Feedback Hub?
  • Cshell, Cshell, Cshell, etc
  • Is mobile feedback even being considered for anything anymore? I guess to specify, W10M feedback, not the apps.
  • Why do we need a AMA for the feedback hub? Waste of time. They should be focusing on more important things right now.
  • Come on now. Microsoft isn't a one man team, they have different teams for different things. Plus improving feedback hub may be a more effective way to improve Microsoft products in general, who knows.
  • They should give Joe Belfiore to answer the AMA questions as he is absolutely useless to the Windows team.
  • Well they don't seem to have a team addressing mobile issues on feedback. Not sure they have ever had such. So perhaps they have less teams than you think? That's what happens when you have to keep slashing staff after each failure.
  • Yes not all issues are addressed, whether we are talking about windows 10 desktop or Windows 10 mobile (not arguing against you there) AND mobile is obviously in a limbo state right now. Regardless of how many teams there actually are, my point is that you wouldn't talk to Panos about changing the office 365 subscription as that's not what he works on. I'm not against people complaining or giving feedback, just when you're doing it towards the wrong people. 
  • Giater's original post didn't mention any names. I think the Joe thing was a joke (well, he is really...). If MS are putting people forward for this Reddit thing who can't answer questions about why mobile feedback has been almost completely ignored... well that would be a bit of a rooster-up wouldn't it?
  • You can ask anything but they don't have to answer :)
  • Basically. My question went unanswered.
  • Is there even a reddet app?
  • *Reddit. And yes, there are many
  • Two questions that I hope they address, since I'm not on Reddit to ask: 1) Could we get notified in some way when there's an official response to our feedback? 2) Will they finally respond to all the feedback about how the Creators Update broke Maps traffic for some users (like me) each and every time on each and every device? They have been totally silent, not even acknowledging the problem exists.
  • I can't speak to maps, but ask about notifications in the ama and I'll try to respond to that one!
  • WhyTF aren't microsoft devs fixing bugs like File Explorers libraries in windows? Bugs and problems shouldn't require voting before they're addressed:
  • For some reason I can't open Feedback Hub on PC anymore. It always asks to check my connection. It works fine on mobile. Why is this? That would be my question.