Ask Mojang #12 talks about fish slaps, creepers' fear of cats, and more

They're helping me farm
They're helping me farm (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft is a long-running and incredibly popular open world survival game.
  • The team at Mojang Studios regularly answer questions from the community in their "Ask Mojang" YouTube series.
  • The latest series answers questions about mobs, Super Smash Bros., Steve and Alex's relationship, and more.
  • You can watch the latest episode, Ask Mojang #12, right now on YouTube.

Ask Mojang is a YouTube series that sees members of Minecraft's massive community ask various members of the Mojang Studios teams questions about Minecraft. The questions can range from anything, like serious questions about the development of Minecraft, or even abstract lore about mobs, characters, and more. The latest episode of Ask Mojang is now up on YouTube, and episode 12 is dubbed "Fish Slaps." You can check out the video on YouTube, or watch it below.

This episode of Ask Mojang answers questions about the recent mob vote at Minecraft Live, how the team felt about Steve and Alex joining Smash Bros. Ultimate, whether or not Steve and Alex are dating (we needed to know, i guess), and more. Ask Mojang is rarely used to divulge new game information, announcements, or anything else too terribly exciting, but it's still a great way for Minecraft fans to spend a few minutes to engage with the Mojang Studios team, and to have their questions potentially answered.

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