We're back for another new episode of #AskDanWindows. This week I answer questions about the Creators Update, what happens to Xbox One after Scorpio, and my thoughts on Android emulation!

Let's get to this week's big questions!

  • If Surface Pro 5 came out. Will Surface 3 still worth it? - @ToonWk

  • What's next after Windows 10 Creators Update? @leothelion96

  • When Scorpio launches, what will happen to Xbox One and Xbox One S? @matt1124

  • I'm ready to flip the switch on a premium Windows Phone. There seems to only be 2 choices at this time and it's the X3 or 4S. Which do you recommend? Don Combs

  • Thoughts on Android emulation on windows 10 cloud/windows 10 on ARM for cellular pcs ("surface phone") - Ajfla F.

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