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#AskDanWindows Episode 2 - Will Microsoft continue to make Lumias?

It is Friday evening so time for another round of #AskDanWindows! If you recall, we started a new web series last week where you ask me a question, and I do my best to answer them. As it turns out, you really liked the format, so we'll continue with these weekly (and thanks for all the positive feedback).

Normally, we want to keep these to around five to seven minutes. However, there was obviously a lot of news this week so many questions we asked. As a result, this one runs a bit longer than usual, so hopefully you will not zone out too much.

What's on the agenda? Glad you asked.

#AskDanWindows Episode 2

  • MS seem to be continually updating the band. Any news on version 2 and/or hitting more markets? - @doktorgphd
  • Do you believe Hololens (and similar hardware) are the next hardware revolution after smartphones- @mohamedabadila
  • If (God forbid) Windows Phone/Mobile doesn't make it, what platform would you rather switch to? - @LTTGO
  • I've heard the new flagship phones have metal casing. Will that affect Qi, or is the metal casing worth the trade off? - @benstoic
  • How Likely are we to see an Intel Powered Windows Mobile Phone from MS? - @Kmoody2003
  • With this week's announcement of layoffs. Will Microsoft continue to make Nokia Lumia's? Seems like everything is in limbo. - @lonnieanderson
  • Do you really think that the recent strategic planning will help Windows Phone to grab more share -@ArghyaKarforma
  • In a nutshell, what is the motivation for mobile-focused devs / companies to build universal apps? - @onedigeratti
  • Do you think lowering the number of devices will convince OEMs to make more Windows phones. - @MarvelBoyRed

Have a question for me? Ask it on Twitter using the hashtag #AskDanWindows and maybe we'll pick yours for our next episode!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • I sure hope there will be another device like the 1520....the size and everything....maybe a little more horsepower, but I'm thoroughly disappointed in everything that has come out since. Until something completely awesome comes out my 1520 will always be my favorite. So what's up????
  • I am a 1520 user and although I love the size...I think 5.7 inches isn't much of a downgrade and all the other specs would be an upgrade. So I'm not that disappointed
  • What are you running now?
  • Agreed.
  • I like my 1520 too, but 5.7" would be just a touch more manageable, especially in pants pockets.
  • 5.7 inches would be a touch more manageable in your pants eh? ;)
  • I loved my 1520, but I am really impressed by my new dual sim 640 XL. quite the surprise and will definitely hold me over for a long time to come.
  • American needs to support Microsoft more.
  • I mean, there's a confirmed 5.7" device coming, and it's going to carry the SD 810, a more-powerful chip than the 800 inside the 1520. We're probably still 4 motnhs from that release, but it's coming (though possibly not in the U.S.).
  • Not in the US? Have you heard who's in charge of the phone division after Elop was let go and what he was in favor of building. In case you don't know, it's Terry Myerson and he was in favor of building a surface phone, so I believe the next wave of phones after talkman/cityman even if they are called Lumia will be surface phones pretending to be Lumia's.
  • Yeah, because after sitting on my 920 for 3 years because McLaren was canceled and the 930 never came to AT&T, the idea that Microsoft MIGHT make something in 2016 sounds so freaking exciting. Nothing like signing up for 2 years on the hopes that a phone might show up in 4, haha. I'll probably have to settle for a half-hearted Talkman with the 808, unless we're pleasantly surprised with Cityman, though WC has made it sound liek that's not happening in this country.
  • Halfhearted? How? You know they have the exact Same specs right? Except the display size of course. And the Snapdragon 808 will perform better than the 810 if the issues didn't get resolved.
  • Really, have we seen 808 chips benchmarked to prove to outperform the 810? I haven't seen that. You say they have the same specs, except that they don't. Cityman has a bigger display (which is preference), but that means less than the bigger battery. It's got the superior SoC, in which you get double the high-end cores, and you get them at a higher clock.. You get a stronger GPU. you get LPDDR4 in the 810, while the 808 has the olde, slower LPDDR3. The maximum bandwidth between the two is QUITE significant (25.6 GBps on the 810 vs. 14.9 GBps on the 808). Then, throw in that those improvements on the 810, the faster clocks, are in the hot chips. The revision is supposed to cool it down and potentially allow it to run slightly faster. In what universe does having fewer cores, those identical caores run more slowly, and making every other core component a slower and/or older iteration of the tech to EVER make the older, lesser chip perform better? Unless you think that Qualcomm somehow managed to make the 810 no better in 6 months, I don't see any point you're making here worth serious discussion.
  • Doesn't the LG G4 use the 808? Seems to run very nicely on that.
  • You sir are my hero!
  • And ram is different
  • I have heard from a reliable source that the cityman may not come to US, ATT only if at all. But talkman will be on all four major US carriers.
  • Even after so many months, in fact years, and having read so many posts, I still don't get it. Why are Americans so obsessed with 2-year contracts? Why can't you just buy an unlocked phone and chose an operator? Based on my rough calculations (could very well be wrong as I am not an American), it would turn out to be much cheaper, plus you have the flexibility of not just the phone but also of the operator, in case you want to switch.
  • There are four major carriers in the US.  Two don't use GSM for voice, so that leaves two to use an unlocked phone on.  The two GSM carriers use different frequencies for their LTE service, so you will possibly only have high-speed data on one carrier, depending on which LTE bands the unlocked phone comes with. This is part of the reason why you don't see people in the US bouncing from carrier to carrier.  There are several other reasons.  Two-year service contracts with device subsidies still exist and tie people down for two years; many customers don't mind this due to what I said in the first paragraph.  Even if you don't have two-year service contracts, two-year financing contracts have taken their place and have the same stickiness effect.  There are also differences in coverage from the four networks.  Once people find a carrier that covers them where they live, work and play, they are not likely to change to a different one due to real or percevied potential coverage issues with another carrier.
  • Microsoft has DESTROYED Nokia. However it is pretty clear that SURFACE can never beat LUMIA in terms of HARDWARE quality and OPTIMIZATION.
  • Hah, whatever helps you sleep at night. You used fully capitalized words, so I guess there's no argument. We'll ignore that Lumia devices were mostly build on lesser or near-replacement chips, almost every time. No Lumia's launched with new, high-end chips, it's either budget stuff or stuff 6 months-old or more. Meanwhile, the Surface devices use tech the competition typically doesn't in its hybrids, it offers up flexbility the competition often doesn't, and it uses build materials every bit as good as nay plastic Lumia, if not better. I suppose you could actually back your statement up with facts based on quality, but I'm guessing that's not your style. Feel free to stick to sensationalized, unfounded claims that don't bother to address things logically.
  • Actually it wasn't Nokia's fault. Remember how the L1020 forced to use the aging Snapdragon S4 because WP hadn't support quad cores processor at the moment? Microsoft was too slow at adding features and still is. I love WP but it feels like a half-baked OS even after 5 years.
  • Compared to what? I reckon it has felt more complete than either iOS or Android since I started using it in 2010. Back then before I decided which phone to buy I spent half-an-hour in a shop, trying an HTC Mozart against an iPhone 4 and the out-of-the-box experience of the mOzart was way ahead of the iPhone. The iPhone clearly needed 3rd party apps to be properly usable, where the Mozart had everything most people woudl need built in. It's easy to list missing features, like copy/paste, but the reality is that since they put it in, I doubt I have used it more than a dozen times. That's two or three times a year so it's hardly of any consequence. What matters is the day-to-day experience and I have never had any cause for complaint with my Windows phones.
  • As far as I can see a good deal of WP users stick only with the out-of-box apps. I'm glad they are content with those but having a smartphone means a wide assortment of apps at hand. The amount and quality of WP apps can't compete with those of ios and android (with rare exceptions). The system itself lacks polish. For instance once I wanted to see the details of a system update but I missed the button and hit the v update one. And there I was unable to cancel that. They could add the cancel button or at least ask for a confirmation before the downloading. WP has a number of these small things which make people feel it is half-baked.
  • "having a smartphone means a wide assortment of apps at hand". Maybe to you but I don't know anyone who thinks that at all. Most people I know think of a smartphone as a communications device. As long as they can see their Facebook feed and make/receive calls, SMS and email, they aren't at all interested in apps. Cameras in smartphones matter more to people i know than apps. In fact, amonst my friedns, colleagues and neighbours I am considered teh "app guy" and I've always used a Windows phone. Windows Phone has exclusive apps that are better than anything available on any other platform. If you can't find a dozen gret apps from 150,000, it's becaus eyou aren't looking. If you press the wrong button, that's not anyone's fault but yours. Anyway, updates are an issue that comes up once or twice a year, at most, hardly a useful example of anything. Every OS, every application, has its quirks. The number would need to be in the hundreds before it made Windows Phone any worse than iOS or Android.
  • What you are talking about is called a feature phone. The first Nokia communicators were denied to be called smartphones before being able to install third party apps. A smartphone is a small computer which can also make calls. Old simple phones were able to check social networks, news and stuff. They lacked big touchscreens of course. Actually I agree that there are some very good apps, much better than their counterparts on other os's but they are quite few. Where as major apps lack functionality. Yeah, hitting a wrong button is mistake but not implementing the functions I have mentioned is a mistake of Microsoft's. Those are very basic things that just have to be there.
  • A feature phone has a locked set of features. Windows Phone is not a feature phone. Just please stop.
  • That sounds exactly like Windows Phone (and iOS) when compared to Android. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • @ bleached - Really? Because I had an Android powered Walkman and I didn't find Google Play any better than the Windows Phone Store when it came to getting apps. I didn't liek Sony' player so I went looking for a better one and I actually foudn there were fewer good ones on Google Play than on Windows Store. N7 Player was easily the best on offer, yet it is only one of a few really good playeers available for Windows Phone. It's just a single example but as a random sample I find it quite telling.
  • I never had a feature phone that gave me any kind of weather report, let alone the comprehensive forecast details I get from my smartphone. I never had a feature phone with email or maps/navigation or public transport information, all of which has come preinstalled on every smartphone I've owned. I will agree with you, however, that it is the networks that have made phones smart, not the devices themselves. Without 3G connectivity, smartphone woudln't be able to do any of the things that make them smart. However, the defining characteristic of a smartphone isn't connectivity or apps, it is the form factor. Smartphones have large touchscreens, feature phones do not.   The mistake you want to harp on is the same in Windows - once you start an upgrade process you cannot back out of it or cancel it. Does tha tmake Windows feel "half-baked"? Of course it doesn't. Right now you ar ejust digging yourself a deeper hole. Time to move on.
  • Actually Nokia had a long history of using underpowered chips and skimping on the RAM all the way back to the Symbian days. 
  • Nokia destroyed Nokia. You haven't even seen the Surface phones.
  • I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments about the Lumia 1520. Unless Microsoft releases a true 1520 successor flagship, I'm keeping my 1520 & will just download the Windows 10 update. It's difficult to believe that there is currently NO reliable evidence that Microsoft intends to release successors to their beloved Lumia 1020 & 1520 devices. This is unbelievable. And if Microsoft fails to release the forthcoming 940 XL (Cityman) in the United States, I may jump ship to a different platform for my daily driver. Maybe the Note 5 or the Huawei Nexus 7.
  • Lol good luck on Android.
  • The 940 XL is gonna be the successor to L1520.
  • Gg
  • Ditto for my 920. M$ seems awfully willing to kill off Lumia. Win10 is near now. That'll be the last wait and see point for me.
  • Same for me and my Lumia 920...
  • The Lumia 1520 is one of the best phones I owned (along with the Galaxy Note2). It would be great to see a worthy successor for it. Just picked up a Lumia 535 for my son, which is also a great phone for it's price. Windows phone are the future! (I hope)
  • The way I see it, Microsoft is going to release one phone for each of the 3 categories Nadella said he wanted to focus on. One for businesses, one for pundits, and one for people on a budget. They'll make a 4.5 to 5 inch variant, and a 5.7 to 6 inch variant of the same phone. So technically two phones per segment, totaling up to 6 phone releases per year all targeted to different audiences without flooding the market with the same low end crap all the time. In turn this gives much more room for OEMs to make phones running Windows. This is what Microsoft needs to do if they want a shot at succeeding from here on in mobile.
  • A windows 10 phone with an intel cpu would be epic, as long as the battery life is reasonable. How long is the battery life on current intel phones?
  • better than snapdragon 810 battery life, not as good as snapdroid 801/805 battery life. so, good, but certainly not great  
  • Do we have one to compare to? Not that I know of. However, the Atom chips in many smaller tablets/hybrids usually get about 8-10 hours of battery life. I'd expect that if we got anything, it woudl be like Intel's Compute Stick, but in a phone, maybe with more RAM.
  • As long as they arnt using TIM
  • Hasn't been used since the 3xxx series CPUs. 
  • The Asus ZenPhone 2 has an Intel Mobile Processor and it matched or beat the Qualcomm stuff in a number of benchmarks. Intel, just like Microsoft, is late to the mobile party but now that they're in, it's getting serious. Qualcomm better get moving in their next line of processors because Intel doesn't play around.
  • ZenFone 2 Benchmarks are here:
  • All I want,to said I hope,Microsoft never gives up the WP, I mean I personally live the UI and all the things you can do and also there so much control not,like android so,much fake apps with lots of ads and virus to. It would,be a shame if Microsoft kills WP.
  • They are not going to kill Windows 10 mobile. It's part of Windows 10 which will run on any screen size. Unless Windows 10 dies.
  • Here is how MS devices going to be in future. Surface Hub, Surface Pro, Surface, and introducing with Windows 10 Mobile, Surface Phones with 3 tiers, flagship,mid, low. Each tier will have two differences phone screen size, and the flagship phone only will come with continuum.
  • Of course they will. The Verge's cast of click-baiting weasel word Apple junkies will pour as much bs in the grapevine as they can to get people talking about "Microsoft giving up on Windows Phone"... but Windows Phone is growing in both presence, library and it's about to close some very big gaps with Windows 10. Problem is, the sensationalists whisper successes and shout failures... hence why WP losing two bank apps was *the final nail in the coffin* yet an addition of twelve new bank apps was hardly recognized.
  • This^
    'whisper success and shout failures'
    Couldn't have said it better!
  • What banks added apps if you dont mind, I had not heard...  
  • Well in Canada we have td, rbc, ally, tangerine & will soon have suretap(rogers bank)
  • Both of the banks that we're removed said their coming bsck with win 10
  • Have you heard any word on a CIBC app? I need them to come on board
  • MS is hardly whispering the mobile bad news,  Before Windows 10 mobile even hits the market they write down billions related to the Nokia purchase, lay off thousands of employees mostly associated with mobile and instead of just saying they are committed to continuing Lumias they say they will continue making phones for 2 years.  IMO after this weeks announcement no major developer will want to touch Windows 10 mobile, because thanks to MS Windows 10 mobile sounds DOA. 
  • They didn't say how long they will continue making phones(hint:it's definitely not going to be just 2 years) They said they are committed to it. Did you even watch the video?
  • Yeah, it was a Bloomberg rumor that said they would make them for at least two years if not more. Of course it will make sense for MS to re-evaluate their strategy after two years but the two years don't mean that's going to be the end of line definitely.
  • You so realize making phones and OS are very different things? Even IF MS decides to discontinue making phones (which they haven't)
  • All Nadella is trying to do is correct all of Ballmer's screw ups with windows phone and start it out on a new path. Nowhere has he said that he is going to give up on phones. He is saying that he expects Microsoft to make it's own phones for approximately 2 years to see if other OEMs will get on board and make phones for windows. If they do, then there would be no sense for Microsoft to keep producing its own hardware if other OEMs are already doing so. If they don't, then odds are they'll keep creating phones, but at a much smaller scale like they plan to. How is that so hard to understand? I swear most nerds and tech writers will find any small excuse to make it sound like "Microsoft is giving up" or "putting the final nail in the coffin." I've heard that stupid headline so many times about windows phone in the past, but yet here it still hangs on. I'll never consider windows phone/windows 10 mobile "dead" until the day I hear it come from a Microsoft employee's mouth, not from some TechCrunch hipster sipping on his coffee typing away on his MacBook. You never hear anything like this about Amazon Fire Phone, so what does that tell you about biases? Lol.
  • "Problem is, the sensationalists whisper successes and shout failures..."  That's a pretty well worded view. I like it, may borrow it. And I agree wholeheartedly.  
  • Very good answers and I have to agree with everything. A great series!
  • But seriously who is Dan and why should I care what he thinks?
  • Well, if you are here on this site you are interested in Windows and Windows Phone news. Since I'm the editor in chief and have been doing this since 2007, I tend to know a lot about what's going on with Microsoft, including some details not yet public. Should you care about any of that? I dunno. It's your life, your time.
  • Boom! :P
  • Oooh, that burns.
  • Lmao....Preach!! :)
  • Oh, and DR?....please don't let WP die! I would rather go back to a Razr or Startac than be forced into Roid or Crapple :|
  • Razr!!!lol
  • All hail Daniel Rubino!
  • Headshot!
  • Dan sir I'm happy as well afraid if one-day will windowsphone get gone..there are many fan boys of Lumia still supporting windows till now ain't saying its going to happen but pls look to it and make windows a more worthy rival and beat lag droid and get market share because windows main decline is in apps ..if the app gap gets filled with the windows 10 ..then its a golden age of windows...
  • Dan knows his shit. Believe me because I know Microsoft, Windows, and Windows Phone. I'm a nobody though. Not like Dan. Dan's the man! Who's with me?
  • +940XL ;)
  • Christopher Lindsay is watching Wimbledon and asking Federer " who the hell are you..! " :D
  • This^
    So this!!
  • He's the boss. That's who. And he's done a tremendous job with this site.
  • This dude has made over 500 forum posts, and is asking who Daniel Rubino is. Troll much?
  • He's the guy that knows what's up.
  • Well done, love the retort
  • Its weird, and a bit sad, that you feel better about the Microsoft mobile strategy and future when Daniel speaks than Nadella. 
  • Now if he could be Microsoft's ceo. Although I feel like a bunch of stuff would be leaked from... Well, who knows....haha
  • Maybe because Nadella isn't sugar coating it?! Not that Microsoft doesn't need to keep users, but Daniel doesn't want people switching platforms as it will mean a decrease in users for his site. He is directly invested in keeping people interested in Windows. Microsoft can just release their services on other platforms. I guess Daniel could start working for Android Central, but it sounds like he would not prefer that route! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Is that Sneaky Pete on your shirt, Dan?
  • If you want to know Microsoft's long term plans for mobile, don't ask Dan, just look at Maps.  Mapping, GPS, driving directions, et al, are synonymous with mobile use. Discreet navigational devices all but disappeared during the rise of the smartphone. You can't have a smartphone platform without navigation. And what did they just do with Bing maps? And more importantly, what didn't they do when Here was put on the block? Microsoft getting out of the mapping business is prehaps the clearest evidence yet as to Nedela's mobile intentions.
  • I disagree. As a satnav, HERE is getting better reviews than Google on other platforms. It's a service. Microsoft don't have to own all services. So long as it's on Windows Phone, and well integrated, then what's the problem?
    Location and mapping need to be integral to the mobile (and increasingly the desktop) OS. With Windows they are, through Bing and Cortana. Do they need to specialize at owning and maintaining the map and places data? No! Indeed it looks like they will be buying that in to improve the quality.
    Give them some credit.
  • If Nokia sells it, who is to say the buyer will continue to produce a Windows app? Who is to say Nokia will continue to produce a Windowsapp? As for Bing, it gets most of it's data from Here, which could get shut down, and part of what they don't get from here, they just sold of to Uber. The fact that they do not own it leaves them open to unexpected changes in market conditions. If you were planning to be in this market long term, you would never expose yourself to such a vunerabilty. The fact, FACT!!, that they have, says all you need to know about the future of mobile under Nedela.
  • Here will not be shut down, regardless of who buys it. (Maybe maybe if apple buys it because they're bat shit insane). Here makes >90% of its money from selling their map data, not from their website or apps.  In my not so educated thought Here will be purchased by an automotive company if it actually gets sold. They _NEED_ here maps to get self-driving cars. Google will never license their map data and even then, it's of lower quality than here maps' baseline anyway. Now, you're looking at Uber possibly buying it or a conglomerate of automotive producers. Both will continue selling the mapping data to anyone willing to pay for it.
  • The original windows phone 7 had a very smooth integration with satnav-type features with full-on voice-assisted, turn-by-turn directions. Problem is, in future updates, they gave at&t the exclusive, rights for voice assisted turn by turn directions via a very expensive monthly fee and the castrated their own turn by turn voice guidance integration. It still worked for a while, but would no longer prompt you for turns. You had to keep tapping your screen to check the next prompt. Then in another future release, the Bing maps integration died completely. Never to return until they bought Nokia and integrated with here. The difference between Nokia and MSFT is that Nokia wanted to be as good as Apple with regard to user experience and they went through great lengths on quality control and customer support. It was their core business. MSFT clearly has better things to worry about and doesn't care so much about quality. Look at the last Denim update which didn't do anything useful my 1520 except make the navigation keys stay on full bright so they don't dim when the display dims and the screen lock now takes 15-20 seconds when I need it to rotate. Nokia would have never settled for that. MSFT doesn't give a crap.
  • This seems nice, i have some stupid meager questions to ask Dan. Will hit you up!
  • #AskDanWindows Episodes are really awesome.. Nice way to be in contact with WC users and sharing new thoughts... 5/5 for the idea.. Well appreciater :) .. Keep'em coming
  • Elop failed because he rested on Lumia laurels and tried to do the small evolutions that have become standard for Apple and Android. He under delivered and took forever getting to market (following the antiquated 2-year flagship model). MS needs to take risks and produce outside the box ideas on a regular yearly schedule. The Surface drug at first but evolved into a real force through its willingness to innovate every generation.
  • Why do you blame Elop? Elop was taking his marching orders from Nedela. Go back and look at him on stage rolling out the 640 and 640xl. You will see a man who is clearly not happy. These were not the phones he wanted out there, these were the phone he was allowed to put out there. This was a man who had wanted to show off a McLaren, but was only left with a toy.  The decisions to go "for the next billion" and crank out a ton of crap phones? Nedelas. The decision to cancel McLaren and "wait" for Windows 10, and the write off the whole thing literally days before the release of 10? Nedelas. Nedela never wanted this stuff, but as a condition of taking the job he had to promise the board to try and make it work. Apparently, he had his fingers crossed behind his back. Think Game of Thrones with Phones.
  • I don't agree with any of it :)
  • You all all sound like a bunch of Media Center fans circa 2011. Microsoft was using the same sort of doubly speak then with the future of MCE, but their actions were very clear, especially as the ehome team was all but terminated. People hooted and hollered, and (under Balmer) Microsoft granted a brief reprieve with the add on MC Pack, but they made it hard as hell by requiring 8 Pro as base for install, and charging for it. Under Nedela, its literally "frak you" and it's going to be unistalled. Would they uninstall your copy of iTunes? Would they uninstall your copy of Photoshop? But your copy of MCE? Oh yeah! BTW, I was a Media Center fan, and a Zune fan. Hell, I even had a Home Server! No more. Microsoft sucks, they just suck alot more under Nedela. Your Phone is as dead as MCE, Zune and Home Server. The sooner you move on, the better. Almost forgot about my XBox RROD edition. It's gonna be One and dOne for that group, too. Or didn't you notice the selloff of the game unit.  
  • Really dude! Al off the Lumia you've seen this far were already planned before the d&s purchase. Cityman/talkman might be the only one created under Microsoft, but remember that former Nokia employees designed them as well, so I don't expect too much different than the existing poly carbonate bodies Nokia loved. Heck if Samsung started using more metal in their phones then Microsoft better get on the mall ball because the next crying point in this forum will be,"why didn't they use metal"!.... Just an FYI, the next units will be plastic(Nokia's trade mark)..... I'm so glad Microsoft is shedding the Nokia skin. Satya is making the right decision to reduce the Lumia phone farm.
  • "Really dude! [All of] the Lumia you've seen this far were already planned before the d&s purchase. Cityman/talkman might be the only one created under Microsoft..." How do know this? Where is your source? This just the current meme. Microsoft has been more or less directing the handset division since 2011, and the SD200 and SD400 were barely being sampled when Microsoft and Nokia announced the merger in 2013. All of these phones have Microsoft imprint on them. It's been a year and a half since Nedela was anointed. He was on the board long before that. About the only thing he's done is kill McLaren and other such devices, and let the division flounder in an expanding sea of mediocre crap.
  • Wasn't the rumor that MS took the planned Android models and slapped WP on them, which is why we have so many low ends.
  • Enough said! Thanks for saving me the trouble of having to reply to frankinbeverly!
  • Dude, you are trippin hard. If this is your humble opinion it's ok though everyone has one but I don't know, man... assuming Nadella is a bad mofo can also be a new thing among our kind lately. It's an odd situation, everyone is getting mad: common people, media and so on, anouncing once again a deadline for Windows. But I am rather optimistic with 10, 10 is love, 10 is life... think about it: lifetime update, yearly update, monthly update like Xbox One model and last but not least Microsoft has become a cloud leader which is good for them
  • Keep avoiding the facts... Microsoft has been coasting, mostly downhill, ever since the DoJ clipped their wings. Every consumer product they have put out has failed, and their services are all a bunch of also rans. Nedelas plan seems to be to retreat into software, but their last crown jewel, Office, is being seriously eroded by free software. And as for developer tools, well, who is developing for the Windows platform these days? Games, mostly, and Steam could very well succeed in taking that to linux, at least the parts that don't go to iOS, android and PlayStation. A hardware free Microsoft will be a very boring place. Enjoy the view from beneath the sand.
  • The Surface Pro 3 didn't fail, it's making them money. It's sales numbers a weak compared to iPad and Galaxy Tab's though. 
  • It's a marginal money maker for a company like Microsoft, but it is a step in the right direction as far as halo products go. But even at that, Microsoft barely advertises it. It's mostly the usual suspects buying it. Microsoft has never been big on marketing. I've seen more Surface and Surface 2s in the wild then Pro 3s.
  • So you don't think there are too many Lumia's out there currently causing confusion and even update fragmentation? I deal with client users who approach me all the time stating that there confused asking what the difference between all the Lumia's. Again if Samsung changed the materials they use
  • Game of Phones.....
  • yeah... every product you like gets killed of before its time...
  • You're not wrong for your first 2 paragraphs. Then you say the board wanted him to make it work... Probably the other way around. The board wanted to see some cash or a promise of cash and that meant getting user numbers up. You get users by flooding the market with cheap phones and that has worked. There are probably 100 mil winphone users now. If you have 10x that you're worth 17 billion USD (see whatsapp). Now Nadella had to make a write off on the Nokia acquisition, that's not a choice he makes, that's required by law if you lose money every year on a purchase.  Firing all those people though, and hoping OEMs pick up the slack. That's Nadella's choice, and In MY opinion a bad one, but could also be a good one.
  • Elop should have stayed as Nokias CEO and not go with lose making unit to Microsoft. I can't understand why did he go in a first place and I can't recall any other similar cases where the CEO goes with the unit to the buyer. Nokia other business (Nokia Networks, HERE and Nokia Technologies) are much bigger than the sold devices unit and all are profitable vs. lose making devices unit that is now owned by Microsoft. Not smart move bu Elop and his management team. They should have stayed in Nokia or was that part of the deal and also part of the reason why Microsoft had to pay so much for lose making business.
  • Good ep Dan... Man, you should breathe sometimes.
    I agree with consolidating phone models to a handful. MS isn't in a position that Samsung is and needs to concentrate their efforts. A good in-between from Samsung and Apple. And as you point out Dan SS isn't doing too good on the bottom line with their 'flood' methodology.
  • Dan, is Microsoft doing anything about the T-Mobile Lumia 640. Restarting problem. The Stop restart app say the phone idol, and there are no updates available.
  • I forgot, what does the new hardware have that allows for continuum that a 1520 doesn't have