#AskDanWindows Episode 2 - Will Microsoft continue to make Lumias?

It is Friday evening so time for another round of #AskDanWindows! If you recall, we started a new web series last week where you ask me a question, and I do my best to answer them. As it turns out, you really liked the format, so we'll continue with these weekly (and thanks for all the positive feedback).

Normally, we want to keep these to around five to seven minutes. However, there was obviously a lot of news this week so many questions we asked. As a result, this one runs a bit longer than usual, so hopefully you will not zone out too much.

What's on the agenda? Glad you asked.

#AskDanWindows Episode 2

  • MS seem to be continually updating the band. Any news on version 2 and/or hitting more markets? - @doktorgphd
  • Do you believe Hololens (and similar hardware) are the next hardware revolution after smartphones- @mohamedabadila
  • If (God forbid) Windows Phone/Mobile doesn't make it, what platform would you rather switch to? - @LTTGO
  • I've heard the new flagship phones have metal casing. Will that affect Qi, or is the metal casing worth the trade off? - @benstoic
  • How Likely are we to see an Intel Powered Windows Mobile Phone from MS? - @Kmoody2003
  • With this week's announcement of layoffs. Will Microsoft continue to make Nokia Lumia's? Seems like everything is in limbo. - @lonnieanderson
  • Do you really think that the recent strategic planning will help Windows Phone to grab more share -@ArghyaKarforma
  • In a nutshell, what is the motivation for mobile-focused devs / companies to build universal apps? - @onedigeratti
  • Do you think lowering the number of devices will convince OEMs to make more Windows phones. - @MarvelBoyRed

Have a question for me? Ask it on Twitter using the hashtag #AskDanWindows and maybe we'll pick yours for our next episode!

Daniel Rubino

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