Asus m536 aka "Treo Killer" Hands On

Tam Hana got one-on-one time with the Asus m536 (as well as every other Asus device, see our earlier post) and shows off some of the unique features e.g. the bizaro "5 way" control, which is certainly...err...unique (check out the vid below).

In fairness, for the wonky controller you are also granted a very cool fingerprint reader, a security feature that is finally starting to make its way onto mobile devices like this one, allowing you to feel very Jason Bourne-esque before you go and stream some Youtube.

And check out those "ok", "email" and "start menu" flush (touch sensitive?) buttons in the black....


  • WM 6.1
  • 2.4" 320x320 screen
  • 256mb flash
  • GPS
  • tri-band GSM (boo)

What's with the wasted screen space above? Gah. Unfortunately we won't see this one in the U.S. anytime soon but hopefully Asus will break into the market State side sooner than later (an issue disccused here in our forums).

Click the link below to see the super quick video of the odd 5-way in action!

WC Staff