We actually first saw the ASUS Zen AiO out in Taipei at Computex 2015, but back then it was a "look, but don't touch" scenario. Fast forward to IFA and we get to see it all over again. Only this time it's more than just a box with a screensaver on it, this time you can play with it.

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So here's a second, closer look at ASUS' high-end all-in-one with Windows 10.

Some of the highlighted specs include:

  • 4K touchscreen display
  • Up to 6th Generation Intel Core i7 CPU (Skylake)
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 1TB HDD or optional 512GB SSD
  • USB-C ports
  • NVIDIA GeForce 950M graphics
  • Intel RealSense camera for Windows Hello

We really like it and it's just another piece in an ever stronger Windows 10 device portfolio. Check out the video above for a closer look.