The ATM industry wants machines to bypass Windows 8 in favor of Windows 10

There are lots of ATMs in the US and Europe that are running on Windows 7 or the unsupported Windows XP. Now the The ATM Industry Association has issued a recommendation that any Windows 7-based machines that are awaiting an update should wait for Windows 10 to become available, and bypass using Windows 8 or 8.1.

The press release states:

"ATM deployers should start their 2020 migration without delay," explained CEO Mike Lee, "as ATM hardware purchased now will still be in use when support for Windows 7 OS ends in that year. This means terminals would need to be upgradeable and compatible with the next big operating system. It's important to know which ATM configurations are going to be Windows 10 compatible."

And what about all those Windows XP-based ATM machines that are still out there, and which could be vulnerable to hackers now that Microsoft has ended support for the OS? Lee says:

"Bear in mind, it's not advisable for deployers to wait on the XP system for Windows 10, as there are security risks to being on an unsupported OS platform."

In March 2014, a month before Microsoft ended support of Windows XP, it was estimated that as many as 95% of ATMs in the US were still running on that OS.

Thanks to Rajan for the tip!

Source: ATM Industry Association

  • CEO of what company?
  • CEO of the ATMIA, ATM Industry Association.
  • The fact that they're skipping Windows 7 is the exciting part. I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft hits 1 billion devices in a year and a half in
  • Most ATMs will probably continue running XP for another couple years yet.  Nobody is too quick to upgrade them.  Most of the time you can't upgrade just the desktop connected to it, you have to change out the WHOLE ATM out.
  • Respective central banks shall make an agreement with the national banks to upgrade their systems. Microsoft should provide them a good deal for the same. For the purpose of security and updates central banks of respective countries should pass this rule. It may simplify the upgradation process
  • ATM's run XP embedded so its still under support until 2016
  • "most of the time"? You dont know what you are talking about.
  • Yah, I can only speak for the ATMs we had at the bank I worked at.
  • They aren't recommending skipping Windows 7, they are recommending to skip right to Windows 10 assuming the current OS is supported.   There's a subtle diffrence there.  If you are on a truly outdated OS (Windows XP in this case) they want you skipping to Windows 7/8/8.1 ASAP.  If you are already on Windows 7/8, they are recommending you wait on Windows 10 instead of upgrading to Windows 8.1.
  • While that is a very good point, don't ATMs run XP embedded? And isn't that supported until 2016? If this article is true and 95% of ATMs were running Windows XP when it ended extended support, I'd be surprised if more than 10% of all ATMs have been upgraded to Windows 7.
  • Everyone wants free upgrades. /$\
  • It's not free for professionals
  • You clearly missed my hut Aashish.
  • How do you play solitaire on an ATM?
  • I think you just keep hitting that quick withdraw button over and over again. If you dont complete the game before the money runs out you lost... 
  • It can be done. I've played mine sweep.
  • Now we can use more haxxxxxXx!
    HaxxxxxxXx-sarcastic version of hacks.
  • ATMs usually have Windows XP Embedded system installed, which is supported till 2016.
  • If an ATM is running Windows XP embedded, which it usually is, it is still supported to 2016-01-12. Also if it is an ATM from a bank, like Wells Fargo, they would have paid for extended XP support. This is probably only talking about small time ATM machines.
  • The extended support beyond the cut off, is not cheap. Then again as majority of the banks have been propped up by the tax payers, they couldn't care less. Most of them just care about their bonuses and pay packets.
  • Still suggest sloopy obsolesence management in my opinion. You do not wait to the last minute for the obsolesence to actually kick in unless you are willing to pay the cost in both risk and additiona costly support. The 95% number is the bit that is shocking.
  • As someone else pointed out above, replacing the version of Windows on an ATM often means *replacing the entire ATM hardware unit as well*, which isn't cheap.  That's a huge cost, say, for a small community bank or credit union.
  • Indeed however 95% does not smack of managing obsolesence rather ignoring it and hoping its going away which guess what it did not. It may be that the risk was properly assessed and considered small but most other businesses addressed the issue of both XP and 2003 some time back.
  • True, but XP is over ten years old. By now, they should be able to afford an upgrade something they knew they had to do eventually.
  • Cool!
  • My company is skipping Win81 as well, and will be implementing Win10 later this year.
  • The entire world is skipping W8/8.1
    Stats are embarrassing: 15% (ish) market share.
    I hope W10 will be as successful as W7.
  • That's still better marketshare than OSX.
  • There are alot of ATMs running xp and not just in US, which is pretty damn frightening if you ask me. It will take a few years before they are completely phased out. Which is surprising as these companies would have known waaaay ahead of time about the EOL date for xp embedded - extended support runs out in 2016. However they most likely will be covered by an extended support contract (a costly one to boot) while they make the transition.
  • They should use face recognition, fingerprint or voice with latest window 10 embedded.  I hate punching in pins at drive thru ATM especially when I have friend that steal a look at my code.  It's just troublesome.
  • Not really your friend if he/she is peeking at your code. Joking :)
  • i get the joke, but still you can help but cautiously aware that passenger sitting beside you can easily look at your pin because the numeric pin pad is visible to both
  • Then they wouldn't want your PIN anymore but they want your finger or your head! Ok that's the hater jokes.
  • Just be aware if skimming devices. Or cameras used to capture your pin. Ask your bank to install pin pad shields.
  • 95% suggest sleeping at the wheel it is not like it was a secret...
  • That's how you hit 1 billion devices.
  • Seems logical, Windows XP is outdated and also very security prone, it makes sense to upgrade directly to Windows 10 for the latest security features.
  • Really glad to hear this news!
  • Update to Windows 10 and relax
  • I guess we can look forward to a lot of ATMs crashing and burning.
  • What?
  • i would to see banks running windows 10 use windows hello.  Fingerprint and face recognition would be great additions to ATMs
  • Quite the change considering how long many used OS/2.
  • And not that long ago either.