AT&T Fuze Passes through the FCC, Anybody Seen the Herman?

Engadget Mobile caught the HTC Raphael / AT&T Fuze trying to sneak its way through the FCC with its US-compatible 3G bands showing. How embarrassing. We're still trusting out dart-thrown-at-a-calendar hunch that we'll see an October release of the Fuze and, like Engadget, are dearly hoping that the TouchFLO 3D isn't mucked-up with carrier-folderol.

Speaking of carrier-folderol, the company most famous for it around these parts has been Sprint. We still haven't forgiven them for what they did to the original Sprint Touch. Hopefully the Sprint Touch Diamond (aka the Victor) will be free of the worst of it come September 14th.

Meanwhile there's been precious little rumbling about the CDMA version of the Touch Pro -- aka the Herman. Back in the day the rumblings on the Touch Pro was that it would hit in CDMA first. Guess that's still up in the air, but our tip line is open, just saying.

WC Staff