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Despite being the phone of choice for a few of us here at WPCentral, the HTC Titan II on AT&T with 4G LTE, a 4.7" screen and 16MP camera has not been the hottest selling phone. Due in part HTC all but ignoring it (from a marketing standpoint) and it largely being overshadowed by the "hero" Nokia Lumia 900, the Titan II may go down in history as the least appreciated Windows Phone.

So it's a bit surprising to see it backordered on Amazon Wireless with a 8 to 9 day wait on the phone where it is selling for $150 on a two year contract, $50 less tha direct from AT&T.

Perhaps sales are better than expected? Probably not. The phone is sitting at #76 for top selling across all carriers and #23 on AT&T indicating that the device is not exactly pushing massive inventory.

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Our cynical speculation on the matter is that HTC may be redirecting production capacity towards their Android phones, especially their One X and One S series which are gaining a lot of positive feedback and seeing high demand. Of course it could also be Amazon Wireless just not stocking properly although that seems to be along wait for something just out of stock.

For now, if you want the Titan II you'll have to either get it from AT&T direct where it is still in stock or wait for Amazon Wireless to get in a new shipment.

Source: Amazon Wireless

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