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Despite being the phone of choice for a few of us here at WPCentral, the HTC Titan II on AT&T with 4G LTE, a 4.7" screen and 16MP camera has not been the hottest selling phone. Due in part HTC all but ignoring it (from a marketing standpoint) and it largely being overshadowed by the "hero" Nokia Lumia 900, the Titan II may go down in history as the least appreciated Windows Phone.

So it's a bit surprising to see it backordered on Amazon Wireless with a 8 to 9 day wait on the phone where it is selling for $150 on a two year contract, $50 less tha direct from AT&T.

Perhaps sales are better than expected? Probably not. The phone is sitting at #76 for top selling across all carriers and #23 on AT&T indicating that the device is not exactly pushing massive inventory.

Our cynical speculation on the matter is that HTC may be redirecting production capacity towards their Android phones, especially their One X and One S series which are gaining a lot of positive feedback and seeing high demand. Of course it could also be Amazon Wireless just not stocking properly although that seems to be along wait for something just out of stock.

For now, if you want the Titan II you'll have to either get it from AT&T direct where it is still in stock or wait for Amazon Wireless to get in a new shipment.

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  • I think the HTC Titan II should have waited a bit more before releasing along with the Nokia Lumia 900. Nokia was coming as a tidal wave into the U.S., and HTC should have been expecting it.
  • These things have been in the works for years, it not like you can just hold off at the end. Do you realïe how much money they would have lost if they kept it on the shelves? These are massive corporations, not a dude in his moms basement.
  • You don't know if secretly it is a dude in his mom's building. ;)
  • In a way, this reminds me of the Zune Player (HTC TITAN II) vs. iPod (Nokia Lumia 900). In many ways, the Zune was a superior product but lost out to the hype, aesthetics, and marketing of the iPod.
  • Another thing is that while iPod was selling all over the world, Zune was only available in a few countries. I am from Asia and I had to order mine from the US through a China online store.  I have the Zune 80Gb and the Zune 16 HD and they're still the best for me :-) but everyone I know was buying iPods because they were no Zune available here and they're not going to spend a hundred dollar extra for transport charges from the US.
  • That actually was a big issue. I remember reading blog posts/comments of people from outside the U.S. constantly complaining about not being able to buy the Zune in their respective countries. Still, bottom line was that Microsoft and other companies were caught off guard by the huge success of the iPod and iTunes. It was too late to catch up when it comes to portable media players.
  • Microsoft were acting old or obese those days... They still tend to do. I have arranged a us account for WP, cuz I don't want to miss out. Still kind of sucks like Zune did here in Norway.
  • I wouldn't expect it to sell well. It is basically the last Titan with a better camera and it has been pretty much ignored. Interestingly, it may be the best, or at least second best, Windows Phone released to date. Great phone, just like the original Titan that I'm using right now, and certainly worth the cash but I just don't see it having a great deal of sales potential without support.
  • It's the first WP to be ignored by  It's not even offered by them. So sad.
  • Hopefully HTC doesn't feel ignored and has a device planned for the impending WP8 release - hate to see this as their swan song in the WP ecosystem.
    Love my 1st gen Titan and looking forward to a 3rd gen WP8 Titan :)
  • My gen1 Titan isn't delivering... Poor call quality for instance. HTC isn't doing a proper firmwarejob. Will switch to 900 or a wp8 Nokia or Samsung. Will leave HTC, which has been my regular phone over 3 generations. HTC needs to pull their heads out of their a.......
  • 4 generations:)
  • Titan II got the short end of the stick. HTC would have been better off releasing it exclusively on T-Mo, then releasing an AT&T equivalent when AT&T's exclusivity runs out on the Lumina 900.
    Meanwhile, people have to got to be short a few cards in their decks if they really think next to zero marketing stands a chance against Nokia's ongoing campaigns.
  • "Meanwhile, people have to got to be short a few cards in their decks if they really think next to zero marketing stands a chance against Nokia's ongoing campaigns."
  • Yes, releasing to a different carrier would have given it a better chance for sure.
  • Indeed,I'm on T-MO though I really like the 900 form if Titian came to T-MO I would jump on it on day one trading up from my HTC HD7 Really HTC messed this one up big time.
  • Can someone tell me if Best Buy will carry the Htc Titan II or not please.
  • Can someone tell me if Best Buy will carry the Htc Titan II or not please.
  • I blame them for lack of marketing the windows phone. Take a look at Nokia, they spent millions to promote their product.
    HTC spent zero on windows phone, but millions on their android "one" phones.
  • "HTC spent zero on windows phone, but millions on their android "one" phones."
    Correct. I haven't seen a single Titan II commercial, but right here on the comments section I can see an HTC One ad on the right. I've also seen (more than once) an HTC One commercial where a guy jumps out of a plane and uses the HTC One to shoot video and pictures.
  • I had to return two Titan 2s that were defective and had a really hard time finding them.  No stores in Austin had any for a week. 
    I know they're not in high demand, but, they are in extremely short supply.
  • No marketing push = no big sales. Having said that, I do have one and I am an "extremely" happy and satisfied customer. Love Nokia's push for the platform, so win-win situation for me.
  • I would be interested if it had a removeable battery. Is that strictly a feature of the past now? (sigh)
  • I blame Apple for this.  Before iPhone it was unheard of to have a sealed-in battery.  iPhone also killed the stylus and keyboard.  This is why I hope Apple starts to dive.  I want some of these useful features back!
    AAPL is back under $600 today.  Please please please keep going down.  I was at the Apple store yesterday and the place was packed full of zombies.  Multiple employees we spoke to didn't even look us in the eye when they spoke to us because they were busy typing with one finger on their iPads.  It made me sick.  This is progress? This is what everyone is aspiring to be?
  • Get real. You were one of those zombies in the store. Its called success lippidp. You wouldn't know what that is if it hit you in the face.
  • Probably they had 10 of them.
  • I agree
  • I kept tweeting Nokia to improve the lumias speakers.. My hd7 is superior when it comes to speakers..