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We’re still not sure what is going on with Best Buy and their preorder for the AT&T Nokia Lumia 920—for instance, why do they have it and not even AT&T? Nor why was the Lumia 920 pulled (and yet other links still worked).

Regardless, if you do use those inks for Best Buy and the Lumia 920, you’ll see that all five colors are now listed as “sold out online”

Is that because Best Buy had only 200 devices? Is it another error? Or maybe, just maybe there is a lot of demand for this phone. Obviously there are lots of questions and seeing as we don’t know how many Lumia 920s Best Buy had allocated, it is hard to know if they really sold out or they’re just suspending preorders due to a glitch. We’ll keep you posted.

Best Buy Links (via SlickDeals):

Thanks, Tyrone B., for the heads up!

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