Sold out: AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 preorders at Best Buy are gone

We’re still not sure what is going on with Best Buy and their preorder for the AT&T Nokia Lumia 920—for instance, why do they have it and not even AT&T? Nor why was the Lumia 920 pulled (and yet other links still worked).

Regardless, if you do use those inks for Best Buy and the Lumia 920, you’ll see that all five colors are now listed as “sold out online”

Is that because Best Buy had only 200 devices? Is it another error? Or maybe, just maybe there is a lot of demand for this phone. Obviously there are lots of questions and seeing as we don’t know how many Lumia 920s Best Buy had allocated, it is hard to know if they really sold out or they’re just suspending preorders due to a glitch. We’ll keep you posted.

Best Buy Links (via SlickDeals):

Thanks, Tyrone B., for the heads up!

Daniel Rubino

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  • BestBuy and AT&T are being really crappy about letting us give them our money.
  • -_-
  • This is turning into a huge cluster fart.  Seriously.  Nokia or ATT needs to speak up sometime soon.  BB had this in a flyer, so how could those two companies not realize what was happening?
  • Does anybody now approximately how many of these phones are spoken for when the orders are sold out??... That's what I'm interested in knowing,, just to get an idea of the demand for WP8 devices.
  • I'm wondering if they made them "out of stock" to stop people from ordering after they removed them from the search. 
  • +1
  • Perhaps Best Buy signed a deal to sell preorders exclusively, or at least before AT&T.
  • I think it's unlikely to be a supply issue, probably a glitch or operations mix-up.  Though to be honest, there's no reason why the Lumia 920 (and 8X + ATIV-S) shouldn't succeed, they're up on par in almost every way. Ambiviliance is WP's biggest threat.
  • Hmm, my guess is probably they didn't stock enough Lumias - you know bestbuy still love to kiss apple ass, so they probably underestimated the demand. But they will, once they see demand. It will be an halo effect, people will buy windows 8 and would want phone that has similar design elements.  Any way, I'm waiting to see it in person before I give my hard earned cash! 
    Even before the release Hulu is seeing the oppurtunity and revealing their app. Microsoft wont have to woo developers here, they will come by themselves - for windows 8 will sell in millions. I'm excited folks.
  • +1
  • With the 920 being AT&T exclusive and their flagship Windows phone, it sure is strange AT&T themselves wouldn't be the first to offer the preorder
  • Well even though it's Best Buy, it's still for AT&T contracts
  • Correct, but it still seems weird that there is absolute silence from AT&T themselves
  • I will get one from the at&t store. I like to touch and feel before I pay....... For a phone that is...
  • Lol!!! For a phone that is... And other services I presume.. Ha!
  • LOL yaa we know what you are talking about
  • Beginning to understand when people say they are losing interest without any firm dates. I'll definitely be buying a 920 but actually bought a new 360 yesterday as there still is no info on when these phones will be available for sale. Another classic Windows Phone launch!
  • Who cares about the 920, what about the Ativ S?
  • Or the 922?
  • Best buy has an allotment. So does ATT. I find it hilarious all the haters saying WP8/W8 and surface will fail. They seem to be selling out all over the worls right now.
  • Right!... And this is just the beginning...
  • People the official launch isn't until 10/29. Not sure why anyone would order when there hasn't been an official price yet from att. Best Buy is obviously having issues. Its premature....
  • Crap like this is exactly why Microsoft needs to make their own hardware. You just can't trust these guys to handle your s*** for you. This is becoming a big mess. Something as simple as controlling an online pre-order seems like Quantum statistical mechanics to these fools. SMH
  • We just need to get the marketing right! Awareness has always been WP's weakest link.... Well, that and apps.. I'm still confident that in time WP will catch on.. One thing I can tell you for sure is that the adoption of WP8 will be much greater than previous versions.
  • was it a coincidence to accept presales 8 days prior to the wp8 announcement 10/29 for a short timie? i'm personally not a fan of the late announcements and have no confidence in the WP8 marketing team but here's where Windows 8, WindowsRT and Surface will bring WP8 along for the ride
  • Fake demand like Apple uses so effectively. Microsoft was considering using it for the surface but decided against it.
    It really does work though.
  •  What are you even talking about here?  What did Microsoft decide against using for the Surface?  BTW, as much as I dislike Apple, they really do sell a lot of products and haven't needed to fake demand in a very long time.
  • It is almost certainly just part of ongoing ramp up tests.  This happens all the time with the BestBuy web site when they introduce a new product.  Things go up and down, in stock then out of stock, etc., etc.  Take a look any time Canon or Nikon introduces a new DSLR.  It means absolutely nothing beyond the fact that they would have been better off leaving the page completely turned off until everything was ready.  It doesn't mean they are sold out ot out of stock or that they are even in stock.  It means that the system is not working - end of story.  Poor database QA on the part of BestBuy and nothing more.  Why is anyone even surprised?  It is BestBuy....
  • And the iPhone is coming in blue this November. This is just baseless jabber. Dude knows nothing about best buy. Anyone could make this up.
  • Exactly. Which begs the question... don't these idiots have a test environment for this stuff? Who tests on production sites!!
  • Hahaha I was right I knew it was sold out. Yup it's going be a good year for wp8
  • I did my pre order at Best Buy when they opened up. Actually I was the first to place my order. Got me gift card and email. I was told. I will get it fri 26. We will see about that
  • Wait a second, who told you you'd get it the 26th? 
  • You will not get it the 26th, guaranteed.
  • All I am sure is that none US, knows what's really going on lol.
  • The reality here is probably that BB got in trouble for lighting it up too soon, and the sold out is to prevent us from ordering more before they're ready. I'm curious whether they will credit back my credit card or if I'll have to fuss with them about it in the (hopefully unlikely) event they screw up, and I'm also curious if they'll actually ship early or not. Either way, the rational person in me says don't get excited about a true "sell out" scenario just yet, while the fanboy in me thinks it would be pretty freaking cool... as long as my order gets fulfilled on time!
  • I'm sure things will be fine when general release happens. I still can't wait!
  • Nokia most likely told BestBuy to pull it.  Nokia hasn't officially started their ad campaign yet.  If you notice the original specs, it doesn't not show any Lumia 920 features such as NFC, Wireless Chargin, CarlZeiss, PureView, and OIS.  Not even on the product detailed specs.  I think it's a BestBuy F***up, and Nokia probably noticed it and told them to pull it.
  • If this is anything like the Lumia 900 launch, I'm guessing each best buy store got 100 units each... maybe less. The Lumia 900 was sold out for weeks and look how many units they sold.
  • Well, my pre order is still in the BB system (with the delivery info in one to two weeks), so I am asuming they will just send it when it is released... I can wait a few days, as long as I get it :)