AT&T reports Q2 2016 earnings with $40.5 billion in revenue, 2.1 million wireless net adds

AT&T has reported its earnings for the second quarter of 2016, noting a solid bump in both consolidated revenues and wireless net adds over this time a year ago. In total, AT&T says that consolidated revenues were up to $40.5 billion for the quarter, which is an increase of 22% over the same period a year ago.

Concerning the wireless market specifically, AT&T says that it saw a total of 2.1 million wireless net adds total. 1.4 million of those net adds came from the U.S. alone, while Mexico contributed 780,000. According to AT&T, this quarter also saw the company's second-lowest churn on record at 0.97%. Here are the highlights:

  • 2.1 million wireless net adds driven by connected devices, Mexico and Cricket
  • U.S. net adds of 1.4M; including 257k postpaid and 365k prepaid
    • 185k U.S. branded (postpaid and prepaid) phone net adds
  • Nearly 800k branded smartphones added to the U.S. base, offsetting ~600k branded feature phone decline
  • Postpaid churn of 0.97%, down from 1.01% in 2Q15 and second-lowest ever in U.S.
  • Mexico: 780k branded net adds to reach about 10 million subscribers

For much more, be sure to check out AT&T's full earnings release (opens in new tab).

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • You're welcome, att.. I have no running water, my house is as dark as the bat cave, and my refrigerator is emptier than our app store, but I have TERRIFIC service with my 950. yaaaaaay❗❗
  • You're Windows Central account will now incur an annual subscription free.
  • That's coming next..
  • You have TERRIFIC cell service? Are you sure you are talking about at&t?
  • Dallas TX... Att's home
  • All of CA has great service. Better than any other carrier hands down
  • I'd like to see the new line additions broken down by phone. I bet most of that profit was from activating 950s!!
  • You wish.
  • No, that was all 650s.
  • At least in México, of all that 780,000 new customer, anyone has a phone with Windows, as AT&T sella any.
  • Let 'em put Verizon out of business
  • "Pompous" and expensive Verizon obviously doesn't care, much, about any Microsoft customers. No new Microsoft phones! Only rarely do existing Microsoft phones get occasional "attention" and updates. We Microsoft customers are, thankful, for the little, tiny bit, of upgrade attention Verizon gives our phones. Thank you, Verizon. We "know", and will remember, how Verizon treats us and our Microsoft phones.
    (Have you noticed how ATT is growing?)
    Let go of the Microsoft "grudge". Fire your "children" that hold the grudge against Microsoft and punish the Microsoft customers.
  • I'm one of those 1.4 million US. Switched from T-Mobile to Cricket a couple of months ago, and I couldn't be happier. Over 40% cheaper with better coverage, what's not to like? The only thing I miss is Wi-Fi Calling, but if Cricket ever offers it, hopefully it won't constantly drop calls and have bugs like T-Mobile's app.
  • Best move I ever made. I love my 950 and Surface 3 128GB LTE tablet!
  • And the service is stellar!
  • Wow. That's good to know. Happy you.
  • as soon as my contract is up with Verizon, I'm moving over to AT&T. I'm so tried of Verizon not supporting Windows phone
  • Switched to cricket from T-Mobile and saved over $35 a month with better data and reception plus a free 5th line. Great deal!
  • I'm on ATT's Go Phone. Couldn't be happier with their service and very low monthly price. Thanks to T-Mobile's aggressive plans ATT always follows with improving their plans without increasing the price. I love these carrier wars.
  • Everyone talks about how AT&T is more expensive than T-Mobile, but with AT&T you qualify for a bunch of discounts(Studen & Corporate & whatnot). As far as I know, Magenta doesn't offer any(I checked when I got my iPhone), unless of course you sign up with a few lines. But for indiviual service, I have found CricKet to be the best of the bunch. They even have a rewards program a la Bing Rewards, though it's faster to accumulate points/coins with CricKet. I've also read AT&T is giving free movie tickets for some subscribers. I no longer subscribe to them, so I wouldn't know, but if you are, you should definitely check that stuff out.
  • I still get a Corporate Discount, something like 17%. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • V 30 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android