AT&T selling Windows Phone compatible microSD cards? Hmmm..

Last we checked in with Microsoft at Barcelona, they did not have much to say on the expandable storage card issue with Windows Phone. Remember that fiasco, where AT&T/Samsung were saying you can add memory and Microsoft say you can't, then AT&T reversed themselves? Later, Microsoft promised a list of compatible cards and from our impression and we're not joking, it seems like they actually forgot about the whole issue. (When we spoke with Sandisk, they weren't even aware there was a problem, huzzah).

Now we got word that AT&T is evidently selling (has been selling) 16GB microSD cards that are compatible with the Samsung Focus. Hey, for all we know these might actually work as a large majority of cards do. But we're also pretty confident that these are not "approved" by Samsung or Microsoft and that this is probably just a listing accident (plus, good luck on changing that Surround card!). Heck, we're not even sure how long this has been listed for...but we bet it's been up for awhile.

Anyways, consider this fair warning--nothing has changed on the expandable storage front for Windows Phone.

Source: AT&T (opens in new tab); Thanks, Lokitoth, for the heads up

Daniel Rubino

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  • a little more intriguing is that the 32gb card on the same area says it's compatible w/ the Surround but NOT the Focus... weird.
  • I wish they'd just come out and confess that there's nothing really special about the cards other than they're an ordinary SanDisk product that's gone through a QA certification process in accordance to some "official" Microsoft-specified testing regime.The Class 4 16GB SanDisk I got at Rad-Shack appeared to have identical markings but it resolved my Dell Venue Pro lockups and has been solid as a rock ever since. Sorry, that's another topic for another forum.
  • I'm curious about the testing that was happening over at XDA for the Focus. People figured out that by enabling some power settings that more microSDs would work and that odd grounding issue with reduced touch was solved.As **** as the Focus is (and I still love mine), Samsung really f*cked up on the software side.
  • i bought a class-4 16 gb sdhc sandisk and i was told after i bought it that it was not compatible with my samsung focus..but all you have to do is put it in the factory reset the phone.
  • Until I see actual model numbers of what are known to work 100%, I'm not buying. Anyone who has tried to find a non-Xbox-branded Sandisk USB flash drive can tell you the fiasco that is. (The way-overpriced Xbox-branded drives are made by Sandisk.) If you don't use drives having specific model numbers, at best you'll get system warnings, and at worst you'll have thrown money away.