A few days ago we ran a story about  how AT&T was cool with the idea of the end-user upgrading the memory on their Samsung Focus, a story we first broke on Oct 11th  (HTC Surround, not so lucky). At the time, some people were still questioning whether or not AT&T would really stand behind SD card support, what with the Microsoft warning about installing cards and all.

Today, AT&T and Samsung have been hammering the press with the imminent Samsung launch this Monday, including the "Mobile Minute" video which is basically a feature tour of the Focus. At 0:55, Peter Ocampo discusses the 8GB on-board memory and specifically says "...and expandable memory up to 32GB", which should once and for all put to rest the issue.

So buy that 32GB microSD card now and enjoy the Focus, which from word of mouth is going to be the hottest WP7 device launched this year. Watch the full video after the break!

Source: AT&T