AT&T Tilt 6.1 ROM Update: Go Get It

Just like we told you, it looks like HTC's Software Download page for the AT&T Tilt is today sporting a new option: Windows Mobile 6.1:

Downlolad AT&T Tilt Update - Version 3.57.502.2AT&T Tilt Windows Mobile 6.1 Software (ROM Version 3.57.502.2 WWE)

We're grabbing it now and it does indeed look like that earlier confusion about listing 6.1 to download but actually only giving you an older version has passed.

You can expect all the standard 6.1 improvements: threaded SMS, slightly better ActiveSync battery life, and so on. HTC / AT&T are also throwing in Video Share (still one way though, of course. Come on AT&T) and the ability to finally remap that Push-to-talk button without hackery.

WC Staff