AT&T's HP iPAQ K3 Obsidian in the flesh

Whoa. Welcome back, iPAQ. What you see here is the HP iPAQ K3 "Obsidian," which has made an appearance in Vietnam a couple of months after we first learned of its existence. VNExpress has it that this Windows Mobile 6.5 phone sports a 2.46-inch AMOLED touchscreen at 320x240 pixels, a Qualcomm 7200A processor @ 528MHz, 256MB RAM/512MB ROM, GPS, 3.2MB camera and WiFi b/g. So, things have been upgraded since we saw the early leaked specs.

As you can see, this one's branded for AT&T and, yes, there's a stylus. Assuming that the keyboard holds up, and it at least looks solid from here, this could well be a triumphant return for HP and the iPAQ line.

A couple more pictures after the break, and a whole bunch more at VNExpress. (And, er, apologies for Google's, um, translation.)

Via GSMArena and wmpoweruser

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  • 320x240 eh? What's the point? Even the Treo Pro's 320x320 is too cramped for anything beyond mail and calendar use. If it's not 800x480 or more, *yawn.*
  • Sorry, but I couldn't get past one spec... "Obsidian is the upgrade to the HP 91x before, but the machine design is simple, the "penis on the back" and bottom to create awareness slim." Don't know that I ever want a phone with a penis on the back...
  • I agree. HP: I'm glad to see you back, though, could you at least done something a little special to get reacquainted? P.S. In case you didn't know, the year is 2009.
  • AMOLED isn't enough? Yeah, it's 320x240. But so are all the Snaps ...
  • Good point and I did think about it before commenting. But on a small 320x240 screen? It seems more overkill and out of place than a plus. This phone has been in the works so long that the more I think about it the more it feels like the product of corporate inertia than a calculated re-entry into the marketplace. Does anyone really expect this to be more than a footnote? On the other hand, HTC is just going through it's customary covering all bases (keyboard variations) routine with the Snap.
  • Looks like they added a mini plug for earbuds, last version only had the mini usb plug.