AT&T's Ralph de la Vega shows off white Lumia 900 instead of talking iPhone 5

President and CEO of AT&T Mobility, Ralph de la Vega, was interviewed on CNBC recently answering questions surrounding both AT&T's latest financial report and the rumoured iPhone 5. One would ask, "what has this got to do with Windows Phone?" Well, nothing. But what's both humorous and surprising is Vega holds up a shiny new Lumia 900 instead of discussing the iPhone.

Check out the above video, at around the 7:40 mark. He jokes around the questions being fired by the reporters and states that the Lumia 900 is a fantastic device and carries one around with him as a daily smartphone. We're aware that Nokia has a deal with AT&T for employees to exclusively use the 4G Windows Phone, but it's good to see the captain of the ship actively promoting it on public television.

Source: CNBC; thanks Christian for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Alright! Got the right video up this time ;)
    Anyways, this is awesome!
  • We're blaming sun spots....
  • Honestly, I have no idea how the wrong video was embedded. It was the only video open in my browser. Luckily, we were able to sneak on in and fix things up ;-)
  • You didnt get my tip? :(
  • CNBC has a total iPhone lovefest complex, in their world there isn't any other device out there beside the iPhone worth talking about.
  • +1
  • No kiddin! I hate to see what they're doing to their phones during commercial break.  Get a room!
  • So true and Kramer most of all!
  • These are the greediest people on Earth. All they care about is money. They all bought AAPL at $25 and it's now in the $550 range. It has made them all even richer than they already were. This is why they love Apple. If NOK does the same they will all love Nokia. They are a simple breed, these capitalists.
  • I have no use for those clowns either, but yours is about the most moronic statement I've ever read. You should move to Cuba were everyone is equal. Dirt poor but equal.
  • +1
  • +1
  • You will be happy to know that once my kids are all 18 I most definitely will be the fuck outta here. There are better countries than this. I'm not going to tell you what they are because I don't want you getting any bright ideas. I probably don't need to worry about that, but I'm just being cautious.
  • Sorry all. I'm not un-American or anti-capitalist. I've just seen my town go to shit and it bothers me. Let's please just forget I said anything and I am punching myself in the balls on your behalf right now.
  • Ok please keep in mind if you are going to make comments like this know what you are talking about. first off he brought up the Lumia and then showed it. Now the sow was based on apple and the iphone. they were looking at sales numbers because everything refelcts stock value and this show was based on apple and the iphone. now if you had been seeing this show the segent before this was based on MS and the total numbers for MS and if you think the apple hype was strong then you missed one heck of a show., Now then I advise you buy Nokia stock currently $3.67 per share if you are looking for something that in 12-24 mo. time this stock could be in the upper $15-18 per looking at Lumia sales numbers and what a Nokia tablet could bring and also what the sales will be like in the Asian market. One must think back that Apple at one point was $7.00 per share and I also advised a buy for the long term.the same with Nokia this is a very strong compnay with a cash fund of over 7 billion US./ that is not debt that is actual cash in the bank. so before you call out people know what they are saying and why.
  • It's good to see the Lumia is doing well, but Nokia has a long way to go before you'll see a stock turn around anytime soon.  Their bleeding cash out their ears right now, they even cancled their dividend payments.
  • That's because CNBC still uses flash for their videos, whereas wpcentral uses html5. But there's an app for that (I feel ironic saying that for WP). Its called flashvideo for WP7.
  • I love how he kept bring up the Nokia Lumia.  Good stuff.
  • anybody else see what's wrong with this picture?
  • Is he holding it upside down? :)
  • Look at his phone and now look at your WP. There isn't one personalized tile on his. No people hub with anyone in it. No last artist played. No pictures hub, no me tile. Looks like the most stock phone I've ever seen. Like he just fired it up before the show. And what is that yellow tile? Sound hound?
  • I don't have the Me tile either... or the pictures hub. In fact, if it wasn't for the People hub that I have contact pictures flipping around, you'd never think mine was more than a stock setup. I just like a simple setup. You're probably right about it just being a setup, but maybe he really does. Who are we to judge either way... I'm more impressed to see the camera time and discussion flipped to MS during an Apple discussion. That never happens otherwise, and I love it.
  • Its like the whole social aspect of the phone is missing on his.
  • need an edited version where it cuts out all the drivel those mouths were spewing and just has de le Vega talking.  CNBC makes me sick.
    "i dunno if the Apple people will be happy hearing that"
    STFU!  Adults are talking!
  • The iPhone frenzy is so endemic. It's kind of weird, the device is kind of expensive and really common, so I can understand why so many people would feel insecure about their device and need constant reassurance. The iPhone movement is residual, time to move on and embrace a business model like WP7 and it's OEMs, it's a much healthier ecosystem design and promotes innovation and as such we as customers will be rewarded with a great shopping experience including guaranteed OS satisfaction.
  • Can't watch the video on my windows phone
  • What a worthless program, it was basically OHGOD IPHONES IPHONES IPHONES.  I mean if I didn't know better I'd think our country's economic future rested on the iPhones success.
  • It actually does. Apple is the biggest company on Earth. A sharp decline in their stock will cause economic chaos. This country's financial system is kinda gross.
  • You're so wrong it's sad, but the nice part is - you're free to move whenever you want.
  • If only I could.
  • Please read my comments above they apply to you as well. know what the show was about and why all the apple talk and you should have seen the show before that when all the hype was on MS.
  • I like the exposure. It keeps WP in the conversation when topics are mobile related.
  • Here its a CEO that knows how marketing works, "I do what I Say" not like the fuck*ng CEO of Skype that was in twitter showing how great his new HTC One X is... That retarded should be fired!!!
  • If that's true he should be fired
  • The media needs to take their dicks out of Apple's ass.. Its too jammed up there.. The act like IPhone is the only phone they sell.. Sorry media fanboys, yes he carries a Lumia and the iPhone is deep in the bag.. Deal with it..
  • LOL!
  • 78% of AT&T's smartphone sales last quarter were iPhones, I doubt the fanboys give 2 cents to what one executive is carrying.
  • I love what de la vega did he showed his strom trooper with bright blue metro tiles. I think that's a great advertising for free and maybe he knows they will ask him about iPhone so he showed them Nokia. Steve Balmer and Elop probably laughing their behind off.
  • storm troopers in the death fitting.
  • "But how about the new iPhone??"
    "Don't know about that, but let's talk more about the Lumia 900! Look, I got it right here!"
    I had been wondering if AT&T is really 100% behind the Lumia and Windows phone. Well know I know that they are.
  • "I always carry an Apple as well. In my bag."
  • That's a good one!
  • This gushing over the iPhone makes me sick. They'd be surprised to find out that not only are there other phones out there, there are better phones. I seriously don't understand the obsession. 
  • The obsession is that AAPL stock has gotten these guys so rich they could buy even bigger yachts than they already had.
  • Move to Cuba already.
  • Grow up already.  Just because someone doesn't agree with the greedy aspect of capitalism doesn't mean they don't love their country.  
  • OP didn't say anything about hating rich people he just stated a key point - owners of AAPL stock are very happy right now.  As well they should be if they bought in early pre-iPhone days. I know I wish I had! :)  As long as Apple continues to innovate (interpret that however you will with whatever history you know), owners of their stock will only continue to accumulate wealth.  I say that with no disgust or disdain for the system does that make me a Communist?  I will also say that personally I think iOS is dated and passe (in my own very humble oppinion) does that make me an Apple hater?  I can tell you that certainly am not - having been the one person in my own circle to have sold my friends on Apple products even before I owned any of them! :)
  • Stop talking shít about Cuba you racist fúck
  • You clearly don't know what racism is. And Cuba isn't a race.
  • Yes I do, that clearly was a racially guided statement if not at least xenophobic
  • How is that in any way racially guided? He was relating to the fact that Cuba is communist, and that lippidp can move there if he doesn't want to live under a democracy like we have here. I assure you he was not using it in a malicious way against Cuba or its citizens, he's just using it as an example of what the alternative to what we have could be.
  • I never once said anything negative about democracy. Capitalism and democracy are not the same. Ignorance, stupidity, and greed are what I don't like, all of which are running rampant in the USA. It bums me out is all.
  • What does mentioning a communist regime have to do with race ass wipe?
  • the fact that you also said that theyre dirt poor. there's many countries that are poorer than that. that aspect did not need to be mentioned.
  • And yet that still has nothing to do with race.
  • I think folks need to stop acting as if these companies have committed some kind of affront towards them. You would think the way people talk on here, Apple or Google barged into their homes and pissed in their cornflakes, lol
  • Well said.
  • Kind of a bad week for Nokia on Here are the current sales rankings. For the first time the Titan beats out the Focus Flash: AT&T (70 phones offered)
    22. Nokia Lumia 900 Black (18. a week ago, not available a month ago)
    30. HTC Titan (49. a week ago, 35. a month ago)
    32. Samsung Focus Flash (25. a week ago, 28. a month ago)
    48. Nokia Lumia 900 Cyan (41. a week ago, not available a month ago)
    55. Samsung Focus S (50. a week ago, 50. a month ago)
    63. HTC HD7S (59. a week ago, 59. a month ago)
    66. HTC Surround (63. a week ago, 62. a month ago) T-Mobile (28 phones offered)
    7. Nokia Lumia 710 Black (3. a week ago, 3. a month ago)
    8. Nokia Lumia 710 White (4. a week ago, 4. a month ago)
    10. HTC Radar (6. a week ago, 5. a month ago) Verizon (56 phones offered)
    36. HTC Trophy (53. a week ago, 36. a month ago) Sprint (49 phones offered)
    41. HTC Arrive (39. a week ago, 48. a month ago)
  • Lumia 900 and 710 should be way up there. Maybe add some perks Microsoft and get the Lumia's on the top 5's
  • and this is relevant to the story how?
  • hes just saying Lumia sales are slowly dropping which is fine in a always changing market. MS and Nokia have to put the nail in the coffin why pay for a more expensive and powerful phone buy the Lumia affordable and works
  • Duh that's because everyone bought theirs already. :P  Now comes the slow avalanche when everyone else starts seeing it in the wild and hearing about it second hand/via the media.
  • Sales have just started and Best Buy doesn't market the Lumia at all.
    With the white model selling out INSTANTLY I don't think anything has slowed down.
    Seems like a troll bait post tossed in with this story.
  • Yet months after its release the iPhone still holds 1st and 2nd on the Best Buy sales chart.
  • I just post the crap every Tuesday at whatever news story seems based on sales or financial stuff. I only do it cuz I like stats and it tells us a little bit about how WP is doing against the competition. I use only because on their site you can sort by best selling. Take it for what's it's worth, if anything.
  • Link?
    Not suprised if Lumia 900 doesn't sell that great at
    You can hardly find it on the site and amazon sells it for 50$ less.
  • Was at Best Buy yesterday and swung by the phones.  They didn't have a Lumia display model and the rep said they weren't selling them ... and he said it as if I had asked him "how do you like drinking sour milk."  In fact, their only WP7 display models were the Focus S and and Titan (not 2).  So if any WP7 is selling in the top 10 at Best Buy or, it's doing really well.
    I guess I'm more concerned how WP7 is doing at a company that isn't tanking, like ATT and Amazon.  Best Buy is fading, following Radio Shack over a cliff with bad marketing decisions.  I wouldn't have been there except my dishwasher bit the dust on Sunday and they had the one I wanted marked amazingly way down (had to be a mistake).
    Also, my favorite color is blue and I can play the guitar.
  • Lumia 900 FTW!!!!
  • The comment at the end "I carry the Nokia Lumia and have the iphone in my bag" is what I do.  Lumia is my dedicated device but I also carry the iPhone in my bag as a secondary device.  We have one thing in common. 
  • He doesn't say he carries an iphone, he says he carries "an apple" in his bag, as in the fruit. It was a pun, and a funny one at that in my opinion :) So no, that wasn't one thing you have in common. If you like to eat apples that might be something you have in common with this happy, always smiling, man :)
  • LMAO!
  • I carry an android tablet in my bag. :)
  • He showed off the Lumia 900 because they need to sell them, the iPhone sells itself. It's that simple people.
  • LMAO. Spot on. Nothing says a phone is sexy like having a corporate puppet like De la Vega push it for you. AT&T is scared stupid that they're tied to iOS and Android and need a third platform for leverage. Its fantastic that people here are buying into it. You think they give a rats ass about you? Nope, they have their own motives.
  • Nice, my friends and co workers are starting to ask me about the windowsphone, shoot I had wp7 since day 1 and didn't bother to even ask about it.. Well the good thing is I coverted 3people already..
  • Tried converting some co-workers at my job. Their heads are up Apple's rearend. I almost had our secretary convert from a 3g iPhone but balked when she upgraded and went with the 4.
  • Go ahead, tell them where their asses are. You know, your co-workers. Who undoubtedly are more stupid for using other platforms. Maybe tell your company's president how he's stupid for having the iPhone as well. Because apparently he ascended to his top position for having his ass in Apples rear end. Schmuck.
  • I don't get it, are you angry at him because he has a job with colleagues?! That is alot of anger for what is a fairly standard post...
  • This is very cool.  Its great that AT&T is totally behind the Lumia 900.  I love mine and I have not missed my former iPhone 4 at all.
  • de la Vega: "I always carry an iPhone, but when I do, it's in my bag."
  • Well done Capt.
  • There's nothing wrong with Apple. I would've gotten it if TMo had it. But,I'm glad I got the Lumia 710. It's good enough for me. Apple did rescue the economy post 2008 subprime mess. It's a company that was innovative and influential. Gotta give them props for that. Nokia was about to sunset and if it wasn't for WP. I like Nokia's too and WP allows me to stick to Nokia again.
  • Ralph de la Vega, mu suave.
  • The people who know at&t are pushing wp7 for their own reasons got it right. Nokia gave them a huge incentive to do it. They also know first hand how much rape apple is doing to the cellular carriers because they have been in bed the longest. Not to trash apple stock because I wish I had kept the shares I once owned. However as a consumer I doubt I'd ever buy any of their over hyped and over priced crap. If anything the iPhone is the best product simply because of the ridiculous subsidies the carrier pays. Their computers on the other hand are lul worthy; charging customer roughly 35% higher prices for an average OS in a pretty package. I'd rather use Linux personally.
  • I am happy to see this. Thank you.
  • I think no any phone can beat iphone...just becausse of free coolest apps for iphone
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