AT&T's Windows Phone 7 lineup at Amazon

AT&T's Windows Phone 7 lineup is now appearing over at While the phones aren't listed for pre-order, like we have seen with the T-Mobile HD7, but it's progress.

The Amazon pages for the Samsung Focus (opens in new tab), LG Quantum (opens in new tab), and HTC Surround (opens in new tab) list the phones as un-available (expected to be in stock soon) and ships with free two-day shipping. There is also a notation that the phones come with an AmazonWireless Instant Discount. Could the Amazon discount drop AT&T's prices down lower?

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  • QUESTION - I'm currently on AT&T and ready for a new contract - am I able to upgrade/renew/whatever it's called if I buy the phone through Amazon? I apologize for the noob-i-ness of my question.
  • Yes. You'll want to read through Amazon's terms and conditions because there might be a few things slightly different than if you upgraded in a corporate store.
  • Yep, if your contract is up you can buy a new phone through Amazon and re-up for 2 more years. I did that one year ago - my contract was up with AT&T and I purchased a HTC Tilt 2 WM6.5 phone through for a big discount over what was selling it for. I was even on a family plan and only my line was up and it still worked fine. I believe (and other places like WireFly) get a commission for signing you up for a new 2 year contract with extras like data plan, and they use part of that to discount the phone price. :) The only caveat a year ago when I did it was the very cheapest phone plan wasn't eligible, and you had to go for the higher end data plan (unlimited then).