So called augmented reality programs (see How Stuff Works), which mix the boring real world with the awesome digital, have made their big mobile debut in 2009 (see Layar for Android or the much more useful Google Goggles).

Unfortunately, Windows phones have largely been left out of the mix, though that is starting to change and we hope we see a big push with Windows Phone 7.

Zenitum, a South Korean company who specializes in digital entertainment and the kind of reality/digital mixing found in augmented reality apps, has recently demoed their iKat software. Think Tamagotchi, but its on your phone and walking around, interacting with the real world, as seen in the video after the break.

Now granted, this seems pretty useless, unless you are really bored and/or a 12 year girl. But remember, this is just a demonstration of a their new framework called D-Track (see video). What are the possibilities for useful augmented reality programs for mobile? That's a good question. Sound off in comments with your ideas.