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Autodesk launches Tinkerplay App in hopes of making 3D design and printing fun

3D printing is becoming more and more popular, and Russell Holly from Android Central has been having quite a good time with it, but designing and printing isn't for everyone. The folks at Autodesk have just released a new app for Android, iOS and even Windows Phone that they hope will make the experience much easier.

Based on the popular Modio app, which Autodesk had previously acquired, Tinkerplay will allow users to design and customize characters with the ability to 3D print them afterwards. The various 3D printed parts from within the app can be snapped together for dynamic playing as well.

"Creators, designers and makers from ages five to ninety, have blown us away with their passion for 3D modeling and 3D printing," said Samir Hanna, vice president and general manager, Autodesk Consumer and 3D Printing. "With Tinkerplay, we're providing another great tool designed for kids of all ages, who want to play, create and tinker."

The app is available now in the Windows Phone Store as a free download, so give it a shot.

Press Release

Autodesk Launches Tinkerplay App to Make 3D Design and 3D Printing Fun

SAN FRANCISCO, Mar.17, 2015 — Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) announced the launch of Tinkerplay, a free* app designed for kids of all ages that introduces creative play through 3D design and 3D printing.

The Tinkerplay app is based on the popular Modio app, which Autodesk previously acquired, and will join the Tinkercad family of products. The Tinkerplay app allows users to design and customize characters and creatures digitally with the option to 3D print afterwards. The 3D printed parts can also be snapped together for dynamic play. With this launch, new parts, features and functionality have been added to make the world of 3D design simple, fun and engaging.

"Creators, designers and makers from ages five to ninety, have blown us away with their passion for 3D modeling and 3D printing," said Samir Hanna, vice president and general manager, Autodesk Consumer and 3D Printing. "With Tinkerplay, we're providing another great tool designed for kids of all ages, who want to play, create and tinker."

The Tinkerplay app lets users quickly get started by dragging and dropping interchangeable parts to make custom creations. The parts are optimized for 3D printing as fully poseable characters and creatures, and are designed to not require rafting or support material to print. The print function within the app shows the layout of parts for 3D printing and provides an easy way to export print files to a variety of 3D printers.

For users that are inspired to take their design skills one step further to create completely new parts, Tinkerplay connectors can be found in the Tinkercad web app. Autodesk has launched Tinkerplay simultaneously on various mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and Windows phones to better provide users with access on their device of choice. The Tinkerplay app can be downloaded for free* from the App Store, Google Play or the Windows Store for Windows 8.1 users.

About Autodesk Autodesk helps people imagine, design and create a better world. Everyone--from design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists—uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges. For more information visit or follow @autodesk.

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  • Thank you kind sir
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  • Nice, having AutoCAD would be nice though
  • I work work AutoCAD daily and I can't see it being useful on a phone, even my 1520. Trueview would be useful maybe but that's about it.
  • Agree. Would be nice with Navisworks actually.
  • It's useful for viewing the latest drafts on site; not always practical or even feasible to bring full size paper drawings with you everywhere...
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  • I'm sure their working on it lets be patient
  • It's there on WP!
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  • Searching the Store yields zilch... As usual...
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  • YAY for Windows Phone support!
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  • Well the TinkerCad app for Windows 8.1 is just a link to the web version I hope this is much more.    
  • The phone version is 73mb so doesn't look to be a web wrapper.
  • It looks like it's an universal app... So it's either a web version or a full app for both.
  • It's in fact an universal app: just installed it on my SP3... :)
  • AutoDesk is on a roll with the windows apps. They know their customers well. I hope some of their developers check out these comment sections because we really are grateful. As an interior design major and current maintenance tech with an engineering background, I am loving these apps. Keep them coming.
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  • In my case, I don't see the point of this. I am currenty using AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 on a 24" LCD wide screen, can't see myself using it on a 4" phone screen.
  • Great for in the field. I have used Android tablet for just this doing punch lists for commercial projects and drawing reviews on civil. Likewise I use Civil 3d 2015 as well as Revit Structural and Architectural. Ios and android have apps for these... Funny running anything other then Autocad standard on a Mac blows chunks.
  • This is really cool. Wish it came with a free 3D printer. LOL (Sorry, somebody had to say it, though I'll bet Android users have already been saying it.)
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  • Wonderful app, in the face of bofa, chase and vevo!
  • I'm part of some of the Beta programs with Autodesk and I've been begging them for there apps to be ported to Windows Phone, this is a step in the right direction Autodesk. 
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  • WOW amazing app download it... and rate 5 stars it is amazing!
  • Autodesk definitely has some good programs out, at least for PC.  I use Inventor at work, and it's great. BTW, this same article on AndroidCentral only has 2 posts, one of them mine.  Guess it shows the difference in user bases for both OS's.  I'm a fence sitter, I guess.  I see the value in both.