Aviary discontinues development for Windows Phone and Windows 8

There are a handful of solid photo editing apps on Windows Phone, but only a few imaging SDKs. One comes to us from Nokia and another from Aviary. These allow developers to quickly and easily add photo editing to their apps without needing to start from scratch. They’re more or less plug and drop when creating apps. Sadly, it looks like Aviary might be pulling their support of both Windows Phone and Windows 8. More after the break.

Aviary first announced their support for Windows Phone in February 2012. It was then two months later in May when we brought you an exclusive first look at the tools and SDK available to developers from Aviary. Rowi (RIP) was one of the first apps to support photo editing by using Aviary’s SDK. Other apps soon added Aviary’s photo editing tools. Apps like 4th & Mayor, Postcard on the Run, and rekap being the earliest supporters.

Aviary even put out their own standalone photo editing app, Photo Genius, for Windows Phone 7 users. That later morphed into Photo Editor by Aviary on Windows Phone 8 that came out this past July. That same app can be found for your Surface and other Windows 8 machine by heading to the Windows Store.

Seems like Aviary and Windows Phone / Windows 8 were having a cozy relationship right? Apparently it wasn’t so rosy. Despite strong reviews from users in both the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store, Aviary is apparently pulling support for Windows products.

Chris Lynch, a Windows Phone Central reader, responded to user feedback in Aviary’s support forums. The topic at centered around adding extra fonts and formatting options to the text tool in the mobile SDK. In the thread, an Aviary admin replied with new font options in Aviary for iOS, with plans for Android. Chris asked about support for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 apps, in addition to the SDK. Here’s the reply he received from Olivia at Aviary support:

“Hi Chris, Due to lack of general platform traction we are discontinuing development of Aviary technology on Windows / Windows Phone. Any currently released Aviary SDK or app for Windows should therefore be considered as-is and unsupported going forwards. However, your feedback is much appreciated and will be considered should we decide to revisit developing for Windows in the future. I apologize I couldn't be of better assistance. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions.”

There you have it. The Aviary SDK as it is for Windows Phone and Windows 8 will stay the same from now until forever. Or at least until Aviary thinks Windows and Windows Phone gain platform traction.

We’ve reached out to Aviary for further comments on the situation, but in the meantime you developers might want to check out Nokia’s Imaging SDK.

Thanks for the tip Chris! 

Sam Sabri