Fight the Rainbow and destroy the Unicorns with Axe'n'Slash

Axe'n'Slash is a simple, but fun time waster for Windows 10 that pits you against an army of unicorns determined to take over the land and spread rainbows everywhere. The nerve! You play the role of a Viking who must defend the homeland from this unicorn scourge and slash them to pieces before they do the same to you.

Graphics are full of color and detail, the controls are simple, and the gameplay is fun and fast paced. There is a small collection of Vikings to unlock, as well as several unicorn types to contend with. This free game is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, and while Axe'n'Slash isn't the most complicated of games, you'll still need to stay on your toes to avoid getting trampled by one of those pesky unicorns.

The layout of Axe'n'Slash is rather simple with the opening menu offering you access to the game's store and the option to tap the screen to begin play. The store provides you with the options to unlock new Viking characters with the credits you earn during gameplay, along with the option to buy credits through in-app purchase.

Once you tap the screen to begin play, you need to keep your wits about. While the unicorns may appear to be cute and cuddly, they waste no time in trying to stomp your Viking to death or impale him with their alicorn.

You battle these unicorns by tapping on the screen and your Viking sprints to that point, slashing and hacking as he runs. Should a unicorn be in the path of the Viking's sprint, it is sliced in half and credits for the down unicorn are earned. Those credits cans be used to unlock new Viking characters from the game store.

The goal with Axe'n'Slash is one of survival. Defeat as many unicorns as possible and stay alive as long as possible. The best strategy is to keep your Viking moving around the screen. Should he stay in one spot too long, the unicorns charge in hopes of skewering the Viking before he can slash them in half. The longer you survive, the more aggressive the unicorns become and new types of unicorns enter the field of battle. You have the traditional-style unicorns to contend with at first and then robot unicorns, unitatoes, pfudors and others join in on the action. It's a weird game.


Axe'n'Slash is not an overly complicated game with simple controls and nice graphics. There is room for improvement, but as is the Windows 10 game is a fun time waster. I could see the game improving with a few power-ups (grenades would be a nice touch) and maybe a slightly better navigation menu (it relies on the Back Button a little too much).

Axe'n'Slash is a free game and available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile. I don't think it is a game that could hold up to lengthy gaming sessions, but for short bits of time Axe'n'Slash is a nice option worth considering.

Download Axe'n'Slash from the Windows Store

George Ponder

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