Axy Galaxy puts both gravity and your patience to the test on Windows Phone

Some games are designed for the player to rush through, and then there are games like Axy Galaxy that demand your patience, lest you rush and ruin it all. Axy Galaxy places you in charge of an astronaut and the tiny planet on which you've crash landed. In the process, your payload's been scattered all around and you need to retrieve it. But instead of driving around or flying your rocket, you turn the planet and roll around the surface. Simple, right? Sure, until you spin to fast and fling your astronaut deep into space.

Along with contending with the lack of gravity, you will also find dangers on the planet's surface, as well as dangers floating in space that you will have to avoid.

Available in the Windows Phone Store, Axy Galaxy has ninety levels spread across three worlds. Graphics and animations are nicely drawn up and it takes a soft touch to avoid sending the astronaut off into space. First impressions are good and Axy Galaxy comes across as a fun time waster of a Windows Phone game.

Axy Galaxy greets you with a simply designed main menu that has options to play the game, view the help section, check out the developer credits and view other games from the developer. The premise of the game is that an astronaut has crash-landed on a planet and has lost his payload and key pieces of equipment needed to repair the ship.

Axy Galaxy

The astronaut is in a small capsule that can roll around the planet's surface and you will need to rotate the planetary axis to roll the astronaut around the planet to collect his loose items and safely return to the ship. Gravity isn't very strong on these planets and if you spin the planet around too fast, you'll find your astronaut meeting his fate in the depths of space.

Axy Galaxy

Quick Tip: There is a red ring surrounding the planet. You can spin your astronaut off the planet for a short distance and spin the planet around to pull him back to the surface. However, if your astronaut travels past this red ring, he is toast.

The gaming screen will have your planet center screen and your vital statistics displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. The statistics include your fuel levels, health meter and the required number of items you need to collect to complete the level.

Axy Galaxy

On-screen controls are in the left and right sides of the screen to allow you to rotate the planet. Some levels will also add the ability to jump or fly your astronaut's capsule. As you rotate the planet, your astronaut's capsule will roll in one direction or the other. You will need to manipulate the planet's axis in a manner to help the astronaut navigate around the planet and collect his items. Once all the items are collected, you will need to return the astronaut to his spaceship to complete the level.

Along with the gravitational issues that have to be contended with, you will also have dangers on the planet's surface and in orbit around the planet that you will need to avoid. Some items can be devastating while others will slowly chip away at your astronaut's health.

Axy Galaxy

Gameplay is not timed, though the fuel is for when you have the ability to jump/fly your astronaut's capsule. Axy Galaxy isn't a game where you can rush through each level and hope to have success. Patience is the key to success and it takes a soft touch to avoid over-spinning the planet and sending your astronaut off into deep space.

All in all, I found Axy Galaxy to be a challenging and fun game to pass the time with. Graphics and animations are well drawn up and gameplay can drive you nuts (in a good way). The game plays out nicely from the smaller screen of a Windows Phone and is somewhat addictive.

Axy Galaxy

The only downside that jumps off the screen at me with Axy Galaxy is the lack of a trial version. The game is reasonably priced, but the lack of a trial version will likely turn away potential customers. A trial version that gives you access to the first three levels would be enough to sell you or turn you away from the game.

Axy Galaxy is currently running $1.99 and is available in the Windows Phone Store. At last check, the game is unrated in the Store and we would rate it in the 4 Star range. If you have given Axy Galaxy a try, let us know what you think of things in the comments below.

Download Axy Galaxy for Windows Phone ($1.99)

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