Back to Bed, guide Bob to his bed with your Windows or Windows Phone device

Know anyone that sleepwalks? It sounds dangerous. In Back to Bed, you guide a sleepwalker named Bob to the safety of his bed. You don't want him to fall off a ledge. To achieve this, you control a subconscious guardian named Subob. He looks like a dog with a human head. Since Bob automatically turns right after hitting a wall and other objects, it's up to you to place things in front of Bob at the right place and time.

We've installed Back to Bed on the Lumia 1520 and Surface Pro 3. Check out our gameplay video.


  • Unique surreal and artistic game universe: Mixes elements from the real world and the world of dreams
  • Isometric puzzle levels: Navigate detailed 3D puzzles that defy the laws of physics
  • Two characters as one: Play as the embodied sub consciousness, in the form of a small guardian creature
  • Picturesque visual style: Discover the feeling of playing in a piece of art set in a digital frame

There are two ways to control Subob on Windows Phone. You can tap and hold the screen to make him move in that direction, or you can use the directional arrows. You can change it whenever you want, but we prefer the former.

You can use apples to block Bob's way and guide him back to bed. Tap an apple to pick up, and tap again to drop. The best way to solve the puzzles is to follow where Bob goes. If you see that the path leads to falling off, place an apple in front of him. Back to Bed is not that challenging, but it's worth playing if you have some time to spare.

Back to Bed

Back to Bed is available for both Windows and Windows Phone devices. You can buy it once for $3.99 and download it for both devices. There are no trials, ads, or in-app purchases. Is this your type of game? Let us know in the comments!

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • To much cost
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  • Have annyone have this game for dev yet? No trial and so expensive. Tks very much!
  • I've played it on iOS, it's pretty lame.
  • But I want to play this game without paying :( . If it is $0.99 I will buy it . That all I have now :))
  • Really? All you have is 99c? Sell your phone and buy yourself a meal.
  • I have $2.83 in my phone :) and I don't want to sell phone for a meal :)
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  • I don't have lots of money to spend for mobile games also. So my main interest is games that have trial, so that I try them out, games that are good, and games that are cheap if not free, so that I can buy them happily
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  • You buy games? I never do. Because in my country it's not possible without a credit card. If only the carriers would allow to use the phone credits...
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    We too have paid for our respective phones jst like the others.
  • What are you talking about? This game is as expensive as it is on iOS.
  • no try in any app/games means.... fraud publisher(in 99% cases)
  • Hardly in this case. This is a pretty recent release that you can find on iOS and Android as well as Steam. The dev probably didn't do a trial because it doesn't have one elsewhere either and is the extra work really worth it?
  • Not available here in the Brazilian store. Can you please make it available? I can help with the process
  • I respect you man... You try and get help to get every app in brazil... What's the difficulty... Why cant send publish for Brazil
  • Game looks awesome! I need more space on my phone for all of this. People complaining about $4, stfu. Skip your next Starbucks crappucino. Drink the office coffee instead. Creating a beautiful game like this takes time and effort. Would you prefer a free game that made you pester your friends for coins to let you keep playing? $4 for even an hour of entertainment is worth it.
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  • I hope Monument Valley comes to windows phone too :(
  • That game was phenomenal! Played it on my wife's android tab. This does remind me of it though :)
  • The graphics look beautiful and while the price does seem steep, we are getting it on phone and Windows 8 which would have added a little to the development and a bit more to testing... I guess?
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  • Agreed with Guilherme Manso: please make it available in/for other Marketplaces/Stores, such as the Brazilian one.
    Agreed too with the other users: US$ 3.99 sounds like a little too much for a not-yet-famous game; and without a TRIAL option, it is even harder to give it a try. That said, the game design seems very interesting -- it reminds me of the Escher-esque buildings featured in iOS's Monument Valley*.
    * Btw, does anyone know if UsTwo has plans to release Monument Valley for Windows Phone?
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