Baconit nabs User Profiles, Sorting and more in latest update

When Baconit re-launched recently after being rewritten for Windows 10 many users bemoaned the lack of advanced features. However, this was always a temporary situation as the app began to be built back up once stabilized. Now, just in time for Christmas Baconit has received yet another significant update with many new features.

Baconit version 4.3 went live late last night here in the US and with it comes a focus on 'User Profiles, Sorting, Band Wallpaper, And More'. What's even better is the rather detailed changelog associated with the update. Let's take a look!

Baconit 4.3

User View

  • It's finally here!
  • See information for any user; karma, cake day, gold status, and more
  • View all submitted posts; the list is sortable
  • View all submitted comments; the list is sortable

Microsoft Band

  • Band wallpaper image updating from any subreddit support
  • Moved settings to independent settings category

Comment View

  • Sorting, comment count, and refresh added
  • Minimize button for the post header
  • Added a "user" button for each comment to view the user
  • Added support for newer spoilers tags
  • Added UI for posts with no comments

Subreddit View

  • Right click or long press to go to user
  • Time sort added when in "Top" sorting mode

Flip View

  • Added "Go to user" under the … menu for posts
  • Added option to disable preload posts
  • Added option to not show any posts until tapped
  • Perf work


  • Pages now bleed color into the status bar on mobile
  • Custom errors when reddit is down instead of default messages
  • Wallpapers and desktop images are scaled to your screen resolution for better perf
  • Big memory optimizations - thanks Matt Connew[1]
  • Vote count bug fixed – thanks Nayan Shah[2] !
  • Fixed a few hard hitting bugs in the background image updater
  • Cleaned up random text
  • Cleaned up pop-up message box UI

Combined with the last update that brought full Notification Center support and Baconit is racing to the top again with features, stability and fantastic design (in our opinion). As usual, you can make yourself heard and contribute to the open-sourced project by heading over to for more information.

Is anyone using version 4.3? Let us know what you like and what you think is still missing.

Download Baconit for Windows 10

Source: Reddit

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