Band Companion adds battery status, remote shutter and notes to Microsoft Band

There is another unique app for the Microsoft Band now available in the Windows Phone Store. The app actually came out a few days ago, but it has since had a necessary bug fix to address some compatibility issues.

Band Companion brings the ability to display the battery status in percentage with a little icon right on the Me Tile. This feature indeed fills one of the most annoying gaps on the Microsft Band.

By default, the Microsoft Band lets you scroll right to reveal a battery icon, but it is only a graphic, not a more precise percentage number. Now, the information is stamped right on the Me Tile with Band Companion, or revealed within the app itself. However, I am not too clear if the status auto updates on the Band at a specific time or not (we are reaching out to the developer to clarify).

Likewise, there is a remote camera shutter function that uses the Action button on the band to fire the camera. Although we have seen similar apps before, Band Companion lets you switch cameras (rear or front) and enable or disable the flash for a little more control. You can also toggle vibration features (when taking a picture, when saved). There is also a 'say cheese' option, which also gives an audible alert before the photo is taken.

Finally, there is a send-note feature. Once again, we have seen this feature before in other apps, but Band Companion brings a unique twist by letting you send the note to the SMS, Mail or Notifications tile, saving some room. You can also optionally create a dedicated Notes Tile for safe keeping, but the other method is significant in case you already have the maximum number of Tiles used.

Nothing is free

Although the app Band Companion is free to download, the features mentioned above are not. For instance, the camera app will snap the photo, but it will not save to the photo roll. Instead, for each function you are prompted for an in-app purchase, ranging from 99 cents to $1.49. (You should also force close the app and relaunch to enable photo saving).

In-app purchases have been controversial for some people, although as seen yesterday, they make up the bulk of app revenue these days.

I have no issue with Band Companion creating an app that is a showcase for purchasable applets. You only buy what you want, and the app does bring some unique features to the table. Also, speaking from personal experience, the developer is responsive to feature requests and bug reporting.

Regardless, if you have a Microsoft Band, Band Companion is worth a look. Need more apps for your Band? Take a look at our topic page for more suggestions!

Download Band Companion for Windows Phone (Free, in-app purchases to unlock)

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