Band Sensor Monitor lets you remotely stream your Microsoft Band anywhere

Although Microsoft is likely hard at work behind the scenes on their Band, third-party developers are busy trying to crack their code. Earlier, we saw Pimp My Band by one of the lead developers at Venetasoft, which lets you customize the background image. Now, Venetasoft proper has their app called Band Sensor Monitor.

Band Sensor Monitor lets you get the values for the various Band sensors, including ones that are technically not active yet like the Galvanic skin sensor, which measures your body temperature. By simply installing Band Sensor Monitor and flipping a few toggle switches, the values are streamed directly to this app in real-time.

Want to see what it is all about? Watch our hands-on video!

More interestingly, you can also stream your Band's values to another Band Sensor App, even across the internet. The system works through a broadcast/receive system based off a private, app-generated PIN. The system works by sending the updated values to the SignalR server hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud that in turns, pushes them to the connected apps. David Lorenzin, one of the developers at Venetasoft, tells us that "streamed data is completely anonymous and not saved anywhere for total user privacy."

Band Sensor Monitor

So what are the uses of Band Sensor Monitor? Besides being able to see values of sensors that Microsoft has yet to enable, you can connect up to a friend's app and even send them two lines of text messages right to their Band. A more thoughtful usage would be for sick or elderly people who can wear the Band while a nurse or caretaker remotely monitors their heart rate and skin temperature.

Additionally, David tells us that they are adding "alerting features" and a way to let the app work in the background in a future update. If the Band Sensor Monitor app takes off, Venetasoft will also bring "a web interface to see the sensors through a web browser, and develop more advanced remoting tools with user/pass, multiple Band list etc."

Overall, Band Sensor Monitor has a ton of potential and we are very excited to see where it goes. Sound off in comments on what you think, and, more importantly, what you would like to see come to the app!


Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Nice. I'll download till I have a band.
  • Yea I downloaded it to and I have the band but I cant open it until Christmas
  • I just made a MSB folder on my start screen, and I'm dumping all the apps in it until the next band comes out... But, I don't want to miss out on any good apps, so I'm downloading, and grouping them, now..
  • Why is Venetasoft so awesome? This sort of thing is too cool.
  • Anyone know if this app will affect battery life?  I'm assuming it does since its constantly streaming?
  • Not so much in reality, no more than a normal Bluetooth communication :)
    Data stream in/out of the band and SignalR cloud server is optimized.
    All push notification based, no battery consuming polling. Only what is really necessary is transferred.
  • Ventasoft... Is there a lot more that can be done with the band, as far as developers are concerned?... Can we look forward to a variety of new, and original, apps from you, and others, in the future❓❓
  • This app covers about.....5% :) ?
  • Nice! Still a lot more potential.. Thanks.
  • Thank you!  Already purchased!  Keep it up!
  • As usual, the app will be updated following the user's requests.
  • Purchased happy to support a company like yours.
  • Im gonna wait for MSBV2.... I expect that it'll be much better, and may possibly come in different styles, or colors.... Who knows, maybe MS will release a totally different SW also..
    Either way, I need a fitness tracker bad, so I hope its not too long...
  • Me too. When I have the money none are in stock and vice versa.
  • Lets just wait.. I'm sure we'll be glad we did... Unless MS kills the project.. Then we'll be pissed❗❗ .. Lol.
  • Thats the story of my life since it came out lol
  • Did I miss when the the MS Band received an update that allows developer APIs ?
  • Great idea.... The hospital application sounds great.. Can even be used in sports such as formula 1
  • I m open to any suggestions :)
  • Just thinking what a great way to remotely monitor an elderly or sick person so that when there are dramatic changes from the sensors the app could remotely contact another person with pre-recorded voice or SMS notifications to that persons phone or even PC. It would also be good if it could directly contact emergency services such as an ambulance with the persons name, contact details and GPS location. This could allow emergency services to firstly contact the person to see if there is a problem and if the person doesn't respond they could send a response service to investigate. Another step on top of this could be adding the Internet of Things with home monitoring so that a dedicated organization could monitor the band and then use home security cameras to allow access to see if the person is in trouble and then make the necessary calls for help. Seeing the band is cross platform this could be integrated into all platforms.... Hmmmm... Considering that I came up with this idea anyone want to help me develop on this idea... That is if it has already been thought of!?! BTW High five to the developer. Fantastic to see someone taking initiative and thinking outside of the square.
  • How do you handle false positives? (One of many questions. These sensors aren't medical grade. Lots can be done, but there will be issues to overcome. Never mind that you need to be HIPAA aware). I really want to graph the output from all the sensors for a few weeks. Really, really want.
  • I want to be able to lock/unlock my house, and car, with this.... MS should make a line of front door smart locks that work with the band.... Or, make it compatible with a variety of smart locks that are already on the market..
  • I want my car to behave like Night Rider.
  • Minus the smart ass comments.
  • several months ago, i heard MS was working on 3 watches. So i'm expecting 2 more to comeout this year. So you never know what MS could release. All i can tell you, we LOVE our band, and MS can NOT keep this thing in stock. When i visited the MS store inside the mall, where i bought ours, they just got a full shippment of all sizes(maybe 200+ maybe higher). well i had a question, so I went back to the store the NEXT DAY, and they were SOLD OUT of every size. All in 1 day. Do you belive that? Specially when there are no huge marketting on it yet(if this was CrApple device, holy moly, every NEWS, every site, every tv commercial,.............. would be talking about it and every iSHEEP would wait inline for DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS........... to get one even if it was $1000 or whatever BS price CrApple puts on it, so iSHEEP thinks, since its redicilusly expensive, it must be so good and better than others).  I can not wait for more Apps and new devices to comeout from MS. LOVE IT. 
  • Wow. This is very cool!
  • How the hell did they manage to do it? I don't recall that MSFT release the API...
  • I'm guessing they reverse engineered it all.
  • That's what I was thinking..
  • Or maybe they've got early access to the API, available to only select few development shops.
  • Maybe so.
  • Highly possible. But it's amazing what they've come up with.
  • Bought :)
  • Don't mean to snark or nit-pick, but galvanic skin response isn't measured as a temperature, it's a measure of electrical resistance. Just thought I'd mention that. Skin temp is still a cool measure, it's just not GSR.
  • Yeah, I thought the ~galvanic sensor!!1~ was simply to indicate to the band that you are wearing it, which enables heart rate tracking (the green sensor light) to work.
  • Yes it s correct, the GSR is used to see if you r wearing the band or not, but can be used to measure stress level etc.
  • We LOVE our MS band and LOVE your Apps. Allready bought it and using it. Thank you. We will support you guys for having awesome Apps and hellping MS out. Please keep it up. Have a request. Is it possible to add more options to Band manager options on the band itself? I would like to see the "Skin Temp" and "GSR" on the band itself, by truning off some options and add those two. Band Manger should have alot more options, than what it offers right now. Also, I think Cortana has alot more potential than what currently it can do. Unlucking Cortana, would be awesome. Last, like to add more stores beside Starbucks(even the employees at Starbucks are WOWed by MS Band and that featuer, one store is not enough:-)). again, thank you very much   
  • This is awesome. Thanks Venetasoft! (and WC for reporting)
  • The Band and Venetasoft's work is starting to remind me of Alex from Continuum and the wearable he creates. . . ;)...
  • @ventasoft: Can you add a feature similar to the pebble where I can flick my wrist to activate the screen? It would be super useful for when I don't want to drain my battery in watch mode and don't need to press the button with other hand...
  • Latest version let you vibrate a band remotely :)
  • Can you look into adding a feature where I can have it "record" the values over a period of time and graph it? I'm not talking about like what Microsoft does over the course of a day, but instead in a shorter period of time, like 5 minutes or so. Since values like the GSR fluctuate quickly, it would be nice to get a feel of the overall trend. Plus in general graphs are always fun to look at!
  • Can't see it in the store
  • What's the purpose of offering a trial if only 1 out of the 6 features work? least offer a FULL FEATURE trial for a LIMITED TIME....especially with something this new and unexplored, and quite possibly only a novelty.
  • I have to agree. Disappointed.
  • You are right, I will change this.
  • O Microsoft Band how I want thee. Great to see apps starting to trickle.
  • This is very cool. Works great and I had no issue connecting to my band. A Purchase.
  • Venetasoft would love to see a navigation app!
  • Why are the skin temperatures low? Shouldn't they be close to 98.6 degrees?
  • Skin temperature is superficial, your hand temp can go even lower I suppose.
    Tip: tap on the temp symbol to switch between F and C (for who as me bought a band via eBay and lives in the old EU :).
  • Love it. Temp was something I wanted most and Microsoft haven't activated it yet. However .... How do I turn it off!? The green light on my band is now stuck on, even after I turn everything off in the app and then close the app.
  • The Band switches leds on and off (attempting to read your HR) independently from the app.
    So it can happen they remain on after exiting the app, the band will turn them off at some time.
  • I have HR turned off and the led remained on for at least 15 minutes, at which point the battery died
  • It s a firmware issue (the apps correctly disposes all resources before exiting), maybe will be fixed at next FW update ;).
    I just tried 20 times without problems, led goes off.
    BUT if led was on before start monitoring, the band not always switch it off when the app exits (it s up to the band :).
    This seems to happen only if you are bot eating it, anyway.
  • This unfortunately killed my band battery in 16 hours or so. My band died shortly after I woke up this morning. This might be a deal breaker for me until fixed.
  • This band is so advanced..
  • Pls release the band in India.......
  • eBay helps a lot ;)
  • The phone can toggle whether your heart or skin are on? O_o
  • Lol
  • Wow the applications of the Microsoft bad are SICK Microsoft tech is phat
  • TYPO! Applications of the Microsoft "bad".=)
  • Lol my band ;)
  • This will become a hit
  • I trialed it quickly before I went to sleep last night. I did notice that the HR light wouldn't shut down in sleep tracking mode. Had to turn the band off.
  • This could sometime happen if you are not wearing the band. I suppose Ms will fix this issue at first firmware update.
    Workaround: run Band Monitor again and switch the HR on and then off, this should force the led to turn off too.
  • Dan, that Christmas tree looking cool :)
  • Ultra Cool! I am going to buy the app although it is going to be years rather than months before I can get my hands on the Band...
  • Love a way to capture the data. Temperature seems to vary between 88 and 93F degrees. Need to analyse the raw data to see if it can be made usable. Seems to be a variation if worn WI or WO.
  • LOVE this app. Own it allready. Please kepp it coming. Great App. Specially i like the GSR, stress level. This way i can show my wife, how much she is stressing me out(in miliions:-)
  • Is this app available to iPhone users with MS Band
  • Is this app available to the iPhone