Batman: Arkham Knight is now available on Xbox One, PC

Batman: Arkham Knight, the last game in the franchise by Rocksteady Studios, is now up for sale. Set one year after the events of Batman: Arkham City, the story sees Batman defending Gotham from the likes of the Scarecrow, Penguin, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Poison Ivy and Riddler. Rocksteady also created a character specifically for the game, called Arkham Knight.

The game features a drivable Batmobile for the first time, and includes similar gameplay mechanics as previous titles in the series. The standard edition of Batman: Arkham Knight is priced at $59, while the premium version — which includes the base game, season pass and Batman Flashpoint skin — is available for $99. Amazon is also offering a comic bundle that includes a Batman skin and a limited-edition 25th anniversary edition of the Batman Arkham Asylum graphic novel for $69.99.

Head to the links below to grab the game today!

Xbox One:


Harish Jonnalagadda
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  • Wish I could have that power house to run this game on my pc
  • This is a must buy!
  • Buying asap. Arkham City was just awesome, and it's gonna be much better.
  • The game is completely broken on both Nvidia and AMD. DO NOT BUY IT.
  • Based on what people are saying the PC version sucks and is a complete mess, so do your reseach or rather stay away until they fix it with patches.    
  • Hmm I hasn't heard this, but downloading the PC version now. Probably won't get a chance to play it for a week myself, but reading there are some ini tweaks which have shown good results for some people.
  • Yeah I've read about the ini tweaks as well, but just the fact that you need to tweak ini files for the thing to even work should give people warning flags.  
  • Played all its previous release, i just love this game. I am looking forward to play this one too on my pc.
  • I prefer action RPG on Xbox via 60" screen. A pc game cannot be enjoyed on a large tv, pc is better for FPS or AOE type of game
  • Why can't a PC be enjoyed on a 60" tv?
  • Why not? Almost all newer games XInput, so you can play with an XBox 360/1 controller. Why willingly limit yourself to a console? #PCMasterRace!
  • Yeah, it's not like you can hook up your PC to the TV, and use a wireless controller ...
  • Living under a rock..?
  • Lol, you head of an HDMI cable that can connect your PC to the TV? You can play any PC game on TV and at a lot better quality than any console game.  
  • Yeah, but you really need a 240 htz refresh on a screen that size. Standard these days is 60 htz with software enhancements like clear motion that "simulate" higher, but just isn't the same.
  • Played Saint Row-4 and Ghosts on a 55", felt much better than a 21" screen.
  • Really? A rather well off friend of mine has a very high-end HD projector setup and the screen is well over 100 inches. Combined with his audio setup and his £5000+ PC I can assure you that best way to play any game is at his house! *Edit* I'm stuck with a £1500 custom built PC and a 24 inch monitor, still it does the job quite nicely!!
  • Damn right. My 80" oled 4k screen loves my gtx titan x sli pc. It's an idiotic about of money and sure, an xbone is good. Good enough? I spent what I felt like and it's good for me. I generally play on steam, big screen mode and have used a 360 controller for years. Best of all things. Just my opinion though.
    Re this game: The new nvidia drivers help some what but the game still stutters. That's with the aforementioned gpus, 32gb ddr4 and raid pcie ssds. This just seems a bad port. Sad given how good the previous titles were. I'd imagine they're working on it hard and fast.
  • I have a home theater PC that I use based of Windows Media Center (movies, DVR, streaming media, etc). I can use steam streaming from my gaming machine (you dont even need to have a steam purchaced game to use it). My Gaming PC has a GTX970 and my HTPC has a GTX750ti, No noticeable difference in quality... This is going to my 65" 4K tv, although it's not at 4K, it's at 1080p and it's more than acceptable and in most cases better than the Xbox one's version as for graphics..
  • Just wishing that Amazon delivers it on time *fingers crossed*
  • Mine is arriving tomorrow from Ms store, wish season pass was cheaper, will wait for deals and review on that.
  • I've been reading some bad things about issues with this game so far. Still gonna get it though, it'll all be sorted out in updates I'm sure.
  • Developpers must sure like customers like you!
  • I will not buy this game. Tired of companies intentionally releasing games with bugs and or unfinished components. Maybe if everyone spent their $60 on a game that went through Q/C we wouldn't have Assassins Creed 2 and onward. Am I really the only person who finds this ridiculous?
  • Nah, I'm with ya. Complete crap if ya ask me. That's why 99 percent of the time a game releases, I wait a long while.
  • EA are the worst! They release a game with bugs and don't ever sort them out! Fifa for example, it is made with bugs and glitches, all year round and more bugs creep I to the game without the old ones ever getting fixed! No more EA gaming for me, apart from NHL which is hardly buggy at all.
  • You probably never heard of Ubisoft, because after the disasters that were pretty much all their AAA games last year, I doubt EA can beat that level of incompetance.  
  • Already bought it.
  • strange. metacritic has no xbox one reviews of batman, while ps4 already has a couple... what gives?
  • The game is amazing on console.
  • I have got this game free with my new gtx 970 :D time to play it :)
  • If my postman doesn't bring my pre order today I'm going to get all Arkham Knighty on his sorry arse!
  • I was able to enter the sweepstakes, good luck to me.
  • Whoo my Limited edition is coming today!
  • Do not buy for PC. Game is locked on 30 fps and it still runs terribly. You can modify it to remove fps cap but that doesn't fix the game. It is unplayable.
  • Wanted to get it at midnight but the weather took a turn for the worse. So now I'm on my lunch break and was just told I had to work overtime. :|