Battlefield 1 is the latest entry in the renowned first-person shooter franchise, taking its expansive combat back to the ruthless battles of World War 1.

As one of DICE’s most critically acclaimed titles to date, the game shows the horrors of industrial war through its large-scale 32v32 multiplayer combat. Whether playing as the weary trench-bound infantry or the monstrous armored vehicles that roam the land, Battlefield conveys a true sense of scale and significance throughout its gameplay.

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Taking players across war-torn Europe and beyond, a huge range of weapons and vehicles are available to all featured factions. From standard issue weaponry to the more experimental gadgets of the time, the game reflects the transition in combat tactics over the four-year period.

Battlefield 1 is a genuinely outstanding and refreshing package for all first-person shooter fans, available for both Xbox One and Windows PCs.

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