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The latest Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer shows off three new maps and locations

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone
Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

What you need to know

  • Battlefield 2042 is one of the more anticipated shooter games of 2021, and continues the long-running Battlefield franchise.
  • Electronic Arts and DICE want to return to what made older Battlefield games special, with sheer chaos and expansive multiplayer.
  • The latest Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer is here, and showcases stints of multiplayer action across three all-new maps.
  • With locations ranging through Egypt, Antarctica, and India, Battlefield 2042 looks to provide a lot of diversity in its multiplayer maps.

2021's Holidays season is filled with anticipated multiplayer shooter games, one of which is Battlefield 2042. DICE and Electronic Arts are delivering its most chaotic and action-packed multiplayer experience yet, and a series of gameplay trailers and videos are giving players reasons to be excited about the upcoming game. The latest trailer shows off new gameplay on three Battlefield 2042 multiplayer maps, which feature a wide range of environments and locations.

The three new maps are located in Egypt, Antarctica, and India, respectively, with Antarctica especially looking visually distinct and packed with mayhem. It's too soon to tell exactly how these maps will play, but we spent plenty of time with the Battlefield 2042 beta and found lots to like about EA's next first-person shooter. Battlefield 2042 will have to compete with the likes of Halo Infinite for the top spot later this year, but it still has a shot at being considered one of the best Xbox games for FPS fans.

Battlefield 2042 officially releases later this year on Nov. 19, 2021, with early access for some preorders going live on Nov. 12.

Zachary Boddy
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  • Game releases a day after my birthday. So party first then no-life this game after, can't wait 😬
  • A gamer's dream! Nice!
  • I'll wait when the game becomes free...........played the Beta ver. and didn't know what I was doing.
    Crashed when flying planes and helicopters. ;-)
  • I believe this will be the “Return” of Battlefield and therefore a very good game.
    Unfortunately, cheaters will destroy this game again because nothing is actually done to deter them.
    And we understand because when they are banned, they only have to buy the game at a good price on the Internet (key purchase).
    But it is possible to prevent people from cheating. Just see games like "StarCraft 2".
    There are many other games where cheaters can't do much.
    This is not the case with "Battlefields" since we always use the same 3D engine, and the creators of cheat software know it by heart and therefore easy for them to create programs that allow cheating easily.