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Battlefield 4 Final Stand is now available for free on Xbox One

Battlefield (Image credit: EA)

EA is giving away the Final Stand DLC for Battlefield 4 for free on Xbox One. You'll need to be a Gold Xbox Live subscriber to enjoy this promotion, however. This particular DLC pack contains four maps in total — Operation Whiteout, Hammerhead, Giants of Karelia, and Hanger 21.

While the listing spotted is for Xbox One, EA has released previous DLC for those on Xbox 360, PlayStation consoles, and PC too. If you enjoyed the game but have yet to pick up these maps, be sure to do so since you'll likely have a limited time before the offer ends.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • 2 free dlcs and I don't even have the full game.
  • So you don't have the best multiplayer shooter of this gen. Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Sadly yes bro :(
  • Worth having, such a massive game and good fun
  • Dont you mean CS go? Or is it overrated?
  • I haven't played Counter Strike for 15 years. Does it have tanks, jets, skyscrapers and changeable landscape? Posted via the Windows Central App
  • I bet it doenst and its kids play now, i stil have ppl playing CS 1.6 lol, and im like Really!
  • The week before, they offered 3 other DLC for BF4 on One, 360, PS3, PS4 and PC. So, in conclusion, since the beginning, they nearly offered all the DLC for BF4 and only one for Hardline. And you could take Hardline and BF4 for 10 bucks each on the Store at the beginning of May thanks to the Deals with Gold.
  • waiting this promo for ps3/ps4
  • Downloading now.....
  • Out for nowt, I don't own the game but I'll take anything for free
  • Title is misleading, its free on PC also !