Battlefield 6 trailer leaks ahead of June reveal

Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4 (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

What you need to know

  • Alleged video footage of the next Battlefield game is circulating online, ahead of the project's formal unveiling scheduled for June.
  • The upcoming title, reportedly a soft reboot titled "BATTLEFIELD," is expected to portray a near-future conflict, as the largest franchise entry to date.
  • The next Battlefield game is expected to launch later in 2021.

WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

Footage of the next mainline Battlefield game has allegedly surfaced online, providing our first look at the 2021 release ahead of its scheduled June reveal. The upcoming entry in the military shooter franchise, colloquially dubbed Battlefield 6, is yet to be unveiled by publisher Electronic Arts.

The next Battlefield is expected to embrace a new-future setting, melding modern conflict with upcoming tech, serving as the backdrop for the largest Battlefield experience to date. Electronic Arts has repeatedly framed the project as a "next-gen" experience, expected to leverage the best of the latest consoles, with higher player counts, larger maps, and advanced destruction. The publisher most recently teased a June reveal for the next Battlefield, ahead of its debut on consoles and PC later in 2021.

The latest video footage, making the rounds via the official Battlefield subreddit, appears to provide our closest look at the game to date. While obstructed by a prominent watermark, with questionable quality, the brief clip matches previously reported game features. It remains unclear whether this footage represents the reveal trailer slated for June, or rather a separate proof of concept, unintended for public viewing.

Electronic Arts first teased its next Battlefield game in June 2020, focused on technical advancements made around the project, supporting its promise of a "next-gen" vision. "The reference [to next-gen] specifically from our prepared remarks was around the nature of gameplay. What we can do with the fidelity of the game, what we can do with physics, artificial intelligence, and the immersive nature of the game," EA CEO Andrew Wilson told investors in early May.

Further details on Battlefield 6 have since surfaced through reputable insiders, breaking away from the 20th century backdrops of Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V, through its near-future setting. That'll see drones, military robots, and other advanced technologies join the usual military arsenal. The game is also expected to pack 128-player multiplayer matches, improved map-wide destruction, and heightened visual fidelity.

While Battlefield 6 will support the latest generation systems, leveraging the best of Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 consoles, and new PC hardware, Electronic Arts has also confirmed Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions in the pipeline.

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