Battlefield Hardline beta will be completely open, bring 2 playable game modes

Electronic Arts has announced a few more details today concerning the beta for the upcoming Battlefield Hardline. Perhaps the biggest news is that it will be completely open to players on all platforms, including the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

In addition, the company announced that two game modes, Hotwire and Conquest, will be available for play in the beta. According to EA:

Bust out those new gadgets, form new strategies and showcase your skills on two different maps and modes. First, take a test drive of Hotwire, an all-new mode coming to Battlefield focused on combining all-out warfare with all-out speed. This is how you introduce yourself to the new flavor Visceral Games is bringing to Battlefield with Battlefield Hardline. Or you can go all-out in 64-player cops and criminals warfare in the oldie but goodie, Conquest.

The official launch date for the beta was not revealed, but the full game has been given a release date of March 17, so the beta can't be too far off.

Source: EA; via Polygon

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • How do you join the beta?
  • There will be a small webpage once the beta is unveiled
  • Most 'open beta' like this can be downloaded straight from the xbox or Ps store on your console
  • you buy the game after the official launch...
  • BF4 player ?:)
  • It was available through Stream for PC
  • Steam, autocorrect:(
  • I love Battlefield games
  • Sorry, I can't hear you over all of the Payday I'm playing.
  • Way better than payday imo
  • I agree, payday is not as fun.
  • Battlefield best game ever
  • Cool I might try this
  • Nice, I'll give it a try on the 360.
  • Ea sucks, they cant even make a battlelog app for Windows Phone, I want to be able to have the Battlrscreen on my phone, as well as verifying status or changing loadout. Come on dice, come on Ea, come on uprise!!
  • I feel ya there, I've tried requesting it too on their forums hopefully its something they'll remedy if not for 4 than bf 5.
  • I'll make a serious request and send a message through facebook to Uprise, the company that seems to be behind the creation of both Battlelog and its apps
  • The more time that passes, the more interest I have in this.
  • Alot of silver players will be jumping in on this beta lol
  • Cool
  • "Available on all platforms, including the Xbox One and 360." Isn't that double stamping?
  • No it's removing inevitable confusion. Many believe that the previous gen is done and that games won't be released for them anymore. So to those people, "all platforms" would be X1 PS4 and PC. 
  • I dont understand by what they mean by " open? " open world like GTA? Open for both Xbox One and 360 as in play together?
  • Anyone can participate in the beta. No requirements or restrictions.
  • He actually is wondering if 360 players end up on the same server as xbox one players
  • No, they won't.
  • I am very excited for this game!!!
  • Hoooaah!
  • I played the beta last year and it is fun. I already prepaid for the final on PC.
  • I'll play the beta. Well see if it pulls me away from Destiny though. WPC App via Nexus 5.
  • I have to say I have lost my love for battlefield after bf4, I enjoyed the single player which surprisingly got slated. But the mutliplayer just didn't do it for me, its improved now but a game shouldnt have to be out for a year to be as stable as bf3. Arms 3 for the win!
  • Arma