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Battlefield Hardline Premium to cost $50 for access to DLC packs and extra features

Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers who are have already pre-ordered the upcoming first person shooter Battlefield Hardline will have the option of purchasing a Premium subscription for $50. It will offer those gamers access to special features as well as four planned DLC packs.

The extra features and perks that are included with the Premium subscription are:

  • Masks – New player masks with unique gameplay benefits tied to the theme of each mask.
  • Gun Bench – Provides players with the ability to visually customize their weapons and track their kills per weapon.
  • Competitive Play – Support for competitive play through Battlefield Hardline Premium-access only tournaments and ladders.
  • Legendary Status – Provides replayability of the entire progression system.
  • 12 Gold Battlepacks
  • New personalization options including gun camos, ammo skins, and more Battlefield Hardline Premium exclusive in-game items
  • Access to double-XP, in-game missions, and more Battlefield Hardline Premium exclusive events
  • Priority position in server queues

The Premium membership gives players free access to four upcoming DLC packs, and they will become available to them two weeks before they are launched to the rest of Battlefield Hardline's audience. They include:

  • Criminal Activity – Players have to make a name for themselves in fast-paced, highly-destructible new maps littered with small-time crime jobs. Available summer 2015.
  • Robbery – Take down the opposition head on and progress through key locations with major cinematic action. Available summer 2015.
  • Getaway – This is frantic, high-speed chases that immerse players deeper in the heist. Available fall 2015.
  • Betrayal – There is a rat in every operation and players will have to find out who to trust. Available winter early 2016.

The game is due for release on March 17.

Source: Battlefield Hardline website

  • Nice
  • It's crazy that they pre admit they have 4 DLC packs waiting that you have to buy. I mean, you don't have to... They are milking us like crazy. Your talking ~$120 for a game and all its maps. Unreal.
  • +1520 and not all dlc is created equally
  • A game by itself without the DLC is a complete game, the DLC is just extra game or even more of the game like aftershocks of an earthquake, even if you feel the quake was underwhelming... And it's not like its mandatory, don't think you'll miss out because you don't play it. Heck, it's better for you, what if you really don't like the game? If that stuff was in there, you'd be mad and want you're money back. Trust me, it's better this way.
  • But you do miss out. Most of the time, without the dlc, the majority of players will leave you behind as they play on those maps.
  • That didn't happen on Battlefield 4. A lot of servers just run with vanilla maps.
  • It's actually worse than that, on BF4 I can only assume that if the server has DLC maps in it's rotation, or is listed as having other DLCs, then anyone without those DLCs can't join.  I own BF4 Premium, my friend owns whatever came with the preorder can't remember which one it was.  I was playing on a server listed as having all DLC maps and he couldn't join me on Siege of Shanghai Conquest.  
  • Well they have ti make the dlc. Its not just sitting around
  • Who cares. Selling a game with ~4 maps and knowing they are going to sell you ~8 more later is a joke. I would bet money on them actually holding content back, at release. It may not be 100% ready at launch, but I would bet money on some of it being ready. They have to make sure you get your $15 worth per DLC... Roll eyes...
  • It's planned DLC. Not already made and waiting..
  • But to assume they have yet to start on it or havent finished large chunks of this? not really, they just wanna squeeze as much money as they can.   The old days DLC came like a year later when the dev's finished up patching and made some cool new maps or even a gamemode, these days they plan it so far ahead and probably even cut some things from the vanilla game.
  • I think the bigger problem is that whoever buys those season passes gives them their money before seeing the product and therefore they don't really have to deliver anymore.
  • Dlc for dlc lol
  • $50 is... A lot.
  • Really? Compared to what?   I paid 4 UK pounds for a coffee ealier. Thats like 6 dollars. 5 of those not worth a ton of DLC? Also. Value. There was a good youtuber I was watching the other day trying to work out value. Basically, its its about 10 per hour for say a movie, then this DLC should be worth 5 hours to you. If its not, then by your values its not worth buying. But if most people play those maps over and over for hours on end then its extremely good value.   Its not a huge sum. Its not free. Its somewhere in between on my scale.
  • Boogie2988?
  • It's not like you have a choice. You either buy the DLC or risk getting kicked out of servers again and again. You can't always get in a server that doesn't have DLC, or maybe those servers are too slow by the time DLC's come around. Also, its not like you can buy maps individually. Just cause you are forced to play maps doesn't mean you are happy to play and pay for them. If they sold maps individually, that would be different.
  • Hardline feels like it was built for console, not that there's anything wrong with that but I would prefer a more engaging PC experience. Think I'll wait for Battlefront and get my Star Wars on.
  • Totally agree. I'll pick it up on Origin when they are selling the whole lot in a pack at a reasonable price. Much higher res, higher frame rate, better graphics, better sound and more precise control with kb/m. I like my Xbox, but not for games that are available and better on PC
  • I actually felt the beta played really tight. Almost like how BF4 should have felt. But it _is_ just another shooter, which I am personally not intertested in. It felt really good on Xbox One though.
  • I'm a die hard BF guy and I really liked Hardline on the PC. I was surprised I was having that much fun.. can't stand COD... but loved Hardline... Go figure.
  • Hmm ... I haven't even tried it yet :D
    I lost interest in BF when iteration 3 came out. BC2 was so much better imo. I regret I missed out on BC1 :(
  • Think I'll wait till they release the premium edition or stick it on EA Access' vault
  • No thanks
  • I agree, after the fail that was bf4, quite possibly the worst thing to ever happen to the human race. Im shocked that they say "sorry" buy upping the premium price. I hope the only people who buy it are angry 12 yr old Americans.
  • I don't preorder anymore. Why give them money up front? They get it then release an unfinished and at times unplayable game. Plus, with digital download I really don't see the benefits of preordering anymore.
  • I only preorder when there's a cash discount on the title and it's something I'm beyond excited for. We're talking no more than three games a year. Most years only two.
  • I only preorder if I'm a fan of the Franchise e.g. I got DA: I Deluxe...
  • Dito!
  • Sorry Battlefield, after 2 games in a row of total glitch/bug fest, Im passing on the series until i see an extraordinary amount of quality improvement.
  • Which version? It had issues on Xbox One at launch, but now it plays really well - I play it for hours on end sometimes. Are you talking about the PC version?  I played the Xbox One Hardline beta and it was surprisingly unbuggy :/
  • Battlefield 4 launch was a joke
  • Both PC versions at launch were p*** poor. bf4 now still suffers from netcode issues.  
  • Paddy poor? Pies poor? Putt poor? Play poor? Plat? Pens? Puns? Pans? WHAT WAS THE STARED OUT WORD? I MUST KNOW!!!!!!!
  • P I S S you've really never heard that expression? Or did I just fall for your time wasting shenanigans.
  • The latter is the right conclusion ;)
    Most probably.
  • I played both BF3 & 4 on xbox, and both were just absolute nightmares forever.  It sucks, becuase it was an awesome game when it worked, but i just got tired of when it didnt.
  • Such abuse
  • At this point I consider Battlefield to be a (albeit very successful) CoD clone with a few added mechanics. I used to really like them.
  • Didn't Battlefield first come out before Call of Duty?
  • It did, but I feel as though Battlefield drew a lot of influence from Call of Duty after Bad Company 2
  • I think battlefield 3 stayed pretty true to what Battlefield 2 felt like. The modern style of CoD didnt really start until Modern Warfare, which was release 2 years after battlefield 2. I think BF is a much better franchise imo. But I do hate how games these days are just expected to have dlc, and it is expected to pay over 100 bucks for everything. It all just seems, albeit poorly, deceptive. 
  • Lmao COD is the clone. BY FAR.
  • Battlefield was a team based shooter with a focus on objective, CoD was about running n gunning. Battlefield changed a lot (removed demolition, most vehicles, made smaller maps) to seem to play to me as more like CoD. Again, just my opinion. :-)
  • Um no vehicles on cod or demolition or 32vs32 sweetness . Cod got boring quick!
  • You sure you didn't stop playing battlefield after BC2? I could understand what you're saying WRT BC2, but BF3/BF4 has a lot bigger maps with a decent amount of vehicles. Sure Metro and Locker don't, but they aren't big maps.  
  • I've always played BF on the PC. 1942, Vietnam, BF2, BF3 simply because of the larger maps, teams and vehicles. I play COD, but since matches are limited to 18 and the maps are small I don't like it like BF. I didn't play BF 4 online becuz my PC barely could run the pathetic single player. I truly hope BF doesn't go the way of COD. COD is what it is, bit I personally don't like the exosuit bs. Give me a realistic shooter like BF3 and I'm golden. I'd play on console if the teams could be at least 24 vs 24.
  • Battlefield and CoD are two completely different games. The only thing they have in common is being a FPS.
  • Lmao priority for servers... How bad.
  • They've had this since BF3, and tbh it's a bit of a joke.  If you don't have premium then you'll probably never get into a filled server.  
  • I wonder if they just increased the price of games from $60 to$70 US, some of this excess DLC will go away.
  • Unlikely, $50 funds the dev time for those 4 dlc packs. If you go way back to CoD World at War for PC, updates were often delayed as Treyarch sought a sponsor for the patch which held new content. The $50 here just means your game is refreshed over the course of year. Stretching your dollar and entertainment.
  • I wouldn't mind paying $70-75 for a good game, and get a free DLC later on. Honestly, I'd rather they spend more time making the game actually run well and continue developing better games, than make stupid DLC's. I would much rather just have better, more efficient games, overall.
  • Don't say that too loud. Games are already pricier than they are supposed to be ...
  • nice
  • I remember when you bought a game it was complete and you didnt have tonpay for anythinf extra. I also remember when there was no planned DLC. Game companies only made DLC if the fans demanded more, not because they were told there would be more.
  • Agreed.
  • I remember when you bought a game and the community made maps and mods and you got them FREE, and people would set up servers and we'd all join in with custom skins and content, and the devs would release expansion packs that included maps and a new campaign.... Then along came consoles with online connectivity and the devs said "Hey, wait a second.. you mean we can SELL maps and kids will get mom and dad to buy them because there is no community of people making mods and maps for free on consoles?" Remember that?
  • You know they plan this. DLC: down load cash. It is expected. I feel they need to actually release a full game. If the dlc is ready add it to the game. Give us a fully complete game. Do not make me want my friends to have to by the dlc to play with them.
  • Wow. I like the content, but I don't like the road they're going down
  • I miss when games were sold whole.
  • That DLC list is stupid. That shit should should be in every modern shooter. I mean really guys, you're selling the customization option, kill count by weapon, competitive play and SEVER priority!.....and here I was upset at COD for selling maps and weapon skins. Screw these major publishers.
  • Jup. Stopped playing the two main shooters a long while ago. And I won't buy them again all too soon. Although I will probably buy battlefront, because of its setting. Damn!
  • DLC is beginning to be a rip off. No, you don't have to buy it, but if you play online a lot you are almost forced to or you get left behind in the lobby. It'd be nice if everyone just didn't by it and maybe they'd stop making them, or at least charging a fairer price.
  • Ha! I'd already be happy if people would at least wait till they are out, before they buy DLCs ...
  • Played the demo.  Spawn, run for ever, die from sniper, respawn, run for ever, die from sniper, repeat, repeat, etc.   No thanks.
  • Bf is just c o d with more running
  • "The Premium membership gives players FREE access to four upcoming DLC packs". How is it free when it cost $50? I see this nonsense written all the time and it bugs me to no end. Do I also get free access to a six-pack of beer when I paid $8 to walk out the store with it? Dumb, just dumb I say.
  • Plot twist-- The beer was free, you were just so drunk that you dropped 8 dollars. No but in all seriousness I agree
  • I have so many games to play. I can't see myself jumping for this
  • DLC is quickly becoming the console vesion for free-to-play.
  • Minus the whole $60 upfront cost. =D. They are flat molesting us.
  • its the same as buying a meal and getting a drink free. They're decoding to give you the maps, but that'll probably end after a limited time because what your really paying for is the premium add ons mask, competitive mode, server, weapon stats, and customization. I know its stupid and sucks but that's how they see it.
  • Actually, it's closer to buying a meal, and getting a burger and a drink. Then the cashier says "Hey, for an extra $2.00 you can get fries!" DLC has lost it's way. It started out as stuff the devs didn't have time to finish, extra stuff they wanted to add after the game was done, etc. Announcing DLC before the game is even released is just a flat out cash grab. It's shady as all heck, and I don't doubt for a second that stuff designed for the initial game is intentionally held back to be (re-) sold as DLC.
  • That's the same cost as buying the actual game. That is ridiculous, also the features that are included should be in the game, this is one of the worst examples of cash milking I've seen in the console arena.
  • I really liked the Beta, but I'm going to wait until the first good sale to pick up Hardline and the season pass.
  • This is a big reason I don't buy COD or Battlefield.  
  • Pretty ridiculous.