Today, EA shared more details about the future of Battlefield V. After Firestorm battle royale hits next week, there are plenty of new maps and modes coming which should keep fans busy for months.

EA revealed the next three major content drops on its website. The infographic details all of the changes, but we've added text after that to provide a clearer picture.

Chapter 3: Trial by Fire

As its name suggests, Trial by Fire is where we'll launch Firestorm battle royale... We're very excited to let you drop down onto our largest map ever to fight, scavenge, and survive when the mode is made available for all Battlefield V owners on March 25. Note that Firestorm will be improved and expanded after launch for all Battlefield V players... There's also another new game mode coming.

Chapter 4: Defying the Odds

Even more new ways to play Battlefield V will be introduced with Chapter 4: Defying the Odds, launching in June 2019... fans of close-quarters combat have a lot to be excited for... you'll take on focused 5 vs. 5 Battlefield V matches on tight arenas... The fourth chapter also brings the Marita map, where you can experience the clash of forces that took place in Greece in late 1940.

Chapter 5: Awakening the Giant

Get ready for a land, air, and sea invasion in a completely new theater of war. As Battlefield V keeps on evolving, you'll be awakening a giant when Chapter 5 hits in Fall 2019.

It's great to see that Battlefield V has a clear roadmap about the future. Hopefully these changes will attract new players to the game because it hasn't sold as well as past entries in the franchise.

In our review, we said, "The lack of polish in some of the systems will get improved with patches, but the missed opportunities with the campaign content frustrate the full package. But ultimately, this is one of the best multiplayer shooters you will play this year, and maybe the best until the next Battlefield."

The fire rises

Battlefield V

Get ready for all-out warfare

Battlefield V's multiplayer combat remains as grand as ever, with stunning visuals and explosive gameplay. And its free Firestorm battle royale update is just on the horizon.

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